Glamping in Alberta | Creating Family Memories

Glamping in Alberta | Creating Family Memories Outdoors

It is very important for people to research where they want to go glamping in Alberta. Before they go, so that they can have the experience that they are looking for. And the reason they need to research this thoroughly.

Glamping in Alberta

Is because not all locations are the same. Or, will have the same amenities. When people are ready to plan their summer vacation. Especially when they decide to go glamping in Alberta.

They should make a list of what is most important to have. And what they would like to have if possible. So that when they are looking at all of the different amenities of the different locations.

They will be able to choose a site that has with they are looking for. And then, they should visit elevated experience camping’s website. In order to find out about this unique campground.

The owners, decided to create a campground. That had everything that they felt was missing. From other sites around the province. Their goal, will be to help people fall in love with the outdoors again.

Allowing people from beginners, all the way up to expert campers enjoy themselves. No matter what type of activities they like doing. When they come out for their vacations.

Because they are located in the river valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. They have a boat launch. That people can go fishing or boating. Which is a very popular activity on the river.

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However, the river is not for everybody. And for these people, if they prefer exploring on foot, or by bike. They are going to be many different trails that they can utilize for that purpose.

Although if a person’s ideal vacation. Is adventuring little bit closer to home. There are many different amenities, services and activities. That they can engage in to have an amazing vacation.

Elevated experience camping has a mini golf course on site. And everyone who arrives, gets a voucher for a free game. To help kick their vacation off on the right note.

As well, they have a retro arcade. Where people young and old can spend an afternoon. Playing classic video games. And eating candy from the candy store. Which is an especially fun activity if the weather is bad.

Perhaps all people want to do is read a good book. And in that case, they can head down to the community library. In order to borrow a book, whether they forgot to bring theirs. Or finished it, because they are so relaxed.

In addition to all of those great amenities, there are many games to rent, and guided adventures that they can go on. As well as things like goat yoga. That is perfect for people of all ages.

When people are ready to plan their glamping in Alberta vacation. They should go somewhere where they are going to be able to get a wide variety of services. As well as many activities and amenities. In this perfectly describes elevated experience camping. Whether going to get a unique experience.

Glamping in Alberta | Creating Family Memories

One of the most important things to a family, especially if they decide to go glamping in Alberta. Is to make sure there is something for every one to do. Which can be very hard in a family.

However, while typical campgrounds have things like playgrounds, and maybe horseshoe pits. Elevated experience camping. As set out to offer a wide variety of services and amenities.

Not only to elevate everybody’s experience. But to give people what they are looking for. When they go glamping in Alberta. This is why they have a wide variety of things to do.

However, the true star of their campground, are there glamping sites. Which our tiny cabins. That are outfitted with all of the luxuries that can be found in a hotel room.

These tiny cabins, are nestled in the beautiful wilderness. Of the river valley. So that even if people never set foot outside. During their entire vacation of glamping in Alberta.

They will truly feel as though they are miles away from home. So that they can get away from their busy life. And enjoy their rest and relaxation. However, it is not just the cabin and the bed that is unique.

Elevated experience camping has outfitted every single cabin with a large, flat screen television. That is hooked up to a satellite dish. So that people do not even have to miss their favourite television shows.

Or they can watch their favourite or new movies. If that is their idea of a perfect vacation. Therefore, they can sleep in and their queen-size bed. Eat pizza for dinner, and watch movies on vacation.


The reason why they are going to be able to eat pizza. Is because elevated experience camping. Has a pizza oven. And offers fresh, made to order pizza. That is hand delivered by their staff, who are experts in customer service.

There goal will be every interaction with a staff member. From the very first phone call, to check in. And checking out. They will be able to elevate everyone’s experience. Through excellent customer service.

The owners of elevated experience camping. Want to ensure that every Alberta and has access to affordable vacations. That do not require specialized equipment.

Whether people do not like camping. Or they are unable to do this activity. Either due to a limitation. Or they cannot purchase the equipment needed to do that.

There going to be able to enjoy spending time at elevated experience camping. Because other than the clothes on their back, and may be the food they want to prepare to eat. They do not need to bring anything.

In order to have a full and fun vacation. Either for themselves, or for their entire family. The only recommendation that they have for people. Who are thinking about booking their vacation at elevated experience camping.

Is to book their vacation early on in the season. So that when they inevitably fall in love with the campground, and all of the amenities and services. There going to be able to come back often, and throughout the year.