Glamping in Alberta | Going Luxury Camping

Glamping in Alberta | What To Know About Glamping

When people are looking for unique staycations close to home they should try going glamping in Alberta. And while glamping is a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. Until recently, people who wanted to go glamorous camping needed their own accommodations.

Glamping in Alberta

However, there are now many different glamping sites that are available for rent. Such as the tiny cabins available at elevated experience campground. Five minutes outside of Drayton Valley, in a beautiful and picturesque river valley.

Beside the North Saskatchewan River. Is the ideal getaway for anyone looking for a vacation close to home. Not only is the scenery beautiful. But there glamping sites are amazing as well.

Set up to look like a tiny home away from home. When people arrive at their glamping site. They will know that this is going to be a unique vacation. Not only is there going to be a fire pit in their glamping site.

As well as a bench, so that they can host marshmallow and wiener roasts. And gather around the fire with their friends. But there is also a barbecue, so that when they are going glamping in Alberta.

They do not have to slave over a hot and smoky fire. In order to create their culinary creations. They will also notice before they even set foot in these tiny cabins.

That there is a small balcony with a bistro table and two chairs. So that they can sit and have their morning coffee and enjoy the sunrise. Or sit and enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset.

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While enjoying the beautiful surroundings that this glamping site affords them. When they set foot into the cabin itself. No detail was spared. And everything from the beautiful and unique flooring.

To the gorgeous ceiling detail. Will show them that this truly is glamorous camping. One of the first things that they will notice upon entering the room. Is the queen-size bed.

Therefore, they do not have to worry about sleeping on the ground were sleeping in a sleeping bag. And this bed, will offer them all of the comforts that they can get in a hotel room.

There is also going to be a large flatscreen television mounted on the wall. That is complete with satellite hookup. So that people can watch their favourite shows and movies. If that is how they choose to spend their staycations.

And what trip going glamping in Alberta could be complete. Without a microwave, and a coffeepot. There is also going to be a fridge, in order to put their food. So that if they decide to cook on their adventure. On the barbecue that is provided.

They will be able to store their food somewhere. And while there tiny cabins will not have running water. They will have a water cooler, complete with a dish on the floor. So that people can bring their furry family members with them.

When people are looking for a unique staycations, they should consider glamping. At elevated experience campgrounds. And have the vacation of a lifetime, without driving far from home.

Glamping in Alberta | Going Luxury Camping

Camping is not an activity for everybody, but glamping in Alberta can be. There are may be many reasons why people do not want to go camping for a vacation.

Perhaps they lack the camping gear such as a tent, sleeping bag. And cooking gear. That is needed in order to go camping. Which is often expensive, and out of a lot of people’s reach.

Or, if they can afford it. They do not have the room to store their camping gear. Which can often take up a considerable amount of space. Therefore, they may love the activity, but are not able to partake in it.

Or perhaps the reason why people do not like camping. Is because they are unable to. Due to a physical, or another limitation that they might have.

From pitching a tent, to sleeping on the ground. And cooking over an open fire. Or things that they are just not able to do. And while they might love the opportunity. It is not something that they can do easily.

This is why glamping is growing in popularity. Is because it is an easily accessible activity. For all people who are looking for a way of enjoying the great outdoors.

Not only that, but when people go glamping in Alberta, they can have an amazing adventure. That is not too far away from home. And while a lot of people love going to the mountains.

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Such as going to Jasper or Banff. One drawback to the mountains. Is that so many people go to the mountains. And it can be very crowded with tourists. And difficult for people to feel like they are getting away from the city.

When they are constantly running into people not just in town. But on the trails. This is why so many people love coming to elevated experience campgrounds. Because they are in a river valley.

And because the scenery is so beautiful. People often say that it is like going to the mountains. Without having to drive the distance there. And without dealing with the immense number of tourists.

Therefore, when people want to go glamping. They want to do so in a beautiful and a picturesque location. Elevated experience campgrounds can be the perfect adventure for them.

And not only did they have luxury cabins to rent. That can give them the feeling of camping, without sleeping on the ground. They also have many different amenities that can turn any camping trip into glamping in Alberta.

From a mini golf course, where everyone gets their first game for free. To yoga with goats. As well as an arcade and a library. There is literally something for everybody so that families can have a unique adventure.

All people have to do, is call elevated experience to reserve their site. However, they should call early in the season. So that when they fall in love with this amazing campground. As well as its unique amenities. They will have the entire summer to keep returning.