Glamping in Alberta | Genius Camping Hacks

Glamping in Alberta | Genius Camping Hacks

Even though, the appeal of glamping in Alberta. Is that people do not have to bring camping supplies. Which may or may not be out of their price range.

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When people are glamping. Bringing some supplies. Is a great idea. To ensure that they can have anything that is necessary. In case of many different scenarios. One great idea, would be for people to bring.

A first-aid kit. And while a first-aid kit can be expensive, and take up a lot of room. People can quite easily bring their own homemade first aid kit. The first thing they need to do, is find an empty pill bottle at home.

Chances are quite good that people have multiple pill bottles. And they should find one, that is the height of some Band-Aids. They can put a few Band-Aids in the pill bottle.

As well as a few alcohol swabs, some gauze. And a small container of antibacterial cream. If they do not have a small container of this. They can cut up a straw, and burn the end with a lighter. Fill it with some of the cream from the large container.

And then seal up the other end. So that there is a bit of antibacterial cream. For an easy to travel first-aid kit when they are spending time in the wilderness. Even if they are only expecting to stay in their luxury cabin.

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And have the occasional campfire, and head to the washrooms. So that they can have a shower. A quick toe stub, or not watching where there going. Could lead to the first-aid kit coming in handy.

Another great idea for people to bring with them. When they are going camping or glamping in Alberta. Is having some matches on hand. They might think that they can start their fire with their later.

However, having some wooden matches on hand. Is a great idea for many reasons. They can buy a large container for only a few dollars. But they will need transport those matches into something waterproof.

If they are caught in a sudden shower. Or are by the river, and their matches get damp. They will not work. They should take another one of their empty pill bottles. And put a couple dozen of the matches into the container.

They can always put a flint in the bottom, so that they have options. And how to start a fire. And then a few cotton balls. To act as fire starter in case the weather is not cooperating.

Finally, they can cut some sandpaper out. And glued on the inside of the lid. So that they always have a great place to strike their matches. Some people may never use this when they are camping, or glamping.

But it is much better to have it, especially since it is so small and portable. And never need it. Then need it, and not have it. For more great tips, and to book their camping or glamping vacation. People should head to elevated experience

Glamping in Alberta | Genius Camping Hacks

There are many reasons people are drawn to going glamping in Alberta. It combines the beauty of the Alberta wilderness. With the luxury of staying in hotel style accommodations.

However, there are many reasons. For people to bring some of their own equipment. So that they can have as comfortable a vacation as possible. While the glamping in Alberta accommodations.

At elevated experience camping. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Will have many luxuries. And everything that people will need to have a great vacation. Things like food, will have to be brought in themselves.

It can be difficult enough. Trying to pack food for a camping trip. But if people are going glamping in Alberta. Because they do not have their own camping supplies. It can be even more difficult.

To transport food and keep it cold during their journey to their glamping site. As well, many things do not travel well. And many people do not want to be preparing food from scratch.

While they are camping or glamping. For eggs as an example, they do not travel very well. They are fragile. And the egg curtain they come in, is very flimsy. Especially when wet.

A great hack, will be for people to crack the eggs into a bowl and with them. Before pouring them into a water bottle. That way, they will be able to travel very easily. And people can still prepare scrambled eggs.

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And even prepare omelettes. However, if people truly want to prepare omelettes. All they have to do, is put the omelette ingredients in with one of the bottles with the eggs. From shredded cheese.

To mushrooms, onions, and peppers for example. This will make it even easier. For the cook to shake up the water bottle. And prepare excellent quality omelettes very quickly.

What people can do with the empty egg carton however. Is fill it with charcoal. As an easy fire starter. All they have to do is cut out each a carton. And use that as a fire starter. For easy to light fires every single time.

Another easy camping and glamping food hack. Is using Mason jars. In order to put all of the dry ingredients for pancakes. Making food from scratch even when people are glamping can be a giant pain.

However, putting all of the dry ingredients in the Mason jar. Means that when people are ready for pancakes, all they have to do is pour water into the jar and shake it up. And then pour the pancake batter on the grill.

Not only does this save space. But it saves dishes. And it allows people to have a very delicious meal. Whether they are camping, or glamping in Alberta.

For more great tips. As well as to reserve their spot, to go glamping in Alberta. At elevated experience camping. All people have to do, is go to their website. Look up tips, and book their reservation.