Glamping in Alberta | New Amenities At Elevated Experience

Glamping in Alberta | New Amenities At Elevated Experience

While people who have gone glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. Know that they have an extremely wide variety of activities. They can look forward to new and different experiences this coming camping season.

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Not only were people greeted last year with a roaring fire, and the ability to make us more. While the check in process completed. And get a free game of minigolf just for showing up.

People were able to enjoy many things will they were glamping in Alberta. Such as the retro arcade, the community library. Goat yoga, and even using the boat launch to enjoy the river.

However, whether people are camping or glamping at elevated experience camping. There are some new things that they should be excited about for the coming camping season.

They are bringing in a food truck, that is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely separate entity from the campground.

They have created a program, that they have lovingly called operation Sasquatch. And this program, is designed to help at-risk youth, between the ages of fourteen and twenty. Learn important skills.

These skills will help them find gainful employment in the future. By allowing them to learn what they should do during a job interview. And learn skills such as money management, customer service and teambuilding.

But also, during the operation Sasquatch program. The two months of classroom learning that they will do. Will also teach them food safety and food handling skills. As well as knife handling skills.

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That will help them learn how to pare and cook food from scratch. So that they can prepare food for their family easier when they go home. During this program, after two months of classroom learning.

They will transition to five months of working in the food truck itself. As they cook and serve food to the people who are camping and glamping at elevated experience camping.

They will learn important skills here as well. While they work full-time, and for pay. So that when people support this food truck, they can feel good about how they are supporting the local economy and community.

The food truck did a lot of research into the foods that they should serve. And after researching all of the most successful food trucks in metropolitan areas. As well as the most sought after food dishes that people requested.

They came up with providing gourmet hotdogs, and gourmet grilled cheeses. Especially since these are things that people typically cannot purchase from a restaurant. Giving them a unique meal to have while they are at elevated experience camping.

The most wonderful thing about this, is that people do not even have to be camping or glamping in Alberta at these sites. People can come into the day use area, or show up just use the boat launch.

And supports this amazing program and get a delicious meal. When people are getting ready to have an amazing vacation at elevated experience camping. They should be prepared for new services and amenities to give them an amazing experience.

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Anyone who has been glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. Knows that they take their customer service very seriously. Not only have all of the staff and trained in customer service excellence.

But they have chosen to work very hard. To give everybody an amazing experience. And they do this, by offering amazing amenities. And great customer service, at every single turn.

To further the school, they have decided to bring in a food truck. That will be able to service the people using the campsites. The people who are glamping in Alberta.

And even the people who are using the day use areas, or for using the boat launch. And even people who are voting by that are hungry. This food truck will be in operation at the campsite Thursday through to Saturday.

However, they do not have to worry that they are only four days to enjoy the food truck. Because for the rest of the week, Monday through Wednesday. This food truck will be operating just five minutes away and Drayton Valley.

So people can enjoy a gourmet food truck meal, whether they are camping or glamping in Alberta. Or there simply living in, or working in the town. And are hungry for something different for lunch.

Wednesday evening, the food truck will be at the farmers market and Drayton Valley. That people can have a full, unique experience. And walk away with a full belly.

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But they can expect to teach, include gourmet hotdogs and gourmet grilled cheeses. But also, the side dishes that they have chosen to serve. Is corn on the cob, with their choice of four different toppings.

They can choose from Mexican Street corn, Parmesan pesto. Or if they prefer something different, like Thomas and red pepper or sriracha corn. This can give people an amazing variety of dishes to choose from.

But not only are they going to be enjoying a delicious, and gourmet meal. While they are camping, or glamping in Alberta. So that they do not have to cook one of their meals. But they know that they are supporting.

An amazing community initiative. That helps at risk youth, who may have fallen through the cracks. Who are going to be gaining great experience working in the food truck. Learning how to get and keep a job for the future.

During this seven-month program. The individuals are going to learn important food handling and safety skills. But they will also learn other things that will be transferable into any job they hold in the future.

They will learn things like money management, customer service and teambuilding. But also, they will learn some important entrepreneurial skills. That might encourage them to be a business owner one day.

The program starts March 1, and will service the campground as well as Green Valley. From May until the end of September. But if the weather cooperates, they will stay there for the entire month of October as well.