Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks and Campgrounds

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks and Campgrounds

While many people like to go camping and glamping in Alberta. To get away from everything. Some people still love many different creature comforts. Which is why elevated experience camping. Is adding food trucks, to the already wide variety of amenities on offer at their campground.

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They did a lot of research, and discovered that 90% of people. Who have gone to a food truck has enjoyed the food and the experience very much. And that 80% who enjoyed it, will come back and leave good reviews.

What a better offering to give the people who are enjoying their amenities. But another opportunity to have amazing food. And elevate their experience even more.

Whether people are simply enjoying the boat launch or the day area. If they are camping their own family members. Or camping in a larger group. And even those who are going glamping in Alberta.

And are staying in the campgrounds tiny, luxury cabins. They will be able to enjoy this new amenity. To help make their experience special, and elevated to a new level. That they would not be able to get somewhere else.

The food truck, which is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a separate entity than the campground. Has a mandate to help support the community socially and economically.

And while the food truck will be in operation at the campground between Thursday and Saturday. People can enjoy the food truck within the town of Drayton Valley itself during the week, Monday to Wednesday.

Wednesday evening, the town has its farmers market. And the food truck will be present there, helping the people that are enjoying the farmers market. The opportunity to try their gourmet food.

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The food that they decided to offer. Was researched well also. To find out what were the items that sold best from other food trucks. And was enjoyed most, by other patrons of food trucks.

They came up with a menu offering gourmet hotdogs and gourmet grilled cheeses. With a side dish of corn, with four different toppings. What a way to elevate hotdogs, grilled cheese and corn. Then by turning it into gourmet offerings for campers.

The corn on the cob, has the option of coming with Mexican toppings, or Parmesan and pesto toppings. Or even hummus and red peppers, and sriracha corn for something spicy instead.

Therefore, people who come camping or glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. Should bring their appetite. Because whether they are cooking over an open fire, ordering one of their pizzas that are made fresh.

And delivered to each individual campers campsite. Or whether they want to skip packing a picnic lunch. Or avoid cooking meals when they are on vacation. This food truck will give them the opportunity, to have an extremely elevated experience indeed.

When people are getting ready to plan their vacation within their own province this year. They should look no further than elevated experience, for an amazing experience. That they, and their families will not soon forget.

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks at a Campground?

It is very important that when people choose a place to go glamping in Alberta. They look at all of the amenities of the places that offer glamping sites.

Many places, only offer the accommodations. With very little to actually do on site. However, this is not what all glamping sites look like. And people have to keep in mind what they want out of their vacation before they book.

While some glamping sites, offer a wide variety of different accommodations. From yurts, which are semi-permanent structures. Some offer luxury tents, pods, or like elevated experience camping, tiny cabins.

Even inside each site that offers glamping in Alberta. People might not always get the same thing. Some glamping sites requiring people to bring their own bedding and pillows. Or having nothing except the shelter for what people pay.

But at elevated experience, glamping in Alberta is an all-inclusive service. What they will get, is a tiny cabin, with all of the luxuries that people can find in a hotel room.

Including additional things, like a full-size barbecue. That people can cook their meals on if they wish. As well as a full-screen television that sucked up to a satellite dish.

But one thing that is going to be new at elevated experience this year. For people who are camping, using the day use area. Or whether they are glamping in Alberta.

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Is the introduction of a food truck to their already amazing amenities. However, this is not just any food truck. It is run by a society, whose mandate is to support the community economically and socially.

and the entire food truck, is staffed by at risk youth. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty. To help them grow their experience. And learn how to get, and keep a job in the future.

These youth would not have the opportunity to have a job before. And would benefit greatly. From having a full-time job. That offers full pay for the work that they do.

In fact, the food truck accompanies a seven month long program. With two months of classroom learning. Where they learn things like food safety, life handling skills and the menu. While they also learn.

Skills like money management, customer service and teambuilding. That will serve them well, as they look for gainful employment. When their time with the food truck is done.

They will have five months of hands on employment at full wages in the food truck. So when people spend their money here, they know that they are supporting a worthwhile endeavour.

That helps at risk youth. Learn how to be contributing members of society. While they earn money, and learn cooking skills. That can help them be healthier and save money at home.

This truly elevates the experience at elevated experience camping. Where they are able to help campers and clambers have an amazing time. While helping grow the community that they have, into an amazing one.