Glamping in Alberta | Fun Campground Amenities

Glamping in Alberta | Fun Campground Amenities

Whether people are going to a campground for some camping, or glamping in Alberta. They should do their research on the amenities at the campsite that they are going to be staying at.

While glamping in Alberta is quickly growing in popularity. Not all campsites offer the same experience. And when people are looking for something more outstanding, they should look no farther than elevated experience campground.

Not only to the owners of elevated experience pride themselves on their exceptional customer service. They have a goal to help people fall in love with the outdoors again. It is exactly why they created their glamping sites.

What their glamping sites are, are tiny cabins, that to give people hotel room amenities. But set in the rugged wilderness of Alberta. This can help people feel like they are camping.

Even though they are staying in a cabin with a queen-size bed, air-conditioning and television. The reason why people like glamping in Alberta. Is because they may enjoy getting away to the wilderness.

They may not enjoy camping, such as pitching a tent, or sleeping on the ground. Or that kind of activity may not be something that they are able to do for having specific limitations.

Or perhaps, people want to go glamping. Because while they love camping. They do not have the ability to purchase camping equipment. Or they are not able to store it anywhere.

Therefore, the ability to utilize glamping sites at regular campsites. Means that they can experience what they love. But in a way that is possible for them to do.

However, elevated experience campground is not just happy by providing these tiny cabins for people to stay in. They want to ensure that everybody, whether they are staying in the tiny cabin, or camping.


Our having an exceptional experience. Which is why they have a wide variety of amenities that they can have access to.

Starting with many golf. Every camper gets a free game of many golf as their welcoming gift. To help people unwind, and enjoy the start of their vacation.

In addition to a many golf course, they also have a retro arcade. That will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. And is the perfect activity in case it is raining, or if the weather is not ideal.

They also have several giant sized boardgames to rent. Such as Jenga and yahtzee. That can add a completely new spin on a favourite game.

In addition to all of these great amenities. Elevated experience camping also has a number of programmed activities including go to yoga. And whether people have never experienced yoga before.

Or if they are a seasoned yogi. They are going to enjoy spending time with these playful creatures, in a fun and unique way. These are just some of the amenities people can experience.

And while most campsites have a convenience store. The convenience store at elevated experience camping. Has a pizza oven. And not only can people order pizza. But they can actually have it delivered to their campsite.

So if people are looking for a fun way to go camping. They should look no further than elevated experience. For a truly elevated camping experience.

Glamping in Alberta | Fun Campground Amenities

Often, when people think of glamping in Alberta. They think of yurts, or luxury tents. But not any of the amazing amenities that they can enjoy at elevated experience campground.

When the owners to go over this campsite. They had a goal of getting an unparalleled experience. And exceeding their expectations at every turn.

In order to do that, they added a wide variety of amenities that people can experience. Whether they are camping, or if they have decided to go glamping.

While the tiny cabins that they have for their glamping sites. Give people a queen-size bed, air-conditioning and a television. They also have a mini fridge, and a barbecue to cook their food on.

In the yard, they will have a fire pit. So that they can have a traditional marshmallow or wiener roast. Or have their friends over for a visit by the fire, and some hot chocolate.

However, it is not just the people who are glamping that have all of the amazing amenities. The amenities available at elevated experience are truly unlike anywhere else.

While they do have flush toilets and showers. This is fairly standard for many campsites. But they also have a mini golf course, a retro arcade and a candy store.

They have a boat launch on the North Saskatchewan River, that they are located next to. So if people want to go boating, or fishing. That is definitely an option.


But they also have a wide variety of games and activities to rent. Such as a slip and slide, or giant sized versions of boardgames such as Jenga or yahtzee. To give people a completely unique spin on some favourite games.

They also have what they call discovery kits. Which our backpacks that they can rent. To help people go on a guided mini adventure. To learn, and explore the area.

Whether they are new to Alberta, or not this is going to be a fun and educational activity. There is a discovery kit to explore the wilderness in the daylight, some nighttime activities. And things to do at the river.

But also, one of the discovery kits teaches people how to do some gold panning in the river itself. And perhaps, people can come away from their camping trip. With gold flakes to show for it.

If people think this is where the amenities at elevated experience campsite ends They would be extremely wrong, turning any regular camping trip into glamping in Alberta.

There are many more things to explore and experience and elevated experience camping. So when people are looking for camping, glamping in Alberta.

They should look no further than elevated experience campground. Because they will get an extremely unique experience that will guarantee to help them fall in love with the outdoors.