Alberta Campgrounds | Where Can You Camp And Garden

Alberta Campgrounds | Where Can You Camp And Garden

When people make their summer vacation plans in Alberta campgrounds. They are typically want to hike, go biking or fishing. Or simply spend some time in the beautiful outdoors of this province.

Alberta Campgrounds

Mostly, people have never heard of going camping. And gardening at the same time. However, this is an experience. That elevated experience camping wants to bring their guests of their Alberta campgrounds.

There are many benefits that they are expecting. By bringing a community garden. To their campground. Starting with helping the area have more oxygen. And using up more of the carbon dioxide.

People admit carbon dioxide when they exhale. As well as cars, and the byproduct of many different types of machines and equipment. And while carbon dioxide is not anything that people can breathe in.

It is what implants breathe in. Exhaling oxygen, for people to use to breathe. In order to improve the air quality. More plants should be brought in. Which is one of the benefits that people will have.

Camping at Alberta campgrounds where there are community gardens. As well, elevated experience camping. Also wanted to support the not-for-profit food truck. That would be operating at their campground.

On the weekend, and in the town of Drayton Valley during the week. By allowing they can have access to fresh vegetables. To be used in their food truck menu. And help them save money.

As a not-for-profit, they are not trying to turn a profit. And employ disadvantaged youth. With the price of groceries continuing to rise. They wanted an option for this not-for-profit.

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To ensure that they did not lose money on their endeavour. Simply because they were unable to find profitable ingredients. However, they also wanted to ensure.

That if they had a community garden within their campgrounds. Their guests could access the garden as well. Whether they were interested in harvesting some nutritious vegetables.

So that they could supplement their hotdog, and hamburger menu. While on their camping trip. Especially because many people do not like bringing vegetables while camping. Because they are hard to keep.

Instead of hotdogs, and chips. That can last a very long time. Therefore, they wanted to ensure. That people had an option. Of being able to harvest some healthy options. For a bit of a change.

However, many people simply love gardening. And they find this activity relaxing as well as rewarding. They are also welcome to come to the community garden. To spend some time weeding, and tending to the plants.

Not only is this an activity that is great exercise. But it is also great for their mental health. As people love to connect with the earth. And tend to something other than themselves.

And while there are many benefits. Of having a garden for the food truck. And for people who are visiting the campgrounds. The many benefits of a community garden are almost too numerous to mention.

When people are interested in learning about gardening. Or engaging in this activity during their summer vacation. The choice is clear, they should visit elevated experience camping.

Alberta Campgrounds | Where Can You Camp And Garden At The Same Time

Something unique about the Alberta campgrounds that elevated experience camping operates. They are bringing in a raised community garden. For their guests to enjoy during their stay.

Many people may not have heard camping and gardening together before. Which is why this is unique to elevated experience camping. There are so many benefits to having a community garden.

That they wanted to bring to their beautiful, summer community. That stay with them, during the summer. However, while gardens are extremely beneficial. They wanted to ensure that the gardens were raised.

For many different reasons. First of all, small animals. Such as rabbits, and squirrels would love nothing more. Then to snack on the vegetables. As well as snack on the plants in the garden.

A single rabbits, or couple of squirrels. Could make very short work of the garden. Destroying it in only a day or two. Which is why they decided to go with a raised garden bed.

Because it would make it more difficult. For animals like mice, rabbits, foxes and skunks. To access, eat and destroy. However, anyone who has visited Alberta campgrounds before. Will realize that dear also pose a threat.

This is why they decided to put a mesh fence on all sides of the raised garden beds. The sunlight can shine through. And help plants grow. While guarding against all of the predators that would love to eat the vegetables and plants.

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When people want access to the garden. They simply have to open the latch. And swing open one side of the raised garden bed. Ensuring that they close it when they are done.

While this will make sure that pests cannot destroy the garden. Another benefit of the raised beds, is purely for the people. Many people find it difficult, or impossible to bend down to a garden.

Whether they are weeding the space. Fertilizing it, tending to the plants. Or harvesting the vegetables. They might love gardening and are now unable to. Were never had the opportunity because of certain physical limitations.

Having raised garden beds, beans that this activity. Is much more accessible for all guests. Helping them enjoy this activity. Getting good exercise, while engaging in this relaxing activity.

That has proven to be immensely beneficial for their mental health. All they have to do, is ensure that they are following the rules of the garden. Such as putting tools away they are done with them.

And closing the garden gate properly. As they leave it, to ensure that the pests do not get in. It is a great opportunity for people to see where their food comes from. As well as eat some fresh vegetables.

That some people may never have the opportunity to eat before. When people are ready to enjoy camping, and gardening together. All they need to do, is visit Alberta campgrounds at elevated experience camping. For this opportunity, and fun summer experience.