Glamping in Alberta | Going on Unique Summer Vacations

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Summer Vacations With Pinache

One of the most favourite pastimes of people in Alberta is camping, however glamping in Alberta is quickly on the rise. For many different reasons. It is a much more accessible activity.

Glamping in Alberta

And that is because people do not have to have any special equipment to go glamping. While camping typically requires a lot of different equipment. That can be very expensive to buy, and bulky to store.

As well, while many Albertans love this activity of camping. Many people do not enjoy spending time in the wilderness like that. Some do not enjoy sleeping on the ground, or cooking their meals over a fire.

They enjoy camping. But due to certain limitations are not able to do this anymore. And the creation of different sites, allow more people than ever before. To go glamping in Alberta.

Different campsites have created permanent or semi-permanent glamping sites. Such as yurts, pods, or tiny cabins. And when people go to elevated experience camping, located just outside of Drayton Valley.

There able to enjoy all of the beauty of nature. That camping gives them. While staying in a beautiful cabin. That gives them all of the luxuries of staying in a hotel room.

Therefore, people who do not like camping. Or are unable to go camping for one reason or another. Will be able to enjoy their experience when they go glamping in Alberta. Particularly at elevated experience campground.

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When they arrive on site, the first thing that they will notice. Is that there glamping sites will have a fire pit, and bench. In case they do want to enjoy roasting marshmallows, or having a campfire.

However, there will also be a full-size barbecue in the yard. So that people can cook their own meals. Without having to hunch over a fire. There also will be a bistro table, and two chairs. That are on the porch.

So that whether people are eating their meals in the great outdoors. Or simply enjoying the morning coffee will watching the sunrise. Or having a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

They will be able to do that on the porch. Nestled in the picturesque beauty of the river valley. However, they truly will find that they are somewhere unique. When they open up the door to their tiny cabin.

Not only is there a queen-size bed. In the middle of the room, but there is a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. It is hooked up to satellite, so that people can watch their favourite television shows, or movies during their vacation.

They have a mini fridge, water cooler, a microwave and coffee pot inside. As well as all of the dishes that they might need. If they are cooking their own food. So that they do not have to bring any special equipment with them.

So when they want to go glamping in Alberta. Even if they never leave the cabin. They are going to have an amazing time. Surrounded in luxury, nestled in the beautiful river valley at elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Going on Unique Summer Vacations

Often, when people are going glamping in Alberta. They are going to an event. And are staying in luxurious accommodations. Nestled in the great outdoors. Music festivals are very common for having glamping sites available for participants.

And perhaps, one of the most famous instances of the glamping event. Is Matthew McConaughey, Hollywood actors wedding. We set up many different glamping sites for his guests.

So that they could have a beautiful and picturesque wedding. Outdoors on his ranch. While allowing his guests to continue to stay in luxury. However, when people are glamping in Alberta.

They do not necessarily need an event. In order to have fun. And when they come to elevated experience camping. They are going to be able to have a very unique vacation.

Have a wide variety of amenities on site. Starting with mini golf, that every guest gets a free game when they check in. And whether they want to play more games of many golf. Or enjoy any of the other activities.

There going to be able to do that at elevated experience camping. Another one of their amenities is a community library. Where people can borrow books. Whether they forgot their book at home, or finished reading bears.


As well as a retro arcade, and many different games that they can rent. Such as horseshoes, cornhole, or family favourite board games. That are giant sized. To give them a unique way of playing a familiar game.

However, if people are looking for more adventures. They are going to be able to is the boat launch on the river. Whether there going boating or fishing. Or hike or bike on the trails throughout the campground and beyond.

Or, perhaps people want to do a programmed activities, such as goat yoga. Which is perfect for people of all ages. And all yoga experiences. That will beat everyone through a fun program of yoga poses.

While playful goats will join them, leaving everybody feeling happy. Not only is it good for their body, but studies have shown that goat yoga is actually good for people’s mental health. In addition to being fun activity to do outside.

Another way of having an adventure at elevated experience camping. When people go glamping in Alberta. Will be renting what they call discovery kids. That are knapsacks, for love all the tools they need.

To go on a guided adventure. Whether they are exploring the river valley by day, at night. Or learning how to pan for gold in the river. It can be an educational, and fun experience for people of all ages.

At the end of the day, they can order in a pizza. That is made fresh and order. And delivered straight to their campsite. So that if they are too tired after a full day of adventures to cook. They can and their day, and true glamping style.