Glamping in Alberta | Creating Unique Memories

Glamping in Alberta | Creating Unique Memories This Summer

Nothing says unique memories, like glamping in Alberta. Because while camping is a very favourite pastime for people in Alberta. It is also inaccessible for many. Which is why glamping is growing in popularity.

Glamping in Alberta

As well, glamping is more accessible than camping. Because camping not only requires specialized equipment. Such as a tent, sleeping bag. And things like cooking utensils, and raingear.

Glamping does not require purchasing any specialized equipment. Therefore, people who cannot afford camping equipment. Or does not have anywhere to put their camping gear.

Will be able to go glamping in Alberta any time. Because all they need to bring. Is the food that they are going to eat, and the close they are planning on wearing.

And when people go to elevated experience camping in Alberta. They are going to have a wide variety of things to do when they go glamping in Alberta. That they do not have to worry about bringing activities either.

Starting with the wide variety of things to do there. Because they are located in a river valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. They can engage in any water activities that they want.

People with boats, or other watercraft. Can utilize the boat launch that they have on the river. Whether they want to go boating, or fishing. However, they can still stand by the side of the river and fish from the shoreline.

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Or, they can grab floaty, and float down the river. Which is another favourite pastime. For people spending time on the river. However, people may simply want to sit by the river and enjoy the sounds of the water rushing by.

And when that is all they want to do, they can enjoy one of the lounge chairs that elevated experience has put out for their guests. So that they can enjoy the sunshine, and the sounds of the water.

Although, if people are looking for an adventure more suited to solid ground. They are going to be able to go hiking or biking on any of the trails that they have within elevated experience camping.

However while not everybody wants a grand adventure like that. Elevated experience camping does have many different activities. That people can enjoy when they are glamping. That are closer to home.

People can rent games, such as a slip and slide, cornhole or horseshoes. Or even giant sized board games, like Jenga or yahtzee. That will allow people to enjoy favourite games. But in an unique way.

That allows them to utilize their whole body. And enjoy it in a different way than they are used to. Or, if they do not feel like playing those games. Perhaps the retro arcade will be more to their liking.

From the community library, to all of the different activities that they have programs for. Can help ensure that no matter who goes glamping at elevated experience camping. They will be able to have an amazing time. To help them have a unique vacation.

Glamping in Alberta | Creating Unique Memories

One way to ensure that they are creating unique memories, is for people to go glamping in Alberta. Not only are glamping sites or accessible to a wider variety of people. They also appeal to more people. Who may not like camping, for various reasons.

When they book their glamping site. People should keep in mind that there will be places to store the food that they bring. And there will be the ability to cook the food that they bring. So they do not have to bring anything special.

For example, there will be a full-size barbecue on site. So that people do not have to bend over hot and smoky fire. In order to cook food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As well, inside the cabin there will be a mini fridge. A microwave, and a coffeepot and toaster. So that they will be able to make the food that they want, if they desire.

However, many people want to avoid cooking. Because their idea of a great glamping in Alberta vacation. Means they are not responsible for cooking, or cleaning up.

Therefore, for these people. They simply may want to order in a pizza. Because they make pizza fresh, and to order. That is delivered by the elevated experience staff, to each person’s campsite.

Therefore, if all they want to do in the evening, is eat pizza and watch movies. From the comfort of their queen-size bed. This can happen, but nestled in the beautiful river valley of Willey West campground.


During the day, people can continue to relax and enjoy their queen-size bed. Watching television shows, movies or reading. Or, they may want to venture out and enjoy some of the other activities that they have to offer.

One of the most popular activities there. Which is perfect for people of all ages, and abilities. Is go to yoga. Where an experienced yoga instructor takes everybody through simple yoga poses.

Where they are all joined by playful goats. The goats will be free to interact with each person. Either coming up for pets, or joining in the yoga experience.

Not only will this activity, in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. Leave people feeling rested and relaxed. Because of the yoga poses. But the fun of having goats joined them.

Means that they will leave the practice smiling. And feeling happy for the experience. In fact, surveys have shown that goat yoga is good for people’s mental health.

And while these things can be attractive to people who are going glamping in Alberta. They should also keep in mind that they are an employer, that employs people with disabilities. And love to give back to the community. They have created many different community partnerships.

So that they can give back to the community that is supporting them in the first place. When people want to go on a vacation that they can feel good about. They should look no further than elevated experience camping, whether they want to go camping, or glamping in Alberta.