Glamping in Alberta | Amazing Camping Amenities

Glamping in Alberta | Amazing Camping Amenities

Often, when people think of camping or glamping in Alberta. They do not think of fantastic amenities in addition to the accommodations that they are staying in. However, elevated experience camp grounds wants to change that.

They want to not only exceed people’s expectations. By delivering amazing services. They want to provide amenities that are not available anywhere else. To give people a unique experience.

This is why they created their tiny cabins, so that people who are looking to go glamping in Alberta could have a location with them to come to.

However, whether people are glamping in their tiny cabins. If they are using a tent in their regular campsite. Or if people are doing their own style of glamping in their own trailer or motorhome.

They will be able to access the amazing amenities, that make camping and elevated experience fun and unique. It starts with the beautiful location of the campground itself.

In a valley by the North Saskatchewan River just outside of Drayton Valley. The picturesque beauty of the location has been compared to the mountains.

With many people saying elevated experience campground is just like going to the mountains, without the drive. And the owners of elevated experience, once to be as well-known a destination.

As Banff, Jasper and Kananaskis is. And to do that, they are dedicated to providing amazing customer service, and amenities that exceed everyone’s expectations.


So whether people are camping, or glamping in Alberta. All of these amenities are available to everyone. Including minigolf, and the first game is free for everybody as soon as they arrive on site.

There are also games and activities to rent. Such as giant versions of Jenga and yahtzee. That can engage the whole family. As they play a family favourite game in a way that makes it seem brand-new.

They also can enjoy a slip slide, the retro arcade and candy store. But also, elevated experience offers programmed activities that include goat yoga.

So that no matter if people have done yoga before or not. They can experience this activity, in the beauty of their surroundings. While enjoying some playful creatures running around, making people laugh and smile.

The next thing that sets elevated experience apart from any other campsite. Is the fact that they have a pizza oven. And campers, and glamper’s alike can order a pizza. That will be delivered to their campsite.

So that if they do not feel like cooking, because they have had a very tough day of exploring or relaxing. They can order pizza, and have a camping experience that they have never had before.

In addition to these amazing amenities, they have typical camping amenities. Such as horseshoe fits, a boat launch on the river, and hiking trails to explore.

At every single turn, no matter what is being provided. They will give amazing customer service that exceeds everyone’s expectations. When people want to go camping or glamping. There truly is no other option than elevated experience campground.

Glamping in Alberta | Amazing Camping Amenities

When people think of glamping in Alberta, they do not think about air conditioning, goat yoga or pizza delivery. But this is exactly what they are going to get when they visit elevated experience campgrounds.

In fact, while they do have a number of tiny cabins for their glamping sites. If for doing some traditional camping, such as camping in attendance, or camping in a trailer.

These are some amenities that they can experience as well. And since the camping season in Alberta is extremely short. Going from May to October. People will want to get the best experience they possibly can in these five months.

The mission at elevated experience is to help people fall in love with the outdoors again. By providing exceptional customer service. And exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Because the wow factor is going to be what keeps people returning year after year to the same place. And tell their entire family about it.

They understand the wide variety of experiences that who go camping and glamping in Alberta want. And are dedicated to providing those experiences and amenities for everyone.

When people want to go glamping. They often think about luxury tents or your. But what they will get at elevated experience camping are tiny cabins. That have all the amenities of a hotel room.


This includes a plush and comfortable queen-size bed, a television and air conditioning. So that while it might feel like they are in a hotel room. By looking outside at the beautiful landscape and the wildlife.

People will truly know that they have left the city and are on vacation. And if people want to bring their own food, there is a mini fridge. As well as a barbecue on the deck, so that people can cook easily.

However, if people are not interested in cooking. They can simply order pizza delivery to their door. And enjoy pizza, while watching their favourite movie. Or sitting on their deck, enjoying the landscape.

Pizza delivery is actually available for campers as well. Especially since many people who arrive have to set up camp. And may be too tired to cook dinner. Our may be looking for completely unique experience.

And this kind of amenity is extended to their very last day. Where the owners host a checkout pancake breakfast. That allows people to buy a pancake breakfast complete with sausages and coffee.

So that they can have a warm and hearty breakfast so they do not have to cook, clean up as well as pack their campsite. When they head home, they can feel rested and relaxed.

While many people who go camping and glamping in Alberta are looking for extremely different experiences. From a rugged outdoor adventure, allowing them to sleep on the floor and explore the wilderness.

Two being able to stay in extreme comfort, or to get away and relax the way they desire. And everything in between, they can get that from elevated experience camping.