Glamping in Alberta | Making Summer Memories

Glamping in Alberta | Making Summer Memories

When people are looking for unique summer vacations, glamping in Alberta. Can be the perfect experience for many different reasons. And when they are ready to go glamping. They should check out elevated experience camping, located just outside of Drayton Valley in Alberta.

Glamping in Alberta

Not only are there large variety of amenities. Including flush toilets and showers. That is not what sets them apart from their competition. It is all of the other activities, and amenities that they have.

But also, the fact that they are dedicated to giving excellent customer service. From the very first phone call, where they are greeted with a cheery question of how can they elevate your experience?

To the check in, where they will be invited to get out of their vehicle. And roast marshmallows, or create s’mores. While completing the check in process. To getting a free game of minigolf whenever they arrive.

However, this is not just what elevated experience camping offers their guests. They want to provide a spectrum of experiences. For a spectrum of people.

They want to be able to provide camping experiences for everyone from the beginner camper. All the way up to the expert camper. And everyone in between.

That is why they created there glamping sites. That are tiny cabins, that bring all of the luxuries of a hotel room to the wilderness. Therefore, even if people do not enjoy camping.

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They can enjoy coming to elevated experience Camping. Because they can spend the entire time in their tiny cabin. Watching their favourite television shows, eating pizza and sleeping and if they choose.

But the fact that they can look out their window. And realize that they are truly away from the rat race. Can help them feel as though they are relaxing. Where they can truly unwind.

However, not everybody who wants to go glamping in Alberta. Once to spend the entire time in their cabin. Which is why they have a wide variety of activities to do once they are there.

There is a boat launch on the river, so that people who have boats to go boating or fishing. Can enjoy the river. Or, people can bring a float to float down the river. Fish from the river banks.

Or simply skip stones, and dangled their feet in the water. However, not everybody wants to spend time on the water. And for those people, there are trails to explore on foot or by bike.

And even adventures that they can have closer to their campground. Whether they want to learn how to pan for gold in the North Saskatchewan River. Or experience the joy of goat yoga.

Elevated experience camping is determined to make everybody who comes glamping in Alberta. Have an amazing time. That will help them fall in love with the outdoors again.

The only recommendation that they have for people who are thinking of coming out. Is to book early enough in the season. So that when they do fall in love. They are going to be able to come back over and over throughout the summer.

Glamping in Alberta | Making Summer Memories

People have been camping in Alberta for decades, but people think glamping in Alberta. Is a relatively new activity. But they actually would be wrong. Glamping, a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. Has been around for decades in this province. But centuries worldwide.

Since glamping simply means bringing luxuries not typically found camping. To this fun, favourite outdoor activity. Any time people bring luxury items camping could be considered glamping.

Therefore, people who brought trailers and motorhomes with them. As they went camping in the sixties and seventies. Could be considered glamping in Alberta. Or, when people brought luxury items.

Such as their barbecue, a coffeepot, or a regular mattress and they went camping. Could actually be considered glamping in Alberta as well. However, glamping had typically been an activity.

That required people bringing their own equipment, as well as their own luxury items. Which meant it was not really an accessible activity for a wide variety of people.

However, elevated experience camping one to change that. Each is why they created their permanent glamping structures. Which look like tiny cabins. This brings all of the charm of camping.

To all of the luxury of a hotel room. So that people can feel like they are camping. But without pitching a tent, cooking over an open fire. Or sleeping on the cold, hard ground.

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Other amenities that elevated experience offers people. That turn any camping into glamping in Alberta. Includes their retro arcade, their community library, and their pizza delivery service.

But also, the want to be a unique place. That not only has a recycling program, and employees people with disabilities. But partner with people in the community. To truly create something larger than themselves.

When people arrive at elevated experience camping. They will be warmly greeted. And will get a free game of minigolf. And a list of all of the programs and activities that they can enjoy.

Whether they are going to enjoy the retro arcade, playing horseshoes, or exploring the river valley. Or whether they want to do guided activities, such as goat yoga. Which is great for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

That will surround them with playful goats. That is sure to leave everybody feeling rested, relaxed. And with a smile on their face. In fact, goat yoga has been linked to positive mental health.

Therefore, when people are looking for a great way to spend summer vacations. So that they can make memories. Either with their family, with their significant other. Or just on their own.

The answer can be going to elevated experience camping. Which is located at Willie West campground, five minutes east of Drayton Valley. In a beautiful, picturesque river valley.

And when they arrive here, the goal will to help them fall in love with the outdoors again. And want to come back over and over.