Glamping in Alberta | Have An Adventurous Vacation

Glamping in Alberta | Have An Adventurous Vacation

Often, when people think about glamping in Alberta. They think about spending time outside, and exploring nature. However, when people come to elevated experience campground for their vacation.

Glamping in Alberta

While the most important things that they should look for. Is the value of the company, such as what their goals are. And what they bring to each customer experience.

Glamping can be whatever they want it to be. Whether they are going to adventure in the wilderness, and the beautiful river valley. Or whether people want to stay in the tiny cabins, resting and relaxing.

Elevated experience campground, located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Has made it their mission, to give people a unique vacation, no matter why they are there.

Not only is every single staff member trained in customer service excellence. The owners also lead by example, and want to ensure that every single interaction with customers is amazing.

Right from the first time people call in to the campground, and speak to their cheerful staff. To arriving, and having an amazing check-in experience. As well as every other interaction, and checkout.

The elevated experience staff hopes to wow customers with their amazing service. And all of their additional touches, that will make this trip special to all of their guests.

When people arrive to the campground for the first time. They will be greeted by a crackling, and welcoming fire. And while the check in process takes place, they are encouraged to step out of their car.

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Make us more by the fire, and have a mug of hot chocolate. In addition to that beautiful welcome. Everyone will also get a voucher for free game of minigolf, on the campgrounds on-site minigolf course.

This is just one way that they hope to kick everyone’s vacation of glamping in Alberta. Off on the right note, and help them start to relax. However, there is more to do at this campground than just play minigolf.

They have many different games that people can rent. Including large yard sized games, of family favourites. At such as Jenga or yahtzee. That will allow people to enjoy these fun games but in a completely unique way.

Or, if they are looking for something more traditional. They can rent a cornhole game. Or play horseshoes on the provided horseshoe pits on-site.

However, if adventure is more what people are looking for when they are going glamping in Alberta. They can get that here as well. There is many different trails to explore by foot or by bike.

And because they are right next to the North Saskatchewan River. They have a boat launch for all kinds of watercraft. As well as lounge chairs next to the river. So people can enjoy the river in any way that they want.

They want to spend a day floating, fishing. Or simply sitting by the river and enjoying the sounds. This is available to them. And when they are ready for dinner, they can cook on the provided barbecue.

Or, they can simply call an order pizza. It is made hot, fresh and order. And then hand delivered by their staff, directly to their glamping site. When people are going glamping in Alberta, elevated experience campground will give them an adventurous vacation.

Glamping in Alberta | Have An Adventurous Vacation

When people are ready to have an adventurous vacation, they should choose glamping in Alberta. But not just anywhere, at elevated experience campground.

The reason why they should visit this location, is because they have campground, is because they have many different amenities and activities. And when people know what kind of vacation they want.

Or they are looking for something completely unique, they will be able to vacation their own way here. For example, if they are not interested in a traditional camping type experience.

And would rather just escape the city, and the rush of their normal life. By spending a weekend, or an entire week sleeping in, and watching their favourite shows and movies. They can do that.

When people go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. They will have a large, flat screen television. That is hooked up to a satellite dish, so their favourite television shows and any movie they want can be watched.

However, for some people, they want to go on an adventure. And they can get that here as well. Whether they want to experience yoga for the first time. Allow them to enjoy stretching their body.

While surrounded by playful goats, who are interacting with them, and even climbing on people who are holding yoga poses. This activity is one of their most popular activities.

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And is perfect for people of all ages, and all yoga abilities. However, if people are looking for a slightly different adventure. They can rent one of the several adventure kits that they have.

Which is a knapsack, full of all of the tools they need. To go on a self-guided adventure, right within the campground. Again, it is fun, educational. And appropriate for people of all ages.

Whether they want to explore the river valley by day, or if they want to have a nighttime adventure. Or potentially, they want to learn how to pan for gold right in the North Saskatchewan River.

That is possible at elevated experience campgrounds. And when people have a great vacation planned, but the unpredictable Alberta weather has cancelled those plans.

When people are going glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campgrounds. They can still have a great amount of fun. By spending time in their retro arcade, playing classic video games and eating candy.

Or, by going to the library and borrowing a new book or two. So that they can have fun, even when the weather is not cooperating with them.

There are so many activities to do at elevated experience campground. That when people are looking for a unique, and adventurous vacation. They do not have to go far from home. And book at elevated experience campgrounds.

The only recommendation is that they book their vacation early in the year. Because once they visit once. The beauty of the campground. And the amazing variety of activities. Will key people wanting to come back time and time again.