Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks and Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks and Camping

While people love to go camping, and glamping in Alberta. Food trucks have not typically been a part of that until now. Elevated experience camping, wants to continually elevate everybody’s experience.

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As they enjoy the amenities at their campground. And their goal, is to provide a wide variety of activities, and amenities. To appeal to an extremely wide variety of people. To attract more people to their campground.

While campgrounds typically have only catered. Two people who love camping, and love spending time in the wilderness. There are many people, who would love the activity. If it had activities, or amenities that they enjoyed.

Such as campsites adding flush toilets and showers. Elevated experience camping, wants to add a wider variety of amenities. To bring out people. Who never would have come camping in the first place until now.

Last year, they added a community library. As well as yard games and activities that people could rent. They added a mini golf course, and added activities that people could enjoy. Such as goat yoga.

That is perfect for people of all ages, and yoga abilities. To allow people to have a fun time stretching their body. Joined by playful goats. They also added a retro arcade with a candy store.

And build tiny cabins, perfect for people. Who want to go glamping in Alberta. However, while the additional activities at amenities that they offered last year became wildly popular.

They also want to always be improving. And always be offering more to their clientele. To continually appeal to a wider base of people. And give people an even more varied experience.

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That is why, this year they are adding a food truck. To their already impressive list of amenities. And while the food truck is owned and operated by a different entity than the campground.

They worked together, to come up with a menu. That was going to be very popular at the campground. They researched different popular food trucks. As well as people who love going to food trucks.

And they came up with a great menu of hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches. However, they added a gourmet flair to the offerings. Therefore, whether people are camping at elevated experience campground.

Whether they are glamping in Alberta. Or if they are using the day use area, or boat launch. They are going to be able to have a hot, and gourmet meal. That is comforting to their soul, as well as filling their belly.

Many people find the appeal of glamping. To be that they are not roughing it. And they do not want to cook every meal. Or wash dishes. Which is why the appeal of a food truck is so great.

Even the people who love camping. May decide to eat at the food truck. Simply because they either too busy having fun. Or, just want to have a break from cooking over an open fire.

Better what the reason is, people will find something for everyone at elevated experience camping. Which is why it should be everyone’s go to, for their summer vacation close to home.

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks and Camping Like Peas & Carrots

There are many reasons why people want to go glamping in Alberta. From being brand-new campers, that have never gone before. To people who wants to get away from their regular life. And even people who are unable to camp, but still love the activity.

Regardless of why people want to go glamping in Alberta. They are going to find activities, and amenities that they love. At elevated experience camping. First of all, the location is perfect. Nestled in a gorgeous river valley.

On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. The location offers a lot of activities itself. From fishing on the banks, or using the boat launch. For fishing, or boating.

As well as many trails to explore on foot, or by bike. However, elevated experience camping. Wanted to appeal to an extremely wide variety of campers and clambers. So they added many different amenities.

They added a mini golf course, to allow families and couples. The opportunity to do something fun together. As well as it community library. So that people can borrow books if that is how they enjoy spending a vacation.

Even retro arcade, and a candy store. So that people can enjoy playing video games from their youth. Or teaching their children, how they used to spend their time.

The even decided to add many activities, such as games and kits to rent. That can help them enjoy their vacation. As well as goat yoga, which is one of the most popular new activities that they added.

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And while all of these things are very popular. They also wanted to add more services this year. To continue to give people something new to look forward to. And new experiences to try.

This is why they are working with a food truck, to bring gourmet comfort food. To the people who are glamping in Alberta at their campsite. Or, people who are simply camping, or using the day use area.

This food truck, will be bringing gourmet twists to favourite comfort food. Including many different side to dishes. That will sure to appeal to everybody’s tastebuds.

The food truck, will be in operation between Thursday to Saturday at the campground. But then, just five minutes away in the town of Drayton Valley. Between Monday and Wednesday.

And then Wednesday evening at the farmers market. So even if people missed the food truck during the weekend. They will be able to enjoy it, a short distance away.

Perhaps when they are enjoying the food truck. They can enjoy the farmers market, and shop in the stores at Drayton Valley. And feel good about supporting the community that they are vacationing in.

When people are getting ready to book their family vacation. They should check out all of the amazing amenities. At elevated experience camping. But book early, because with how popular this campsite is. It sells out very quickly every year.