Glamping in Alberta | Summers in Alberta

Glamping in Alberta | Summers in Alberta

Often, when people think about Summers in Alberta they think of camping, fishing and hiking which is why they should go glamping in Alberta. Because that allows people to do all of these favurite activities. But with a unique, and luxurious twist on their vacation.

Glamping, is a word that mashes together the two words camping and glamorous. Because it is the active camping, with luxuries from home. And is a perfect way to spend summer in Alberta.

Whether people do want to go hiking, biking or fishing. Or if they want to do something a little bit different and more unique. Such as spending their days doing yoga, playing mini golf or in an arcade.

There is something for everyone at elevated experience camping. They have so many different amenities, that no two vacations will look the same when people come here.

And often, when people finally get to slow down for a vacation. They make the assumption that they are going to be able to rest and relax the entire time. And do not bring any activities with them.

And after a day, they are board. Which is why when people are going glamping in Alberta they should come to elevated experience. Because whether people want to do nothing all day.

Or they realize that they do not want to do nothing anymore. There are many different activities and amenities that they can enjoy. For families, they can rent games, such as giant yahtzee or Jenga.

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That will allow them to play family favorite activities, in a unique way. But also, there is a mini golf course on site. And all guests get a complementary game when they arrive.

As well, people do not even have to bring their own bikes to explore the trails on two wheels. Because there are bike rentals that they can enjoy as well.

And there are horseshoe pits as well, for a favorite camping activity. That is great for the whole family. However, this is just scratching the surface of all of the activities that they can enjoy when they stay at elevated experience campground.

Because they are on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, there is a boat launch. So that people can zip around on the lake in their watercraft. Or go fishing, or floating when they go glamping in Alberta.

However, if people are not sure what they want to do. They can rent any of the discovery kids. That are a knapsack, for all of the tools they need. To have a self-guided adventure in the river valley.

Whether they want to explore in the daytime, have a nighttime adventure. Or even learn how to pan for gold on the river. They will be able to do this, and have fun while they learn for people of all ages.

And when they are done exploring, and are too tired to cook. They can simply order in a pizza. That is cooked fresh, to order on site. And hand delivered by the excellent staff they have. That are all trained in excellent customer service. To allow everyone the best summer vacation possible.

Glamping in Alberta | Summers in Alberta

When people think about organizing a summer vacation, they should think about glamping in Alberta. For a unique way to see the beauty of the province. In a way that is more accessible than camping.

When people book a glamping vacation at elevated experience campground. They have tiny cabins, that have all of the luxuries of a hotel room. Including a soft, comfortable queen-size bed.

As well as a large, flat screen television. That is hooked up to a satellite dish. So that they do not have to miss their favourite shows, and they can watch their favourite movies.

Which is perfect, if people are looking for a way to relax and unwind. Or if the weather is not cooperating, and it is too cold, or wet for exploring, or adventures.

However, they can always head to the retro arcade that they have. And spend a cold afternoon in the warmth of the indoors. Playing some of their favourite computer games when they were a child.

And when the weather is gorgeous, and people are looking for something to do when they are glamping in Alberta. They can enjoy any of the wide variety of activities that they have at elevated experience.

Such as goat yoga, which allows people the opportunity to strike oppose. While they are joined by playful goats. That is shortly the smile on everyone’s face.

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And when they are done, they can head to the mini golf course that is available. And every visitor to the campground gets a free game. However, when they have played the free game, they can continue to return.

And see if they can be to their score, or finally win against their family members. And when they are staying in the glamping cabins that are there.

Not only do they have a mini fridge, a microwave and a coffeepot. But they also have a barbecue, so that they can cook their own meals, and eat off of the dishes that are provided.

However, if they would rather simply order a pizza to be delivered to their glamping sites. So that they can start a fire, and have friends over. That is a great option as well.

The only important thing that people should know. When they are getting ready to land a glamping trip to elevated experience campground. Is that they should book their vacation early.

Because they are going to fall in love with this amazing location. And the wide variety of activities that they can do. That they will want to return all summer long. So by coming early. They have the rest of the summer to come back.

No two vacations are going to be the same when people decide to go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. And the best part is, they do not have to worry about setting up a tent, or sleeping on the ground.

Which will give them a lot more time to see the beauty of their surroundings. In completely new ways, as they go, for the first time.