Glamping in Alberta | Elevate Camping with Food Trucks

Glamping in Alberta | Elevate Camping with Food Trucks

There are many things that people look for when they go glamping in Alberta. And those things can differ, from one person to the next. Which is why so many people love elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta _ Operation Sasquatch Food Truck Thumb

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They have many different amenities and services to offer. Whether people are going camping with friends or family. If they are going glamping in Alberta. Or they are simply there for the afternoon.

Using the day use area for picnic. Or using the boat launch to put a boat onto the river. Foreboding or fishing. No matter why people are using the amenities at elevated experience camping.

There is literally something for everyone. And while they have already had a wide variety of amazing amenities. That have proven to be extremely popular. Such as the many golf, go to yoga and community library.

They are scheduling to offer even more amenities in the coming year. To offer even more services to their very diverse clientele. Scheduled to come to their campsite when they open in May.

Is the operation sat on food truck. This food truck is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely different entity then elevated experience camping.

And the Society’s mandate, is to help the community that they are in. Both socially and economically. As well as to support community initiatives. They aim to do this through the food truck.

Operation Sasquatch brings individuals that are at risk, between the ages of fourteen and twenty. To help them gain skills that they need. Not just for long-term employment. But skills that will help them at home as well.

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During this seven-month program. These youths, will learn skills such as food safety, knife handling skills. And basic food preparation. That they can take back home, and cook meals from scratch with their new knowledge.

But also, they will learn things like money management, customer service and teambuilding. As well as job interview skills. And the experience of being an entrepreneur for a short time.

After the two months of classroom learning. They will have five months of hands on employment within the food truck. Where they will work full-time, and for pay as well.

Therefore, when people support this initiative and purchase food from the food truck. They are supporting a great community endeavour. That puts money back into the community. But also helps the social fabric of the community become stronger.

Therefore, this is why elevated experience camping is wanting to bring this amazing food truck to the patrons of their campground who are going to be glamping. The food truck is scheduled to be there.

On the weekends, from Thursday to Saturday. But, for people who happen to be in Drayton Valley during the week, Monday through Wednesday. They can find the food truck, and support this amazing community endeavour that way as well.

When people are ready to go on vacation. And have decided to make Alberta their destination. The choice is obvious, they should go to elevated experience camping. And experience something amazing.

Glamping in Alberta | Elevate Camping And Our New Food Trucks

Many people may not think that glamping in Alberta involves food trucks. But they would not be the owners of elevated experience camping. Who think that this is a match made in heaven.

People should think about it, when they want to go on an amazing vacation. Perhaps, cooking food is not something that they actually want to do themselves. Which is why a food truck makes perfect sense.

While the accommodations at elevated experience camping. When people are glamping. Include a full-size barbecue. For people to cook their meals on. As well as a microwave, a toaster and a coffeepot.

They also have a fire pit outside. Where people are going to be able to have bonfires. Whether they want to roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Or simply enjoy having a fire in the outdoors.

However, for many people. Glamping in Alberta means not having to prepare food themselves. Which is why so many people love the idea of adding a food truck to the experience.

The food truck that they are bringing in. Will be there from Thursday to Saturday. To allow people the opportunity to buy a meal. That they do not have to cook themselves.

And allow them the opportunity to try something new. Or something that they would not normally be eating. Which is why they decided to create gourmet hotdogs and gourmet grilled cheeses on the menu.

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This is very well researched. Because people who frequent food trucks. And the most popular food truck items. Happen to be hotdogs and grilled cheeses. Which is why they decided on this menu.

They also added a side dish of corn on the cob. But decided to elevate that as well. By giving four different flavoured options. From Mexican Street corn, to Parmesan pesto as well as hummus and red peppers.

And for people with a spicier pallet, and who want a bit of an adventure. They have so corn, to give people a different spin on corn on the cob. Therefore, the people who are glamping in Alberta who do not want to cook.

Do not have to, when they come to elevated experience camping. However, it is not just the campers and the glamper’s that are able to enjoy this food truck at the camp ground.

People using the day use area. Or people that are going to use the boat launch. And even people who are boating by, that see the food truck. Can stop, and enjoy a gourmet lunch from the food truck.

Not only will they have a very special experience. But they will be supporting an amazing community endeavour. Because the food truck supports individuals at risk. As well as by putting money back into the local economy.

There are many reasons to go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. The addition of this gourmet food truck, adds another reason. And anyone who is looking for unique summer vacation idea, knows where they should go.