Glamping in Alberta | Creating Memories

Glamping in Alberta | Creating Memories

Anytime someone wants to get away, with that they go glamping in Alberta. Or have another type of vacation. The goal will be to create unique memories, and rest and relax.

Glamping in Alberta

However, resting and relaxing looks different to everybody. This is actually why elevated experience camping has created glamping sites within their campground.

Because they want to be able to appeal to a wider variety of people. And while everybody loves vacations. Not everybody wants to do the same things on theirs. For example, many people love camping.

And there are many different campsites for people to go camping in. Whether they are spending the night in a tent. Using a trailer, or having a motorhome.

However, camping is not something that everybody loves. Or that everybody has the ability to do. Whether it is because they have physical or other limitations. That prevent them from going camping.

Because of things like not being able to pitch a tent, not being able to cook over an open fire. Or not being able to sleep on the ground. However glamping is something they can do.

Unfortunately, glamping until now. Has required their own equipment. Whether that means having their own trailer or a motorhome. Which is not always possible for everybody who wants to go glamping in Alberta.

That is why creating these permanent glamping sites. That will be available to rent, just like the rest of their camp sites. Means that they are offering a wider variety of services. To a wider variety of people.

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And while people might not want to go camping. Because they do not enjoy it. Or there unable to do it for any reason. More people will be able to go glamping in Alberta.

Because it will allow them to stay in a beautiful tiny cabin. But surrounded in the beautiful river valley. So that they can truly feel as though they have left their very busy life behind.

However, what people will do when they are glamping in Alberta. Will typically vary widely, from one campsite to the next. However, when they come to elevated experience camping.

There will be an amazing assortment of activities, amenities. And guided programs. That will appeal to an extremely wide variety of people. Particularly families that might find it hard to please everybody all of the time.

At elevated experience camping. They will have minigolf, a retro arcade, as well as games to rent and books to borrow from the community library. But that is not all, they have programs.

That are designed for children, as well as families. Including goat yoga. That is perfect for all ages and yoga abilities. That take people through a guided yoga program.

Where they are going to be joined by playful goats. That is guaranteed to leave a smile on everybody’s face. When they are done having their adventures. They can come back to their tiny cabin and order pizza.

And when people come to elevated experience camping. The only recommendation is that they come early enough in the year. So that when they follow love. They can keep coming back over and over throughout the summer.

Glamping in Alberta | Creating Memories

While many people have been camping, fewer people have gone glamping in Alberta. Although it is quickly becoming very popular activity throughout the province, and the country.

However, when people are looking to create memories, either for themselves, with their significant other. Or for their entire family for their vacation. The one place they need to go.

Is elevated experience camping. Located in a beautiful and picturesque river valley. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Many people have compared to the beauty of the location.

To the beauty of the mountains, without the drive. And without all of the tourists. And while many people love going to the mountains, such as Banff or Jasper because of the wide variety of activities that they can do.

There is an amazing assortment of activities. That people can engage in when they go to elevated experience camping. The first thing that they will do when they arrive, is be warmly welcomed.

By a crackling fire, and invited to make us more on the campfire. During the check-in process. Next, everyone will get a voucher for free game of minigolf. On the campsites minigolf course.

And whether they play one free game, or keep coming back for more games. Or if they want something else to do. This is just the beginning of the wide variety of amenities and activities.

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Perhaps a retro arcade is more to people’s liking. To allow them to spend an afternoon lane classic video games. Or perhaps borrowing a book from the community library is more to people’s liking.

However, because this is glamping in Alberta. Inside the tiny cabins. There will be a flat screen television. That has access to a satellite dish. So that people can watch their favourite movies, television programs.

If their idea of the perfect vacation is sleeping in, and watching movies. They are going to be able to have this experience. When they come to elevated experience camping.

However, to other people. A vacation is not fun, without some adventure. This is why they have a boat launch on the river. To allow people the opportunity to go boating or fishing.

However, if people would rather keep their feet on dry land. They can go hiking or biking in one of the many trails that they have on site. If people would rather stay closer to their campground however.

They can rent one of the many games. Such as slip and slides, or plate horseshoes or cornhole. To allow them to play family favourites, either in pairs, or groups.

There is never an end to all of the amazing activities and amenities at elevated experience camping. And the recommendation is to check them out early on in the camping season.

Because once people experience what it is like to go camping, or glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. They will follow love, and want to come back throughout the rest of the summer.