Glamping in Alberta | Great Summer Vacation Ideas

Glamping in Alberta | Great Summer Vacation Ideas

It is always a challenge, deciding what to do for summer vacation but glamping in Alberta. Can be the answer to many peoples questions. About what they can do with their family this year.

Glamping in Alberta

Not only is glamping in Alberta a much more accessible activity then camping. But it can appeal to a wider variety of people. Who like a wider variety of activities.

Typically, camping appeals to people who love the outdoors. And love communing with nature. Or engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and fishing.

However, those are activities that not everybody likes. And for some, the ideal vacation. Is sleeping in, getting room service. And doing as little as possible. And when this is someone’s ideal vacation.

They also can enjoy glamping in Alberta. When they visit elevated experience camping. Elevated experience is unique, because they have decided to bring more amenities.

Then are typically found in a typical campground. Because they have been disappointed with they campgrounds that they have experienced over the years. Wanting some slightly different services.

Therefore, they set out to offer all of the services. Amenities, and activities that they always wanted to have themselves. Because of this, they have an extremely wide variety of activities.

That can suit a wide variety of ages, interests. And a wide variety of abilities. Therefore, not only will campers find a lot to do at this unique campground. But people who typically would not go camping can enjoy a vacation here.

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When people decide to go glamping in Alberta. And they arrive at elevated experience camping. They will be staying in tiny cabins, that have all of the luxuries of hotel rooms.

Therefore, note only will they have a porch, with a table and chairs. But they will have a queen-size bed inside the cabin. A large, flat screen television. With a hookup to a satellite dish.

A mini refrigerator, microwave and coffeepot. As well as a full-size barbecue outside. So that they can cook their own food. However, if they do not want to cook any meals. They can order pizza from the campground.

When it comes to activities during the day. They can spend time inside, reading, spending time on their iPad or phone. Or watching television and movies. However, if they want to venture outside.

There is no end of activities that they can do, no matter what their interests are. For example, there is a guided yoga class. Where people can enjoy stretching in the great outdoors.

But this yoga class has a twist. Because playful goats will join in the activities. There is also mini golf, a retro arcade, games to rent. As well as a community library that they can borrow books from.

Therefore, if a person’s idea of a perfect vacation is sleeping in and watching movies. Or hiking and biking the many trails, and having a campfire at the end of the day. Or anything in between. They will find that at elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Great Summer Vacation Ideas For You

It can be very hard to find an activity that can appeal to many people, which is why glamping in Alberta. Is something that is gaining popularity. Because it can appeal to people who love the outdoors, and love camping.

But it can also appeal to people who cannot camp due to a limitation. Or they do not like spending time in the great outdoors. And their idea of roughing it. Is staying in a hotel room without room service.

When people come to elevated experience camping. Not only have they decided to become a campground. That offers a wide variety of services, activities and amenities.

But they also wanted to provide excellent customer service as well. And every staff member. Has received training in how to give excellent customer service. So that every interaction with a staff member.

Will be amazing, and designed to provide a wow experience. Whether it is checking in, where they will be invited to warm themselves by a warm and welcoming fire.

Where they will have the opportunity to roast a Small. And stretch their legs. Or whether it is delivering pizza, to their campsite. And even the fact that they are willing to bring firewood directly to each person’s campsite.

Means that people will have an experience. Unlike any other campground that they have visited in the past. However, it does not stop there. From a wide variety of services, and activities.


Such as mini golf courses, retro arcade. As well as programs, games to rent, slip and slides. There is also many different activities from the playground, to trails to explore by foot or by bike.

And the boat launch right on the river. So that people can bring their boats, or watercraft. Whether they want to fish, or simply enjoy spending a day zipping around on the river.

Whether people want to spend the entire vacation. Sleeping in, and lounging around in their cabin. Watching movies, and unwinding in the way that is perfect for them.

Or whether an ideal vacation of glamping in Alberta. Simply means sleeping in a queen-size bed. So that people have more time for exploring the wilderness. This is a vacation that has something for everyone.

However, going to elevated experience camping is a choice that everybody can feel good about. Not only are they an all-inclusive employer. Employing people with disabilities.

But they also have initiatives, such as the were cycle program. As well as the community partnership program. Partners different local businesses up with the campground.

To introduce more customers to local businesses. And help them succeed as well. Therefore, when people are looking for a great vacation of glamping in Alberta. They should head to this dynamic campground.

Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Nestled in a beautiful river valley. Not only have an amazing vacation. But know that they are supporting local businesses. And keeping the money in the provincial economy.