Glamping in Alberta | Get Started Glamping

Glamping in Alberta | Get Started Glamping

One of the reasons glamping in Alberta has become so popular. Is because there is no special equipment required like camping. Since people will have the accommodations rented in glamping. They do not need to have a tent or sleeping bags.

Therefore, people who have never gone camping before. Can get a feel for what camping is when they go glamping. Without having to buy special equipment without knowing if they will enjoy it.

As well, people who do not like camping. Often enjoy glamping in Alberta. Because what they do not like about camping is pitching a tent, sleeping on the ground. And they also do not enjoy cooking over an open fire.

And depending on what glamping site people go to. They typically have the accommodations, a comfortable bed to sleep in. And even cooking implements all sorted out.

Therefore, when people are interested in going glamping in Alberta. They do not need to bring anything more than the close on their back, and the food that they would like to eat.

And while there are many different types of glamping sites throughout the province. From staying in luxury tents and yurts. When people visit elevated experience campground, they will stay in tiny cabins.

The tiny cabins are outfitted with all of the amenities of a hotel room. But set in the gorgeous landscape of the Alberta River Valley. And the first thing people will see when they open the door to their tiny cabin.

Is very plush queen-size bed. As well as a television. Therefore, if people are not interested in exploring the outdoors. And are simply looking for a remote getaway. They can watch television if they choose.


Or it is the perfect activity for people if the weather is less than ideal for what they want to do. There also will be a mini fridge for their food. And a barbecue on the deck so that they can cook food, without having to start a fire.

However, a fire pit will be provided. Even if all people want to do is visit around a warm and crackling fire. Or roast some marshmallows while drinking a hot cup of cocoa.

And if people who are going glamping at elevated experience campground. Do not actually want to cook anything at all. They can simply order pizza from their convenience store.

And it will get hand-delivered by the elevated experience staff, straight to their tiny cabin. Therefore, people do not have to feel like they are roughing it, when they are experiencing the beauty of the wilderness.

However, if people are interested in camping at elevated experience campground. They can bring their tent or trailer. And while many people love roughing it.

Many of the amazing amenities that people who are glamping at the campsite can enjoy. As such as pizza delivery, can be enjoyed by their regular campers as well.

Elevated experience campground has something for everyone. Whether they are the glamper’s, or expert campers. And anyone who is looking for a unique camping experience, should make a reservation today.

Glamping in Alberta | Get Started Glamping

One of the reasons why glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Is because whether people are experienced campers. Or have never been camping a day in their life. Glamping is accessible when people want to experience nature.

Glamping is the merging of camping, with hotel room style accommodations. And while many glamping sites include luxury tents, yurts, or many other styles of temporary housing.

When people go to elevated experience campground, there glamping sites. Are tiny luxury cabins, set in the beauty of the Alberta River Valley. Not only is this campsite nestled right up to the North Saskatchewan River.

But all of the various amenities that people can get at elevated experience campground. Can add a lot of adventure, to their glamping trip. No matter what they are doing when they arrive.

When people are either camping or glamping by coming to elevated experience. They will be greeted when they first arrived, with a warm and inviting fire.

And while the registration and check-in process happens. People can drink a cup of free coffee, stand by the fire. And roast a marshmallow. And feel their stress melt away as their vacation begins.

Other amenities that they can experience at elevated experience campgrounds. Include many of the typical amenities that other campgrounds have. From flush toilets and showers, to a boat launch on the river.

Trails for people to explore, fishing and horseshoes to enjoy. But the owners of elevated experience campground wanted to give completely unique experience to the people visiting their campground.


They have many golf that people can enjoy. And in fact, when people arrive, they get their first game for free. To kickstart their vacation. But that is not the only game they have. They can rent other games.

Such as a slip and slide for the kids when it is very warm out. Or familiar family favourite games. But build extremely large, for fun, unique outdoor play.

Whether people are ruling giant dice on the lawn for yahtzee. Or pulling giant blocks out for Jenga. These games give people a completely unique playing experience, even when they are familiar with the game itself.

Something else people who are glamping in Alberta can experience at elevated experience campground. Are a variety of programmed activities. Such as yoga, suitable for all ages.

And as people strike their poses and stretch. There will be playful goats running around, bringing fun and joy to the entire experience for everyone.

However, if the weather is inclement, children and adults alike can visit the candy store and retro arcade. For family fun, no matter what the weather is like.

If people like a completely unique experience glamping in Alberta. They truly need to visit this campground for themselves. And find out why many people who have come before them.

Continue to come back time and time again. Because it truly is a unique, and wonderful experience for individual campers, couples. Or families looking for a fun and unique vacation in Alberta.