Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Meals On A Camping Trip?

Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Meals On A Camping Trip

There are many different reasons why people want to go camping or glamping in Alberta. When they plan a vacation, close to home. Whether they are looking for a unique way to spend vacation.

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Or, whether people love spending time in nature. Even those who do not like spending time in nature. But know that getting as far away from the city as possible. Will help them have a restful and relaxing vacation.

And whether people love spending time in nature. For their perfect vacation involves sleeping in, and watching movies. People are going to be able to get the vacation that they desire.

When they book with elevated experience camping. Their whole goal, when they opened their campground last year. Was to offer an extremely wide variety of services and amenities.

To appeal to a larger demographic of people. Then the traditional people who like to go camping. From people who have never been camping before, to expert campers. And even people who only go camping.

To spend time with the ones that they love. For people who do not like camping at all. Can find something for them at elevated experience camping.

Last year, they added tiny luxury cabins. For their glamping in Alberta sites. And while the cabins may be small. They offer every single luxury. That can be found in a hotel room. From a queen-size bed.

To a TV hooked up to a satellite dish. Even a full-size barbecue for preparing meals. And all of the dishes that they could need, to prepare their own food. So that if people want to escape to the cabin, and hide from the world.

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They will be able to do that here. But if they get bored, they will be able to find a lot of activities to do. Whether they are fans of the outdoors or not. They can enjoy goat yoga.

Which is a great activity, popular for people of all ages, and yoga abilities. But as well, elevated experience camping. Has community library. Where people can borrow books, if they love to read.

As well as a mini golf course, and retro arcade. In addition to the wide variety of games and activities to rent. The boat launch, and the trails to explore on foot or by bike.

And while the wide variety of amenities that they added to the campground last year. Was wildly popular with all of the guests that visited, either by glamping in Alberta.

Or whether they were campers, or simply using the day use area. But elevated experience camping. Is not content to just sit back and offer the same amenities of last year. Which is why they added something new.

This year, people who are camping, glamping, and using the day use area. Are going to be able to enjoy gourmet comfort food. From the food truck that will be on site Thursday through to Sunday.

Therefore, people can fill their tummies, whether they are hungry and forgot to pack a picnic lunch. Or their idea of a perfect glamping vacation. Is not having to cook a meal, or clean a dish.

When people are looking for an amazing vacation. They should look no further than elevated experience camping, to satisfy their every whim.

Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Meals On A Camping Trip Now Possible

While most campgrounds would not think of adding a food truck to their amenities, whether people are glamping in Alberta. Camping, or simply using the day use area. Elevated experience camping thinks a food truck is a perfect addition.

They did a lot of research, and discovered that 90% of people who go to food trucks enjoy the food. And 80% of the people who have been to the food truck, said they would return again, and leave a great review.

While food trucks are extremely popular these days. Not only can they offer a fun treat to the people that are glamping in Alberta, or just camping or using the day use area.

For many, they are too busy engaging in their favourite activities. Or simply resting and relaxing. To cook a meal. Or, they are simply tired of cooking their meals over an open fire. And want a break.

Even those who go glamping in Alberta, to have a restful vacation away from their regular life. Which means also not having to cook, or clean a dish. Are going to be able to enjoy the food truck immensely.

And while people are going to significantly enjoy the food that comes off the food truck. Whether that means they do not have to cook a meal. Or they are getting themselves a treat.

People can also feel good about supporting a food truck. As it is an important community endeavour. That will significantly help the town where the campground is situated.

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The food truck is owned and operated by the elevated experience camping society. Which is a separate entity from the campground itself. And the Society’s mandate, is to support the community in which they are in.

The food truck is run, by youth at risk. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty. That will be gaining important employment skills. And experience, as they work on the food truck.

Supported by a program, called operation Sasquatch. These youth, will have two months of classroom learning. Where they will learn food handling, and food safety. As well as things like proper knife skills.

As well as other important skills such as money management, teambuilding and customer service. That not only will help them be successful in their employment on the food truck.

But skills that will be transferable to other jobs into the future. After the two months of their classroom course. They will transition to five months of working on the food truck. For the entirety of the camping season.

Where they will work full-time, and for pay. Servicing the people who are camping, and glamping at elevated experience camping. Therefore, not only will it help fill people’s bellies. Supporting the food truck is something that they can truly feel good about.