Glamping in Alberta | Eating Gourmet Food While Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Eating Gourmet Food While Camping

Many people typically do not think about eating gourmet food well camping, or even glamping in Alberta. But this is exactly what elevated experience camping wants to do for their guests.

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Often, when people go glamping in Alberta. They either have to bring their own accommodations. Or the accommodations they have, are very bare-bones. Even though they are very nice.

And when people want to go glamping in Alberta. It is often because they simply want to get away from their regular life. Which means avoid cooking and cleaning their own dishes as much as possible.

And while camping, is an activity that is enjoyed by an extremely wide variety of Albertans. It is an activity that is heavy on the labour. Requiring people to pitch tents, sleep on the ground. And cook over an open fire.

As well as haul water, and boil it on an open fire. Just so that they can clean the dishes for every meal they make. It is no wonder, why so many people do not want to go camping.

When they are looking for a restful and relaxing vacation. However, when people go glamping for their vacations or weekends. Especially when they go to elevated experience camping.

They will have many different amenities within their glamping site. That means preparing food is far less labour.

Even though there glamping sites will have a fire pit. That is purely for them to use as they desire. Because they also have a full-size barbecue, and inside there is a microwave, toaster and coffee pot.

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There will also be dishes for them to use. And a basin to wash them out in. However, for many people who want to go glamping. Any amount of food preparation and dishes cleaning. Is too much for them.

A lot of people joke, when they say their idea of roughing it. Is going to a hotel with no room service. But this is actually not far from the truth for many people. And when that is the kind of vacation people are looking for.

They can enjoy their glamping experience at elevated experience camping. Not only do they have pizza that they can order. That is made fresh and to order. And is delivered hot, by the elevated experience staff.

Straight to people’s camp site, or glamper site. However, there is only so much pizza that people can have in one trip. Which is why the addition of a food truck, is going to be an extremely welcome one.

Elevated experience camping will bring a food truck to their facility. Even though it is owned and operated by another organization. It will allow them to offer a wider variety of services to their guests.

This food truck, which is lovingly called operation Sasquatch. Did a lot of research. To what kinds of food would be the most enjoyed, and ordered. And then added a gourmet twist to it.

Therefore, if people are looking for a gourmet twist to their glamping vacation. They should look no further than elevated experience camping, and reserve early to have the vacation of their dreams.

Glamping in Alberta | Eating Gourmet Food While Camping With Us

A lot of people love the simplicity of the food while they are camping or glamping in Alberta. They think of hotdogs roasted over an open fire, marshmallows and s’mores. And many people do not really think about eating gourmet food on this kind of a vacation.

And that is exactly the kind of thinking that elevated experience camping wants to change for their guests. While they added a wide variety of services and amenities in the previous camping season.

Such as pizza that is made fresh. And delivered to each person’s camp site. But also, they have offered a candy store along with the retro arcade. And a convenience store, that offers a wide variety of food.

But because they are dedicated to providing an elevated experience. Providing the same things that they did last year. Is not something that would make the owners of elevated experience happy.

This is why they endeavoured to find a food truck that they could bring into their facility for the weekend. So that between Thursday and Saturday. People had another option.

Of the kinds of food that they had access to. And while many people are very happy to bring in, and cook their own food when they are camping or glamping in Alberta. For other people, nothing is more upsetting.

Thank going on vacation. And having to cook and clean. For these people, they can take a lot of enjoyment. From the gourmet offerings of the food truck that will be there on the weekend.

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Research shows that hotdogs, and gold she salvages. Were the most ordered, and enjoyed items from some of the most popular food trucks. However, they decided to add a bit of a gourmet twist to them.

However, gourmet hotdogs and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Is not enough when people are bringing a lot of calories, exploring. Or resting and relaxing in their glamping accommodations.

Therefore, they decided to also provide corn on the cob. However, in four distinct flavoured. That will make any person happy with the choices that they have. There is so wretched corn, for the people who love heat and spice.

As well as hummus and red pepper, for a Mediterranean flavoured. They also are offering Parmesan cheese and pesto, as well as Mexican Street corn. To be paired with their gourmet hot dog or gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.

While many people may not think that food trucks go well with glamping in Alberta. When people get to elevated experience camping next year. They will be able to make the decision themselves.

Whether this is a great combination. And if not, they do not have to partake in it. But allow the people that love it, to go right on enjoying this amazing combination of services.