Glamping in Alberta | Bringing Food Trucks Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Bringing Food Trucks Camping

If people have not gone glamping in Alberta before. The may be confused by the idea of a food truck showing up well camping. However, it fits right in at elevated experience camping.

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While elevated experience campgrounds. Cater to all types of campers. From beginner campers, to expert campers. And people who do not like camping at all. But want to stay in one of their luxury cabins.

They also cater to people who do not want to camp. But want to enjoy their day use area. Or their boat launch, by spending a day on the river boating. Or enjoying the day fishing for the famous Sturgeon in the North Saskatchewan River.

Regardless of why people are coming to elevated experience camping. Whether they are having a picnic, they are camping. Are they want to go glamping in Alberta. They are now going to be able to enjoy food trucks as well.

This is in addition to the amazing number of amenities that they already have. From made to order pizza. That is delivered straight to campers sites in the evening. To a checkout breakfast that is cooked for them.

As well as all of the wide variety of activities that they can enjoy. From a retro arcade, and a community library. To games to rent, or discovery kids that they can rent. That will take them on a guided adventure.

They truly want to make everybody’s experience elevated. And so a food truck seems the natural progression. It will be working in the campground for the weekends, from Thursday to Saturday.

Serving up a very well researched variety of gourmet foods. They discovered that the two most sought after food truck items. Were gourmet hotdogs, and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Because these are things that is very difficult for people to get in a restaurant. And something that is very easy to prepare in a food truck. To a very high, for elevated level.

Therefore, there gourmet hotdogs and gourmet gold cheeses will be on offer. With a side dish, of gourmet corn, with their choice of four different labourers.

There will be Mexican Street corn, Parmesan pesto corn, hummus and red peppercorn. As well as check corn, the people who are happy with the little bit of spice on their food.

Therefore, whether people are camping or glamping in Alberta. When they arrived at elevated experience camping. They can be very satisfied that they are going to get an extremely unique experience.

However, if people are looking to enjoy the food truck, but will not be in the area for the weekend. They can enjoy the food truck in the town of Drayton Valley itself. From Monday to Wednesday.

Or find the food truck Wednesday evening, as a part of the farmers market. Not only will it be serving up delicious, and gourmet food. It will be helping the economy, and the community socially as well.

To find out more information about the elevated experience campground. Or to find out more about the food truck and operation Sasquatch. People should contact elevated experience camping, or elevated experience camping society.

Glamping in Alberta | Bringing Food Trucks to a Campground?

Glamping in Alberta simply means bringing luxuries from home to the campsite. Which means people have been glamping for decades. However, nobody has gone glamping quite like they do at elevated experience camping.

Not only did they have an extremely wide variety of amenities on offer. But this year, they are bringing something truly unique to the campsite. A food truck, that will be serving up gourmet dishes.

Therefore, if people have gone glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. Because they want to get away, and avoid doing any type of work. It will be able to enjoy the food truck for their meals.

Because even though people who are going glamping will have all of the amenities provided. To cook their own food. From a full-size barbecue, to a toaster and microwave. As well as all of the dishes to cook in and eat out of.

For many people, they want to avoid having to do any housework at all. And are very happy to learn, that there going to be able to enjoy food truck for weekends while they are spending their vacation here.

However, more than just a food truck. Operation Sasquatch as the program is called. Is designed to employee at risk youth. Gain important experience, and learn the skills that can help them in the future.

By employing these at risk youth, between the ages of fourteen and twenty. They will go through a seven-month program. With two months of classroom lessons. Where they will learn important skills.

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Such as food safety, and knife handling. But also they will learn the menu, as well as money management, customer service and teambuilding. At the end of this two-month program.

They will be able to work in the food truck, with full pay, and a full-time job. Learning hands on what it means to work in the food service industry. It will also get a taste of entrepreneurship at the same time.

Therefore, the people who are glamping in Alberta. You designed to eat from the food truck whether it is once, or multiple times. Will get to feel good about their contribution. Hoping helping the community.

However, the food truck is not going to be in operation just for the weekends. If people are looking to eat at the food truck during the week. They can find it in Drayton Valley from Monday to Wednesday.

With Wednesday evenings, it will be at the farmers market in Drayton Valley. The food truck is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. And not the campground itself.

The Society’s purpose is to help the community socially as well as economically. And to support community initiatives. Because they know that a thriving community, supports all members.

When people are looking for a great time camping, or glamping in Alberta. They should look at elevated experience camping. Because they have many things to offer. And will ensure that everyone has an amazing experience.