Glamping in Alberta | Save Space While Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Save Space While Camping

When people are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. Space is something that they are both limited on. Space in their vehicle, as they are packing to go on vacation. As well as space in their tent, or glamping amenity that they are staying in.

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Whether they are going in a recreational vehicle like a trailer or motor home. Or if they are renting one of the tiny cabins at elevated experience camping. There is only a certain amount of space.

And people need to pack smarter, in order to get everything that they need. One great hack that many people have been using for a long time. Include using a shoe organizer, to keep themselves organized.

Whether people are staying in a tent, a trailer or a tiny cabin. A shoe organizer can be an extremely helpful tool. Whether people lay it horizontally flapped. Or they hang it from somewhere.

This can be a great place to keep things like their phones and chargers. Their sunglasses, or even their additional flip-flops. So that they are not tripping over them. Or place to put their toiletries.

Including their hand towels, and face cloths. They can even use it. To store things like their vehicle keys, their flashlight. And bug spray. So that there is a place for everything, and they know where everything is.

When it is time to go home, it is going to make cleanup a breeze. And help them avoid accidentally leaving something behind. However, some people may decide one thing that there going to leave behind at home.

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Is the mosquito spray. While it is of huge importance. To help keep the biting pests away. Many people hate how mosquito spray smells. And how sticky it feels on their skin.

Particularly, if people are going glamping in Alberta. To have a romantic getaway with their loved one. The last thing that they want is to be stinky and smelly. However, they may not know a different way to get rid of the pests.

While many campers swear by a solution of water, peppermint oil and eucalyptus. That can be sprayed directly on the skin. For a beautiful smell. That will keep the pests away.

Another great hack, will be for people to bring several bundles of sage with them. In order to toss into the fire. To create mosquito repelling smoke, as they sit and have their evening fire.

Not only will it smell amazing. But it will keep the mosquitoes clear of their area until they are ready to go to bed. Without helping to smell terrible, or feel sticky from the spray.

There are even more time-saving and space-saving hacks that people can utilize. When they are going camping and glamping in Alberta. They should go to elevated experience camping’s website for more tips.

To watch their tutorials. And to reserve their vacation now. So they do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. To go glamping at this amazing campground.

Glamping in Alberta | Save Space While Camping

When people are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. They may have very little space. Both in their car, and in their tent, RV or glamping cabin that they are staying in. It can be very difficult to pack lightly.

Which is why campers have been finding small containers to put things in for decades. While it is very important for campers, and people who are glamping in Alberta. To bring wooden matches.

Carrying around in the bulky and cardboard container. Can waste a lot of room. And is not the best way to keep those matches. Because if the container gets slightly damp or wet. Then the matches will pretty much be useless.

Instead, they can save a lot of space. By finding an empty pill bottle in their home. And putting a dozen or so matches in their. They can stick a few pieces of cotton to act as fire starter.

And then glue a piece of sandpaper on the inside of the lid. So that they always have a place to strike their matches. This way, they can save a lot of space. While still having this important tool.

Another way to save space, would be to create small first-aid kits. So that people can have Band-Aids, gauze and alcohol swabs. By grabbing one of those empty pill containers that they found.

And filling it with those implements. And giving one to every hiker. So that everyone can have a small first-aid kit with them. Without taking a lot of room up in their knapsack.

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While it is extremely important to have a first-aid kit when they go camping. When they are backpacking, or spending time on an adventure. They may not have the room for a large one. And this can be vital.

Another important way to save space. When people are going camping, or glamping. Is by packing their food smartly. Instead of taking a carton of eggs, that is fragile. And needs a lot of space.

All they have to do, is crack each egg into a water bottle. And then shake it up. To have premixed eggs for omelettes and scrambled eggs. They also will not have to waste any dishes making this dish.

And when they are done with the eggs. Then they can simply rinse the bottle, and they sit in recycling. And avoid having to take more things home with them. In fact, when they are packing their food.

By mixing all of the dry ingredients for pancakes. And putting it into a water bottle. Means that when they are ready to make pancakes. Just add water, and shake up the bottle. For easy to pour pancake batter.

There are so many more ways to save space while camping. That campers, and people who are glamping in Alberta. Can visit the elevated experience camping website. For more tips, tutorials.

And to book their camping or glamping for vacation now. The sooner people book, the sooner they are going to be able to follow love with this amazing facility. And come back throughout the summer.