Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Glamping This Summer

Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Glamping This Summer

While glamping in Alberta is growing in popularity. Sore the number of sites that are allowing people to enjoy this activity. Without having to purchase their own equipment.

We can glamping a more accessible activity for wider variety of people. And whether they want to get away for a weekend. Enjoy in their favorite outdoor activity. Or bond with their loved one, or their family.

Glamping can be an amazing vacation, for a wide variety of people. A portmanteau of the two words glamorous and camping, glamping means to go camping with many different luxuries from home.

And when people go to elevated experience campground. There glamping sites will look like tiny cabins. That have all of the amenities of a hotel room. In fact, from the first moment that people arrive.

They will realize that this campsite truly lives up to their name, elevated experience. With every staff member being highly trained in excellence in customer service.

To all of the amazing amenities that they offer. And even the small, finishing touches in everything they do. Means that no matter if people are going camping.

Or if they are looking to go glamping in Alberta for a unique summer vacation. They are going to have an amazing vacation they will not soon forget at elevated experience.

The first indication that they are someplace special. Is the warm crackling fire that greets them upon arrival. Where kids can roast marshmallows, and adults can have a cup of coffee. While the registration takes place.

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Next, they will be given a voucher for free many golf. One of the many unique services that they offer at this campsite, nestled in the river valley next to the North Saskatchewan River.

When they arrived at their glamping site. It will look like a tiny cabin, nestled in the beautiful wilderness. That is beckoning them to stay for a weekend or longer.

The cabins have a porch, that they can sit on, whether they are having their dinner. And watching the sunset. Or enjoying their coffee, while watching the sunrise.

These cabins will have all of the luxuries of a hotel room. While giving people the distinct feeling that they are camping. There will be a fire pit, and bench. In case people want to roast marshmallows or hotdogs.

There is also a full-size barbecue. So that people can cook their food, without having to hunt over an open fire. However, if they do not feel like cooking at all.

They can always contact the staff, and order a pizza. That is made fresh and to order. And will be hand delivered to their campsite, or their cabin in a short amount of time.

So that whether there vacation includes doing as little as possible, or spending their entire time exploring. Stopping to cook dinner is not going to be what causes them to stop doing their activity.

As well, this is why so many people who make their first visit of the summer to elevated experience campground. Return all summer long. Whether they are camping, or glamping in Alberta. Because they will have an experience like no others.

Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Glamping This Summer

Often, people think of glamping in Alberta as something that is special, and to be done once. However, once they get a taste of this trendy activity. They will want to continue going glamping throughout the rest of the summer.

And while there are many different places to go glamping. The campground, elevated experience strives to make every visit special. Whether they are camping, or glamping.

They do this with many different finishing touches. From a warm crackling fire when people arrive. To the check out breakfast. They can enjoy with that they are camping, or glamping at their site.

To allow people to spend a few dollars on pancakes, sausages and coffee. So that they do not have to cook on the day that they depart back to their life.

To allow people to feel as rested and relaxed as possible. While they leave happy, and on a full belly back home. To their regular life, and the rush of the city and their job.

As well, when people who want to go glamping in Alberta make their stay with elevated experience camping. All of the luxuries in their tiny cabins. Help them feel as rested as possible.

Not only is there a full-size queen bed, there is also a large screen TV, that is hooked up to satellite. So people can watch whatever shows, or movies that they want.

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And there is also an air-conditioner, so no matter what the Alberta weather is doing outside. People can sleep, rest and relax in comfort. However, these are not the only amenities in these tiny cabins that they have built for their guests.

They also have a water cooler for people to use. Because while there is no running water in the cabins. Their guests are not going to miss not having this. There is also a fridge, microwave and coffeepot.

So that guests can wake up in the morning, he could coffee. And then sit on the bistro table on their patio. To watch sunrise. As they watch the morning animals start to wake up.

Whether people want to bring their own food, and storage in the mini fridge. And cook it on the barbecue that is provided outside. Or if they would much rather order in a pizza from the front desk.

And have it delivered by any of their fantastic staff directly to their glamping site. People can enjoy the beauty of nature, and the picturesque river valley. In the sounds of the rushing river.

While not having to leave behind any of the luxuries that they would have at home, or at hotel stay. This is why so many people who make their first reservation of the summer at elevated experience campground.

Keep coming back every single weekend, or for longer stays. So that they can make their glamping in Alberta trip unique, and one that they will not soon forget.