Glamping in Alberta | Have a Unique Vacation

Glamping in Alberta | Make Your Glamping Trip Unique

People are looking for a unique vacation can be their answer. And while there are many different locations to go glamping in Alberta. Depending on what people want to do, should dictate where they go.

Glamping in Alberta

However, when people are thinking of glamping. They should think of elevated experience campground for many different reasons. Not only is it a gorgeous location.

That is nestled in a room valley, right next to the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. People that visit. Compare the beauty of this location. To the location of Banff and Jasper in the mountains.

However, without having to drive the entire distance. Or without having to deal with the massive crowds both in town. And on the trails. And with more people than ever having stayed case in Alberta.

Both national parks are going to be extremely crowded. And people who are looking to have a unique vacation. And avoid running into so many people. Can get what makes them happy at elevated experience campground.

Not only did they have an amazing focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Because each one of their staff members have taken a course. And how to deliver excellent customer service.

Therefore, from every single interaction a person has. From planning their glamping in Alberta vacation. With their very first phone call. To arriving, on check in where they are welcomed.

With a beautiful fire, and the ability to make s’mores while the check in process happens. To every single interaction thereafter. From renting equipment and games. To pizza delivery, and their checkout breakfast.

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Is designed for amazing customer service. And most camping sites not just in Alberta. But throughout Canada. Are not known for their amazing customer service. Therefore, they are hoping to impress on customer service.

However, this is not the only area that they are hoping to impress customers with. They also want to ensure that they are delivering unique activities, no matter what kinds of services people are looking for well they are glamping in Alberta.

For example, if people want to spend the entire time in their cabin, eating pizza and watching their favourite movies and shows. They are going to be able to do that.

But if they are looking for adventures. Such as having a self-guided nighttime adventure. Or learn how to pan for gold in the North Saskatchewan River. That is also possible.

They also have pizza delivery. So that people can spend so much of their time having adventures and relaxing. That if they are too tired.

Or too busy to cook dinner. They can order pizza. That is made fresh, and on-site. That will be delivered to their glamping cabin.

But also, at the end of their vacation. They can enjoy the checkout breakfast. For five dollars, get pancakes, sausages and coffee or hot chocolate.

So that they can avoid having to cook and then cleanup. Before packing up to go home. So that they can feel just as rested at the end of their vacation as they did during their trip.

Glamping in Alberta | Have a Unique Vacation

When people are looking for a unique vacation this summer, they should consider glamping in Alberta. For something that is unusual, especially if they are not going to be travelling farther for their summer vacation plans.

And while glamping seems to be growing in popularity. And is a trendy activity. Glamping has been happening for decades. And actually throughout the world for centuries.

The word glamping was coined in the UK in the year two thousand and five. And while it was added to the Webster’s dictionary eleven years later.

Glamorous camping, which are the two words that were smashed together to create this new word. Is simply going camping, with luxuries not typically found while people are roughing it.

Therefore, people can go camping, and bring their espresso machine. And that can be considered glamping. Or, people can go camping, in a motorhome or a trailer. And that can be considered glamping as well.

Or, people can go to elevated experience campground. And rent the tiny cabins that they have. That will give them hotel like accommodations. Nestled in the beautiful river valley setting.

When people are planning this trip. The recommendation is to contact elevated experience campground early enough in the season. So that they can have their vacation at the beginning of summer.

Because guaranteed, they will fall in love with the beautiful location. With the amazing service that they get. And the fantastic amenities. Particularly their tiny cabin.

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And they will want to return several times throughout the summer. Which is why they should book their vacation early. Something else to keep in mind about elevated experience campground.

Is that they are that friendly. And they know how important peoples of furry family members are to them. And while some glamping sites will not allow pets.

That is not the case at elevated experience campgrounds. In fact, the tiny cabins that they have. Will have many different creature comforts, for their favourite creatures.

The only thing that people should bring when they go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campgrounds. Is the food that they want to eat, and the clothes on their back.

However, they do recommend that people bring a wide variety of close. For all weather situations. Because the only thing certain about Alberta weather. Is that it is not certain.

They would hate for people to arrive in shorts and tank tops. Only four torrential downpours to happen. That would impacts their ability to enjoy themselves on their vacation.

When people are going to have their summer vacation. Going glamping in Alberta can be the perfect solution. To give them a unique trip. While not having to stray very far from home. Which is important to many people these days.

When they reach out to elevated experience campground. From the very first phone call. They will know why they are different, and why they excel in customer service.