Glamping in Alberta | Don’t Buy Expensive Camping Gear

Glamping in Alberta | Don’t Buy Expensive Camping Gear

One of the reasons why glamping in Alberta is so popular. Is because it gives people who have never been camping before. The opportunity to experience something similar. To see if they will enjoy camping.

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If they do, then they can go out and buy the necessary equipment. Such as a tent, sleeping bag. And an air mattress to sleep on. However, a lot of the camping equipment can cost a lot of money.

And people should concentrate on spending money on quality items. So that they do not end up cold, or rained on. That does not mean they need to spend a lot of money on every little camping device.

For example, it is a great idea. For people to bring wooden matches on their trip. Even if they are only glamping in Alberta. For one, the glamping sites at elevated experience camping.

Have fire pits in them. And many people, even if they are glamping. Still want a campfire, to roast marshmallows on. Drink hot cocoa, and watch the night sky or visit with their friends and family.

It is also a good idea to have matches, if people are going on an adventure. Such as a trail hike, or hitting the trails on their mountain bikes. And even if they are simply fishing from the shoreline.

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This will allow people to start a fire if they need to cook up a quick lunch. Or if the weather turns. And they need to stay warm. And even if they get lost, and need to stay warm before they get back to their camp sites.

However, if people simply bring their wooden matches in the cardboard box they came in. It is not going to protect the matches. In case they get rained on, or get splashed by the North Saskatchewan River.

Which will render the wooden matches useless. Which is why they should be kept dry. That people do not have to go to the camping store, and purchase a special container. Designed for keeping matches dry.

Especially when pill bottle from home, can do the trick just as easily. And for free as well. Almost everyone has an empty pill bottle at home. And if they do not, they can ensure that one becomes empty quickly.

Or, they can use just about any small, waterproof container. Such as a small mason jar. Anything that is waterproof, and can hold matches. Will be adequate. At the same time, they can also put a small piece of flint in the container.

So that they have more than one option for starting a fire. Along with a few pieces of cotton, or a few cotton balls. To act as a fire starter, to help people start a fire. Even in difficult circumstances.

When people are going glamping in Alberta. That does not mean that they should not be prepared. And a little bit of preparation. And utilizing household items. Can ensure that they have all of the supplies they need. For a fun, and safe vacation.

Glamping in Alberta | Don’t Buy Expensive Camping Gear

The reason for many people to go glamping in Alberta. Because they are unable to buy their own camping equipment. And yet, they still love spending time in the wilderness.

However, when people go glamping in Alberta. This does not mean that they should not go prepared. To spend time outside in the wilderness. They still should come prepared. It just does not need to cost a lot.

For example, whether people are camping, or glamping. They are going to need to eat. Many people love having eggs for breakfast. Especially when they are on vacation.

But they tend to shy away from eggs when they are camping or glamping. Because not only are eggs very fragile. But the container that they come in. Make it very difficult to store them in a cooler for example.

As well, a cartons are also made of cardboard. Which get extremely flimsy. When they get wet. And that is extremely easy to do, in a cooler full of cool food, and ice. The condensation alone can cause problems.

This causes a lot of people to avoid bringing eggs with them on their camping or glamping trips. However, they do not have to avoid eggs at all. Instead, calculate the number of eggs they want to eat.

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And then crack them into a bowl and mix them up. Poor those eggs into a cleaned out plastic bottle. Like a cleaned up catch up bottle. Or store them in an mason jar for example.

Now, not only are they unbreakable. And not likely to get raw egg all over the rest of their camping food. But it makes it extremely convenient to make scrambled eggs, or omelettes.

Another great hack for when people are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. And are preparing for the meals that they want to eat. Many people are confused about how to bring the spices they want to season their food with.

A lot of the spices are sold in large containers. Far too large for camping. But there is no better option, for people to bring spices with them. A great way to get around this, is for people to buy tax.

These small mints come in tiny containers with a flip lid. And that lid seals quite nicely. All people have to do, is take out the tick tax. And put in their spaces. These containers work perfectly for things like salt and pepper.

But also work for garlic powder, parsley, chili powder. And just about any space. That people want to brain. So that they can season their food however they desire. On their vacation.

When people are camping, or they are going glamping in Alberta. This does not mean that they have to do without. Or that they have to spend a lot of money. On specialized camping equipment. Just a bit of ingenuity. Can help ensure that everyone has the supplies they need for their vacation.