Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy A Fun Camping Trip

Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy A Fun Camping Trip

One of the reasons why glamping in Alberta is so popular now than ever before. Is because it gives people a unique way to experience the joys of camping and nature.

While people who go glamping have never experienced camping before. And they are using it as a way of deciding if this is something that they would like to spend more time doing.

But also, other people go glamping, because they cannot or do not want to go camping. Such as pitching a tent is difficult. Or they simply do not want to be sleeping on the ground.

Often, people decide to go glamping for a honeymoon. Because while they enjoy camping, they want to have a fun experience for this special time of their life.

Regardless of the reason why people like to go glamping in Alberta. When they do want this unique and fun experience. They should consider elevated experience Ground as their destination.

The reason why, first is because elevated experience campground is located in a picturesque river valley, beside the North Saskatchewan River. And not only are the sites amazing.

But the sounds of the river, mixed with the sounds of the wilderness is amazing and beautiful. And people can see a wide variety of wildlife during their stay. From ground squirrels, to and rabbits.

Two a multitude of words, and even larger animals like deer. Therefore, whether people are staying in a tent, a trailer. Or renting one of the tiny cabins in their glamping sites.


The only need to look outside their window, to know that they are far away from the rush of the big city, and their busy life. Often, when people go glamping in Alberta. It is to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

And they need nothing else than a comfortable spot to lay down, a good book, or some music. In order to unwind and enjoy their vacation. Whether it is a weekend or a week.

However, not everybody is the same. And the fun about glamping. Means that they can spend more of their time and energy on all of the activities they want to engage in.

Such as hiking and exploring, or fishing and spending time on the river. And when people bring their entire family with them to elevated experience camping.

They should understand that they have a wide variety of activities available. So that no matter what the weather is doing, everyone has lots to do. Starting with the retro arcade they have on site.

They also have a mini golf course, that the family can go through together. And in fact, every camper that arrives on site. Gets a free game of mini golf. To help start the vacation off on the right foot.

Whether people are getting away for the weekend. Or if they are going for a weeklong trip of glamping. Coming to elevated experience can help people fall in love with the outdoors again. And feel rested and relaxed as they head back to their lives in the city.

Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy A Fun Camping Trip

While camping is extremely popular, glamping in Alberta is becoming even more popular. For several different reasons.

First of all, because glamping does not require people to purchase any special equipment. Such as tents, sleeping bags or camping cookware.

But also, glamping in Alberta has a broader appeal. Simply because it allows people to experience the joy of the wilderness. Without requiring them to pitch attend, sleep on the ground.

And they do not have to cook over an open fire. Unless they truly want to. And whether people are wanting a camping or a glamping trip. They need to look no further than elevated experience campground.

Located close to Drayton Valley. Because the many different services and experiences that they can offer. Appeals to campers, and those wishing to have a glamping experience in Alberta.

Should expect they arrive and elevated experience campground, whether they are going having, or if they are going to have an unparalleled glamp experience. Is free coffee and water.

And a warm, welcoming and crackling fire. As they sign in and register, other campers or clappers in the party. Can get out of the vehicle, stretch their legs and stand by the fire. Sipping coffee or water. And roasting marshmallows.


This is designed to help welcome people to their vacation. To help them feel like their vacation has officially started. And help melt the stress of their community, their packing and their busy lives.

Whether people are looking forward to get away to do absolutely nothing. Or they are looking for some unique activities. Elevated experience campground will be able to deliver that with exceptional customer service.

Not only did they have planned activities, including yoga for beginners and children. As well as goat yoga, and mini golf. Even if the weather is not ideal, the kids or even the adults.

Will enjoy their time in the retro arcade and candy store. Or if people would like to explore the river, there is a boat launch. So that people can spend time on the river.

Or walking the banks, and perhaps casting a fishing line into the river itself. However, if they are looking for other things to do. They will be able to rent several different activities from elevated experience camping.

From a slip and slide for the kids, to gigantic versions of Jenga and yahtzee for example. That can give family favourite games, lately new spin for their vacation.

As well, they will be able to rent a discovery kit. That includes a mini adventure, for the whole family to learn and explore with. They have a kit for daytime exploration, nighttime exploration.

As well as kits that let them discover the river. As well as a kit that can help teach them how to do some gold panning on the river. So that they might even be able to leave the experience with some real gold.

When people are looking for a unique experience camping or glamping in Alberta. They should definitely check out elevated experience campground as their go to destination. Because they will get an experience unlike anywhere else.