Alberta Campgrounds | Why Not Bike While Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Not Bike While Camping

Visiting Alberta campgrounds is good for people’s mental and physical health. Because people will get to rest and relax. And enjoy the outdoor physical activities. That camping offers people.

Alberta Campgrounds

And while many people. Would be more than happy to include biking. In those outdoor physical activities. For a lot of people, it is impossible. Because they simply have no room for their bikes.

When they pack up all of their camping gear. From tents, sleeping bags and a cooler full of food. To lawn chairs, cooking equipment and their clothing. Adding bikes, is simply impossible.

This is unfortunate, because at many different Alberta campgrounds. There are so many different kinds of trails. That would be very fun to ride a bike on. However, it is not impossible.

When the Alberta campgrounds that people visit. Is elevated experience camping. Last year, they added a fleet of bicycles. That people could rent, to their impressive list of amenities.

And it was one of the most popular activities. That people enjoyed doing. And while there fleet of bicycles. Our mountain bikes, that is quite fun. For people who are already familiar with biking.

That left out people. Who would like to bike. But face limitations. Such as injuries, or young children. Who have not learned to master two wheel bike. Or, people not confident. On the unfamiliar terrain.

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Therefore, the elevated experience owners. Decided to add a fleet of bicycles. That would allow a wider variety of people. To enjoy this activity. The bicycles that they brought in, are recumbent’s.

If people have not seen a recumbent bicycle before. They might not even look like bicycles. While they come in three and four wheels. The kind at elevated experience camping. Is a four wheeled bicycle.

With wheels, that are rugged and durable enough. To cover the extremely varied terrain. That they will encounter in the river valley. Another noticeable difference. Would be the fact that the seat is quite different.

This seat is a bucket shape. In order to be able to accommodate. A wider variety of bodies. Unlike a standard bicycle saddle seat. The bucket seat can be sat in. Comfortably, for long periods of time.

And since the bike is completely stable. This means, people can sit. Or pedal as slowly as they want. And bike their own speed. Enjoying the scenery. Or the company of their loved ones.

The bucket seats is also adjustable. So that even the smallest Iker. Such as a five-year-old child. Can sit close enough to reach the pedals. While the tallest biker. Such as a six-foot tall adult. Can also be comfortable.

Instead of handlebars, the recumbent bicycles have a steering wheel. Which is easier to learn how to utilize. Especially if people have never ridden a bike before. The stability of the bike.

Means that people with balance issues. Or, who have certain disabilities or limitations. Are going to be able to comfortably navigate the bike. When people are ready to try biking. And experience something new. They should come to elevated experience camping this summer.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Not Bike While Camping This Year

Camping in Alberta campgrounds, is one of the most popular vacations. For people in this province. And while people do this for a weeklong summer vacation. Many Albertans also visit Alberta campgrounds every weekend.

Getting away from the rush of their regular life. So that they can rest, and relax. So that they can get back to their busy life. Is a huge importance for many. And while some people love nothing more.

Then to sit and enjoy the nature, and scenery. Other people are looking for things to do. This is why they should visit elevated experience camping. Instead of other Alberta campgrounds. Because they have many amenities.

From minigolf, go to yoga and a retro arcade. As well as activities to rent. Such as learning how to pan for gold. In the North Saskatchewan River. And large, yard sized versions. Of their favourite board games.

People can also rent bicycles, to improve their physical and mental well-being. The reason why biking is so good of people’s mental health. Is because it actually releases endorphins. Which can lower stress levels.

And lift up person’s mood. People often report feeling less anxiety. And feeling fewer depressive thoughts. After they have exercised. And biking, is not only a low impact activity.

But even ten minutes, of an extremely low intensity. Can help people enjoy a wide variety of health benefits. When people start their day, with a quick trip on their bicycle. What will happen is amazing.

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It will immediately boost the blood circulation. Throughout their entire body. Which will wake people up naturally. As well, by boosting their circulation. People can boost their mood, and feel happier.

The aerobic activity is positive for lowering high blood pressure. In reducing risk of strokes and heart attacks. And when people bike, they are improving their endurance, and muscle strength.

When the muscles are worked out. People burn more calories. Not just while the biking is happening. But for the entire day afterwards. So that people can burn more fat, and more calories.

By pedaling a bicycle. People are going to be working out the largest muscle groups on their body. Their quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. And what this will do, is it will grow their muscles.

And help people burn the fat, and improve their insulin levels. People who are diabetic. Or, people who are borderline diabetic. Can significantly improve their health. With ten minutes once a week.

And when people engage in biking. In Alberta campgrounds. As part of their relaxation. They will feel better. Both inside and out. Helping them get the most out of their relaxation vacation.

While many people should not feel like they need. To have a healthy vacation. By biking just a couple of times. Can help people feel. As though they earned that pizza, that they can get delivered right to their campground, by elevated experience staff.