Alberta Campgrounds | Why People Go Glamping

Alberta Campgrounds | Why People Go Glamping

While people have been camping in Alberta campgrounds for decades. The appeal used to be the roughing it factor. With people staying in tents, sleeping on the ground, and cooking over an open fire.

And while that type of adventure appeals to many people. Many people love to spend time outdoors, but are less excited about roughing it.

For these people, they like to bring some of their creature comforts or luxuries from home with them. Such as a coffee maker, a toaster or air conditioning.

While people have been going comfort camping for decades. Especially as the popularity of recreational vehicles and trailers rose several decades ago.

Glamping as a word did not exist until it was coined in the UK in 2005. Glamping is a portmanteau of the two words camping and glamorous. And was added to the Oxford dictionary just three years ago.

And even though this word is new, this activity has been around as long as camping has been around. Throughout the ages and in history, people typically royalty. Travelled across the country to perform their royal duties.

As they travelled, they needed places to stay, where there may not have been available accommodation. Erected lavish tents to stay in during their journey.

And true to royalties style, these tents were often outfitted with the luxuries typically found only in the palace. From silk drapery hanging on the walls of their tents, to silk carpeting. And even the best food and drink and servants to serve the food and drink.


In fact, one of the first known events of glamping happened in fifteen twenty in France. Where three thousand delegates for a summit erected a tent city of almost 3000 tents.

Not only did these tents include all of the most lavish amenities available in the day. But it also included fountains that ran with wine instead of water.

So while glamping has been around for centuries. People have been known to bring their luxury items with them camping. But typically, what is required to go glamping would be a trailer or even a tent to camp in first.

That meant that glamping or even camping is not accessible to everybody. Until just recently. Permanent or semi permanent glamping sites have been spotted in Alberta campgrounds throughout the province.

And offer an experience that is often unique to the area. As well as to the accommodations that they are offering. The types of accommodations are as varied as the glamping sites themselves.

From tiny cabins and luxury tents, two teepees, yurts and even treehouses. That allow people to experience nature in a way that would be unavailable through traditional camping or glamping.

And with amenities that are typically only found in hotels such as air-conditioners, heat, satellite television, Wi-Fi and more.

If people are looking for a unique vacation. They should consider glamping in Alberta campgrounds. In order to get a unique experience that is unavailable anywhere else.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why People Go Glamping

Many people often go camping in Alberta campgrounds just for the fun of it. While most people go as a way to be closer to the activities of their choice.

When people are spending time camping, they often want to engage in other activities or sports such as rock climbing, hiking, rafting just to name a few. And by staying in a campsite. They can be closer to those activities.

When paired with a sporting activity, camping is known as adventure recreation. And is enjoyed by many people throughout the province in many Alberta campgrounds.

However, as this activity gains popularity. People want to have accommodations that can make it easier for them to enjoy their sports. Or make things more convenient, so that they can spend more time doing the things they love.

For these people, they often want to start bringing luxury items from home. That can make the experience either more comfortable.

Or much more convenient. Such as coffee makers, barbecues to cook their food on, or heaters so that they do not have to chop wood.

And while people have been bringing luxury items or comforts from home with them camping for decades. This is often been called luxury camping, posh camping or comfort camping.

With only the word glamping being new to describe this activity. And while glamping has traditionally meant that people needed the ability to go camping. Either by using a trailer or recreational vehicle. Or by having a tent and camping supplies.


The popularity of glamping has meant that many permanent or semi-permanent glamping sites have popped up in Alberta campgrounds across the province.

Permanent structures are often available within Alberta campgrounds. For people to rent instead of a traditional camping sites. That would require a recreational vehicle or a tent to utilize.

These are great for people who are travelling through, and had not been preparing to go camping. But wanted to experience the province in a completely new way. And rented a glamping sites.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for people who love spending time with their family. But are not as big a fan of camping as their family is.

These glamping sites allow people to join their family in their outdoor adventure. Without requiring them to actually sleep on the ground. Or chop wood or cook their food on the open fire.

By making camping more accessible to more people. These it glamping sites are wildly popular, and offer people a unique experience for their vacation.

If people are interested in booking a glamping sites, they can contact elevated experience camping. As they have sites available. And can answer everyone’s glamping questions.

The only thing that people need to keep in mind, is that these glamping sites book up fast. So if people are interested in having this experience for their they creation.

They should book well in advance, so that they can be sure they get sites that they are looking for. For their unique experience and fantastic vacation.