Glamping in Alberta | A New Amenity For Camping

Glamping in Alberta | A New Amenity For Camping

The reason why elevated experience camping adds so many amenities, is to elevate the experience whether people are camping or glamping in Alberta. And they are doing this again, with a new addition to their already amazing line of amenities.

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For example, they already have a community library. Where people can go to get a book to read, when they are looking for a new book on vacation. But they also have other things.

Such as go to yoga, mini golf and a retro arcade. In addition to the wide variety of games and activities that people can rent. As well as a boat launch, and many trails to explore by bike or on foot.

And while this may be enough for some campgrounds. Elevated experience always wants to provide something new to their patrons. Which is why they have added a new amenity this year.

They will be bringing in a food truck, to service the people that are camping, and glamping in Alberta in there campground. In fact, the food truck will service people who are even there to use the day use area or boat launch as well.

The food truck is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely different entity than the campground. And the purpose of the society.

Will be to help the community that it is in, both socially and economically. And they have created a program to do this, lovingly dubbed operation Sasquatch.

This program, is seven months long. And is designed to help at risk youth, between the ages of fourteen and twenty. To give them skills that can help them succeed in life, and in their future jobs and careers.

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The first two months of this program. Will be classroom learning. Or they will learn things like safe food handling, and food safety. As well as knife skills. That will help them prepare food safely.

But also, they will learn other skills that can help them in future jobs. Such as money management, customer service skills and team building. They also will work in a commercial kitchen prior to working in the food truck.

After this two-month period, the individuals will transition to five months of working on the food truck. Where they will work full-time, for the wages. Cooking, and serving people who come to the food truck.

Therefore, when people who are camping and glamping in Alberta. Utilize the operation Sasquatch food truck. They know that they will be supporting a worthwhile community endeavour at the same time.

However, what they will receive in exchange, is an amazing gourmet meal. That they would not of been able to have themselves. That could make their experience at elevated experience camping even better.

Therefore, when people are looking for an amazing time having a vacation in Alberta. They should look for somewhere that has amazing amenities.

And is dedicated to helping the social fabric of their community. They should look no further than elevated experience camping, five in its outside of Drayton Valley.

Glamping in Alberta | A New Amenity For Camping at Willey West

There are many things that people are looking for, when they decide to vacation by going glamping in Alberta. They want a unique experience and may not like camping, but want to get away from the city.

They may not have the ability to go camping because they lack the equipment that they need. There is a wide variety of reasons why people would choose to go glamping in Alberta.

But while there are many different choices. The choices are not equal. Because all of the different glamping facilities offer something slightly different to the patrons that go there.

While many places that offer glamping facilities. Offer the accommodations, but that is it. Requiring people to bring their own camping equipment, and even their own bedding.

The only things that people who go glamping at elevated experience camping will need to bring. Our the close on their back, and any food that they wish to eat during their trip.

Everything else is provided. And even if people want to go glamping in Alberta to do as little as possible. And then realize once they are there, that they are very bored.

There going to be able to get something to do at elevated experience camping. Whether they want to rent a game or an activity. Or perhaps they want to read a book, that is possible at this campground.

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Perhaps a person’s ideal vacation. Is watching all of their favourite movies. And they can do that when they go to elevated experience camping. There is a large screen television in every glamping site.

That is hooked up to a satellite dish. Therefore, getting away from it all. Does not necessarily mean getting away from their favourite television programs. However, there are still many different amenities that they can enjoy.

Such as goat yoga, mini golf and the retro arcade. One thing that will be on offer for the first time this coming camping season. Is a food truck, serving up gourmet hotdogs and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

With the side of gourmet corn on the cob. Whether people are glamping here, or simply camping, using the day use area. Or even just launching their boat. They will be able to purchase meals from this food truck.

People do not even have to leave Drayton Valley. Because while the food truck will operate from Thursday to Saturday at the campground. It will be in operation from Monday to Wednesday in Drayton Valley itself.

When people are looking for an amazing vacation, unlike anything that they have ever had before. They should check out elevated experience camping. For a new experience, and amazing amenities that they would not be able to get anywhere else.

The only recommendation that people should heed, is to book their vacation early. Because as they fall in love with this campground, they will want to come back several times for the rest of the summer.