Glamping in Alberta | Operation Sasquatch

Glamping in Alberta | Operation Sasquatch

People who have already experienced glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. Knows that there are such a wide variety of amenities. That will keep them coming back for many years.

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However, elevated experience camping has brought some new things. To their camping experience for people who are going glamping in Alberta in the new, upcoming camping year.

This is the addition of a food truck. That people can enjoy whether they are camping or glamping in the campsite. Or whether they are going to be using the day use area.

As well as open to the people who are using the boat launch, or are simply passing by on their boat. And want to stop to have a bite to eat for lunch. The food truck is going to be in operation.

Thursday through to Saturday at elevated experience camping. However, it will also be in operation during the week. From Monday to Wednesday in the town of Drayton Valley, five minutes away from elevated experience camping.

As well as an operation Wednesday evening, is it participates in the farmers market in Drayton Valley. What this means, is that people who are wanting to camp at elevated experience will have yet another amazing amenity.

That they will be able to enjoy, in addition to the many other amenities. That are on offer at elevated experience camping. Whether they want to purchase the food and head back to their campsite to eat.

Or if they want to have a picnic, and will enjoy the day use area for their lunch. This is going to allow people another experience. Of being able to eat at the food truck. Instead of having to cook their own food.

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For many people who are getting away because they want to go glamping. May not want to cook any of their own meals. Even though there glamping sites provide all of the tools and amenities to do so.

This is going to allow people who do not want to make their meals. The opportunity to buy a hot, and gourmet food truck meal. Without ever leaving the campsite.

This truly will make it feel as though they have gotten away for their weekend. However, people who are not glamping in Alberta. Can also enjoy the food truck. As the day use area.

Can accommodate anywhere between five hundred to a thousand people at a time. So people might want to come down to elevated experience for an adventure. To spend the day playing in the sun with their family.

And enjoying some amazing, gourmet food at the same time. Regardless of the reason why people are coming to elevated experience camping. The one thing that they all will have in common.

Is the fact that they will get an amazing experience. Every single interaction they have with staff. And have an elevated experience while in their campground. If people are looking for a great summer activity in the coming year. They should look no further than elevated experience in Drayton Valley.

Glamping in Alberta | Operation Sasquatch Helping The Community

People who want to go glamping in Alberta, are typically looking for unique experiences. Which is why the elevated experience camping society. Is bringing operation Sasquatch to the campground this year.

Operation Sasquatch is a food truck, owned and operated by the elevated experience camping society. Which is separate from the campground itself. And the purpose of this society, is to help the community.

They will help the community through social and economic programs. And to support community initiatives. What this program, operation Sasquatch is. Is the opportunity for at risk youth.

To learn skills that they need. To become employable in the future. All while gaining full-time employment, for pay for the summer. When people join operation Sasquatch, it is a seven-month program.

Where two months of the program is going to be classroom style learning. Where they will learn things such as food safety, knife skills. But also entrepreneurial skills, money-management.

And even customer service and teambuilding. After the two months of classroom learning is over. They will have five months of hands-on employment in the food truck, working full time.

Operation Sasquatch plans to run the food truck at elevated experience camping. To service the people who are glamping in Alberta. As well as the people who are using the day use areas.

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And they will be at the campground, from Thursday, Friday to Saturday. However, these are not the only days that the food truck will be in operation. It will also service the community of Drayton Valley.

Which is a short five minute drive away from the campground itself. And will operate from Monday to Wednesday. With Wednesday evening being dedicated to the farmers market.

The youth, through their employment here. Will learn how to become employable at other businesses. So that when the program is done. It will be more likely to be able to provide for themselves and their family in the future.

The program starts March 1, and ends at the end of September. However, if the weather is better. They will continue through the entire month of October. To give the youth a chance to work.

But also, to service the people who may be glamping in Alberta later on in the year. Something else that they are going to bring with operation Sasquatch to the campground.

Will be a community garden, so that they can grow as much of their own food to be used in the food truck. But also, they will have a zero waste initiative on the food truck as well.

Which means everything will be able to be recycled, or composted. With nothing ending up in the landfill. This way, they can support the community, and the economy. But also the environment as well.

If people want more information about operation Sasquatch. Or if they want information. About how they can enjoy elevated experience campground this summer. They always can phone, email or book in on their website.