Alberta Campgrounds | Why Glamping is Popular

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Glamping is Popular

There are many reasons why people like to go camping in the many Alberta campgrounds that exist in this province.

Many love the idea of escaping the city, and spending time in nature. All for others, it is a means to an end to allow them to engage in the recreation activities of their choice.

While camping is typically known for its rough amenities. The technology of today is allowing people to bring more luxuries from home than ever before.

And whether people are staying in a tent, or are bringing their own trailer or motorhome. There are more amenities available than ever for.

Meaning the idea of roughing it on a camping trip. Is less necessary and less appealing than ever. And while many people still love the idea of roughing it.

More people are bringing luxury or comfort items with them on their camping trips. Than ever before. This is why many trailers and motorhomes come standard with different amenities.

Such as air conditioning and heaters. As well as a fully functioning kitchen. Including a stovetop and a oven. As well as microwave, sink and refrigerator as well.

Trailers also typically come with a full queen-size bed. And a fully functioning bathroom. With the sink, toilet and shower. So that people can feel as comfortable on their camping trip as possible.

Even people who go camping in tents when they visit Alberta campgrounds. Are able to bring more luxury items than was ever possible. By bringing portable air conditioners or heaters.


As well as raised beds or air mattresses. To make their tenting experience more comfortable and luxurious than it ever was possible.

However, all of these things have in common. The fact that people need to have their own accommodations. As well as their own camping equipment to make this possible.

Therefore, not everybody who would want to go camping has the ability to on a weekend, or for their vacation. Which is why the popularity of permanent and semi permanent glamping sites is on the rise.

These glamping sites can vary greatly in type of accommodation that is built for people to stay in. With glamping sites consisting of structures such as tiny cabins, luxury tents, yurts and teepees.

But also accommodations that can be considered glamping sites can include treehouses, houseboats, and structures that were not necessarily built for staying in.

Modified to allow people to stay in the accommodations. Such as grain bins that have been built out to allow people to stay inside of them.

What all of these accommodations have in common in Alberta campgrounds. Is the fact that they will allow people the feeling of camping. While allowing many amenities that would only be available in a hotel room or at people’s homes.

Because glamping is so popular. People who know that they want to try this on their summer vacation or weekend. Should book them in advance. Because these sites become reserved very quickly in advance.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Glamping is Popular

camping has always been extremely popular throughout Alberta campgrounds. Especially because everywhere people travel in this province. There is beauty in nature, that many people want to spend time in.

Whether it is up north, in order to see the landscape or the beauty of the northern lights. Or in the south, to see the desert -like landscape and hoodoos. Or if people want to visit the mountains, for the activities and wildlife that are available.

More people than ever before are utilizing camping as a way to spend their summer vacations. And their weekend getaways throughout the entire year.

And while glamping is a fairly new word, first being coined in the UK fifteen years ago. By mashing up the two words camping and glamorous.

This is not a new activity by any stretch of the imagination. With people bringing as many luxury items as they have been able to on their camping trips for decades.

As technology progresses, so does the ability to bring more and more luxurious items with them on their camping trip. Such as satellite television, Wi-Fi for Internet, and things like air-conditioners and microwaves.

However, people have been bringing luxury items with them when they travel and stay in tents for centuries. The first known instance of this happening in the fifteen hundreds in France.

However, the thing that glamping has always required until recently. Is the ability to bring a person’s own accommodations with them. Except now, many Alberta campgrounds are building glamping sites. For people who do not have their own tents or trailers to stay in.


A great example of a glamping site in Alberta campgrounds. Is that elevated experience campgrounds. Where they have tiny cabins in their glamping sites. For people to stay in on their camping trip.

Not only do these have a full-sized queen bed, and air conditioning. They also have places for people to store their food, a microwave, and barbecue to cook their food on.

But they have thought of everything with a water cooler inside, a porch to have their morning coffee on, and a flashlight to see their way in the dark.

As well as a fire pit and bench in the site. So that they can host family and friends for campfire stories and sing-alongs. As well as roasting marshmallows on an open fire. So they can truly feel like they are camping in the wilderness.

In fact, many people prefer glamping in these permanent structures over camping in tents or trailers. Either because of personal preference. Or because it is more accessible for their abilities.

And whether it is because they want to stay in nature, or engage in some of their favourite sports such as hiking, cycling or kayaking for example.

Or if people simply want to spend time with their family in the outdoors. And while there family loves camping, they do not so this is a perfect compromise.

With how popular glamping is. If people want to try this activity for their next vacation. They should book well in advance. Because many glamping sites sell out quickly.