Glamping in Alberta | Activities To Enjoy While Glamping

Glamping in Alberta | Activities To Enjoy While Glamping

One of the reason why some people do not like camping, but will try glamping in Alberta. Is the fact that they do not like sleeping on the ground, pitching a tent. Or cooking over an open fire.

Glamping in Alberta

These are all of the things that people do not have to do when they go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. The reason why, is because of their amazing amenities.

When people book a glamping site year. They will experience hotel type of accommodations. But nestled in the beautiful wilderness of the river valley that the campground is located in.

In fact, the river valley is so beautiful. That it is often compared to the beauty of the mountains. And it is the goal of elevated experience campground. To become a destination that is just as popular as Banff and Jasper.

And while many people love going to the mountains. Any people have a hard time going to the mountains. Simply because there are so many tourists. And it is hard to feel like they have gone away from the city when they go.

Whether people are going glamping in Alberta. In order to have a unique vacation. Whether they want to use it as an opportunity to go on adventures. Or if they are looking to get away from the rush of the city.

There going to be able to achieve all of those goals by coming to elevated experience campground. From the moment they pick up the phone to make their first reservation with this company.

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They will experience the difference that amazing customer service can make. Especially because campgrounds are typically not known for their amazing customer service.

By working to provide excellent customer service at every turn. Can help people feel valued, and respected. Which will have them wanting to come back time and time again.

Even when they arrive on site for the first time. They will be welcomed by a beautiful crackling fire. And as they complete the check-in process. They will be able to make us more, to start their vacation on the right foot.

The next thing that they will experience, is they will get a voucher for free game of minigolf. And this is something that every single camper, and glamper gets when they arrived.

The mini golf course is on-site. And once they have use the voucher. They can play more games if they choose. However, with the vast number of activities to do.

It may be hard to choose the next one. Whether they want to spend time in the retro arcade, visit the library. Or rent one of the many adventure kids, or games.

They will never have a lack of things to do when they visit elevated experience campground. So whether they want an adventure, or to do as little as possible for their glamping in Alberta vacation. They will be able to get that with this staycations.

Glamping in Alberta | Activities To Enjoy While Glamping

When people are going glamping in Alberta. They often want to plan out all of the activities that they are doing. So that they do not get bored. However, when they arrived at elevated experience campground. That is not going to be a problem at all with the large number of activities that there are to do.

And while some people want nothing more, then to simply rest and relax in their luxury cabin. While watching TV or movies. Or possibly even reading a book. This is not the kind of vacation that suits everybody.

In fact, some people want to do is much as possible. And they should know before they get there. That not only is the campground close to the river. And they have a boat launch for people to use.

If they bring their boats, or favourite watercraft. They will be able to launch them into the river. So if they are wanting to go fish, or simply zip around on the river. That is an option available to them.

Even if people simply want to sit in one of the lounge chairs by the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. And enjoy the fresh outdoors, the son on their face. And the sound of the river. This is possible as well.

However, for others, they want to go biking, or hiking. And at elevated experience campground. There are a number of trails that they can explore for days.

However, if they would rather stick closer to campsite on their glamping in Alberta vacation. The next thing that they should do, is get acquainted with the amenities on site.

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Not only do they have showers and flush toilets. So even though their cabin will not have running water. They will be able to clean up in any way that makes sense to them.

In addition to the showers, the amenities that they have on site includes a retro arcade and candy store, a library, and games to rent. In addition to the games, they have what they call discovery kids.

Which our knapsacks, for of all of the tools they need. As well as the instructions to go on a self guided adventure in the river valley.

In addition to that, they have activities such as goat yoga, that will allow people to have a unique experience. That they will not be able to have anywhere else if they go glamping in Alberta.

And if they get too busy with all of their activities to cook dinner. They can simply call in and order pizza. Which is made fresh, and to order. And then is hand delivered by the elevated experience staff. Directly to their glamping site.

And when they are ready to leave, and go back to their regular life. They can partake in the checkout breakfast. For five dollars, they can get pancakes, sausages and coffee. So that they do not have to cook before they pack up, and leave their amazing vacation.