Glamping in Alberta | Hacks for a Fun Glamping Trip

Glamping in Alberta | Hacks for a Fun Glamping Trip

Often, the reason why people go glamping in Alberta. Instead of camping, is their lack of camping equipment. They often tried out, to see if camping is something they would enjoy. For purchasing a lot of equipment.

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However, even when people are going glamping in Alberta for their vacation. They still might need a few supplies, that can help make their trip a little bit more organized, and enjoyable.

What is even better, is that these hacks. That can help them have a more enjoyable trip will they are glamping. Can also be used while they are camping. To help ensure that they are organized, and have everything they need.

It is not always required, to purchase the expensive camping equipment. When simple, every day items from home. Can do the trick, and do it even better sometimes than any dedicated item to purchase.

Even though when people go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. Just outside of Drayton Valley. They will be in tiny cabins, that will have every luxury of a hotel room.

This does not mean. People will not require some organization when they get there. A hanging shoe organizer, can help keep people extremely organized. In their camping, or glamping space.

Whether they are storing things in there like their matches, flashlight. Or even things like hand towels, the keys to their vehicle. Or an extra pair of flip-flops. It can be a great way, of keeping their belongings in place.

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And while many people love to unplug, when they spend time in the wilderness. The great time for people to put their cell phones in the shoe organizer. And keep it tucked away neatly. For the remainder of their trip.

Whether they hang it vertically, or simply stand it up horizontally on a table. These shoe organizers can keep people organized. However, when they are ready to go camping the next year.

They can hang the shoe organizer in their RV, or hang it on the tree outside their tents. To store the same things, and stay organized. Not only will it help people stay organized during their stay. But it will help them pack up neatly as well.

Another great hack, for when people are camping, but even people who are glamping. Will be how to store spices. That they want to bring, the season their food the way they want.

It may be tempting for people to simply bring the full sizes of whatever spaces they want. When they go camping or glamping. This is simply inefficient. And takes up more space than people actually have.

Instead, people can buy a few containers of tick tack minutes. And empty them out. In order to store their spices. Not only are they the perfect size. But the flip lids closed tight. Meaning people are less likely to get spices.

All over their clothes, or knapsack when they pack. As well, the containers will hold just enough spices for the trip. Whether people are bringing salt-and-pepper. Or things like garlic powder, and paprika. It is a great way for campers, and glamper’s like to bring their favourite spices.

Glamping in Alberta | Hacks for a Fun Glamping Trip

When people are ready for a great vacation, glamping in Alberta. While most of what they need, will be provided in their tiny cabin. There are a few things that people should bring themselves. To ensure they have a great vacation.

For example, everyone should have a spare roll of toilet paper on hand. And In their knapsack. So that when people venture away from their campsite. They will have a backup plan on hand.

However, if they think they can just toss a roll of toilet paper in their knapsack and go. They might be very disappointed. Especially if they are caught in a sudden rainstorm.

If they spend time close to the North Saskatchewan River. Or even boating, and get splashed. That leads to accidentally falling into the water. Only to discover that there toilet paper is completely ruined.

Even people who managed to stay dry. May be very surprised to discover. That the squirrels in the area are extremely resourceful. Under able to get into the knapsacks quite easily. And love shredding toilet paper.

In order to ensure that people’s toilet paper is dry, and safe. Until the time that they may need to use it. They can put it in a waterproof container. That squirrels will have a hard time getting into.

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Whether they put their to look paper in a mason jar. Or grab a coffee tin with a lid. These can be perfect ways. To keep toilet paper dry, and squirrel proof. And while people may hope they never need to use toilet paper on the trail.

Having it on hand, is better than not having it at all. Another hack that people can use. Whether they are camping, or glamping in Alberta. Would be getting a container to store their matches in.

Many people can be very stressed out about the prospect of starting a fire. Especially if they have never gone camping before. However, campers and glamper’s alike, should all carry matches with them.

Whether they simply want to start a campfire in their own glamping site. So that they can enjoy the fire, while watching the night sky. Or, whether people head out on an adventure. And realize that they need to make a fire for lunch.

Or, they were unfortunately gotten lost. Need a fire for the heat. People should always be prepared with matches. But not just any matches, wooden, strike anywhere matches. However, if they simply bring them in.

The cardboard container that they are sold in. It is not going to protect the matches. From getting wet, either from a shower. Or by getting splashed or falling into the North Saskatchewan River.

Instead of buying expensive waterproof match containers. People can simply use an empty pill bottle from home. And toss their matches in that. And be prepared for any circumstances on their glamping in Alberta vacation.