Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks in a Campground?

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks in a Campground

When people think about going glamping in Alberta. They might not think about food trucks. But that is okay, elevated experience camping knows what type of amenities they want to bring their customers.

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In addition to the wide variety of amenities they already have. Such as a retro arcade and candy store, community library. And a wide variety of activities and games that people can rent. In addition to things like.

Showers, and flush toilets. And a boat launch on the river, as well as many trails to hike or bike. But they know that they want to continually evolve, and make their campground amazing for all users.

Therefore, the people who want to go glamping in Alberta. Will be able to enjoy one of their tiny cabins, complete with a full-size barbecue, queen-size bed. And even a large, flat screen television that is hooked up to a satellite dish.

But the people who are looking for camping with their entire family, can access their group camping site. While the people who simply wants to get away to beautiful location for regular camping.

Can enjoy one of their one hundred campsites. Perfect for tents, or trailers. And whatever else people want to bring with them, to make their camping trip an amazing one.

That is why they decided this year, that they were going to allow a society to bring in a food truck. This society, called the elevated experience camping society.

Not only is separate from the campground, but they have a social and economical mandate. To help the community as much as they can. And have created a program that they have dubbed operation Sasquatch.

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Operation Sasquatch is a program that is designed to help at risk youth, between the ages of fourteen and twenty. To help them gain important life, and employment skills. That will help them well into the future.

During this seven-month program, please youth will learn important skills. The first two months will be classroom learning, where they will be taught about food safety, knife handling skills. And the menu that they will be cooking and serving.

They will also learn important things like money management, customer service skills and teambuilding. After two months of this, they will transition to the food truck. But they will have full-time employment at four pay.

Therefore, the people who support operation Sasquatch. Whether it is the people that are staying in the camping or glamping sites overnight. Or read they are simply using the day use area.

Can feel good about purchasing their lunch, from this amazing food truck initiative. However, people do not even have to come into the campground if they want to support this great program.

The food truck will be in operation in Drayton Valley between Monday and Wednesday. With Wednesday evening, the food truck will be at the farmers market in Drayton Valley.

When people want a unique experience, whether they are camping or glamping in Alberta. They will not be disappointed making their choice elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks in a Campground an Alberta First?

When people are making their summer vacation plans, there often choosing glamping in Alberta. For a unique summer vacation. That they can cater to their own needs and wants.

Many people chose elevated experience camping last year. And want to come back this year. Because they had such a great experience. And many people who heard about this amazing campground.

But have not visited before, want to tried out for the very first time. Therefore, people should book early if they want to experience a glamping in Alberta at this amazing campground.

However, they should not expect that everything is going to be exactly the same as last year. Since the staff and owners of elevated experience camping. Have been working hard all winter, to bring new experiences to their guests.

One thing that they are going to offer that was not there last year. Is bringing in a food truck to serve gourmet meals. They did a lot of research into this, and discovered many things about food trucks.

That 90% of people who go to food trucks enjoy the food and return again. And that 80% of people who enjoyed their experience, leave great reviews about their experience.

They also did research, to find out what type of food they should be serving. Because while they are hundreds and thousands of different kinds of food trucks and food that they could serve.

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They wanted something that would be widely appealing. But something that they could not get many other places. And after talking to other food trucks, and food truck patrons.

They came up with gourmet hotdogs, and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. This is because it might be very easy to get a gourmet burger somewhere. But most places do not serve these two dishes.

And as they plan to elevate them. Can help people who are glamping in Alberta feel special. Or help people who are simply camping, feel as though they have had an elevated experience.

They also are going to serve a side dish, corn with four choices of toppings. From Mexican, to Parmesan pesto, hummus and red peppers. As well as a spicy option, sriracha corn.

Whether people are camping or glamping at elevated experience. And want to support the food truck Thursdays through Saturdays. People do not have to be spending the night to enjoy this delicious food.

Any of the hundreds of people that enjoy the day use area. Can forget their picnic basket at home. And instead, grab a delicious and hot meal from the food truck. Or, if people are in Drayton Valley during the week.

They will be able to enjoy one of those meals anywhere between Monday through Wednesday. Not only can they enjoy a delicious meal, that will help them feel taken care of.

They can also feel good about the fact that they are helping this wonderful community initiative. That will help at risk youth become more employable in the future.