Alberta Campgrounds | What Is Glamping?

Alberta Campgrounds | What Is Glamping?

Many people may have heard the term glamping before when visiting Alberta campgrounds. But do not know exactly what it is.

Glamping is the act of camping. But with more amenities and luxuries then they typically are afforded through traditional camping.

Glamping is considered the gateway drug to camping. A great introduction to the great outdoors. Without forcing people to sleep on the ground, or have to buy a lot of equipment. Without knowing if they will enjoy the activity.

As well, people enjoy glamping. Because it gives them a unique way to experience not only the nature of where they are visiting. But also the culture of where they are visiting. Which is especially important. If they are visiting somewhere they have never been before.

Since it glamping simply means luxurious camping. There are as many different glamping sites as there are places in the world to visit. Some very traditional style of glamping sites include tiny cabins, luxury tents, yurts, which is a portable, semi-permanent and round tent. With structured walls and ceilings.

Some glamping sites can simply be an RV, because it has more luxuries than attend typically does. But also, glamping can be done in a houseboat. And is a popular activity in many waterways.

However, there are some more unusual glamping sites in Alberta campgrounds and throughout the world. Including glamping in a igloo, which is a structure made out of snow and ice. Or castles made of ice up north.


Other unusual glamping sites can include teepees, which are a traditional dwelling of first Nations of Canada and the United States of America. Which will allow people to experience the culture of the first Nations that they are visiting. While giving them a unique experience that they will not soon forget.

There can be ice castles, structures made of glass. To allow people to camp beneath the stars. And see the northern lights. As well, there are treehouses, and round structures hung from the giant trees of a rain forest. That allow people to get a birds eye view of the place that they are visiting.

What makes all of these structures glamping. Is the fact that they will have a variety of amenities that many people do not experience through traditional camping.

They might have air-conditioning or a fireplace in their structure. A barbecue, satellite television or Wi-Fi. They might even have a hot tub in their structure, to allow them to have a luxurious experience while they are experiencing nature.

When people are experiencing glamping. They might want to add unique experiences to their time in nature. Such as a personal chef, a wine tasting. Or being able to visit with the people associated with the area.

While there are many different ways for people to enjoy the outdoors. More and more people who are flocking to Alberta campgrounds. Are giving going glamping a try. Because they want to see all the beauty of the outdoors. Without actually sleeping outdoors.

Alberta Campgrounds | What Is Glamping?

Even though many people love going to Alberta campgrounds. To engage in their favourite activity of tent camping. More people than ever before are flocking to the area to do glamping.

Glamping is a mashup of the word glamorous and camping. And while the word is new. The activity has been around since the beginning of time.

Although Genghis Khan was attributed with being 1 of the first glamour’s. That is because whenever he travelled. When he had his crew set up his tent. He had many luxuries that he enjoyed along with it. From silk carpets on the ground. To silk drapery hanging from the inside of the tent.

He ensure that he had all of the luxuries that he wanted to enjoy. Even though he was far away from home. And that is how a lot of royalty also travelled.

Even the sultans who needed to travel from one place to the other. Had the most lavish tents that they set up. So that they did not have to feel as though they were away from home. While they had their conquests and adventures.

The first usage of the word glamping came out of the UK in 2005. But was not added to the Oxford dictionary until 2017. But glamping has also been called luxury camping or posh camping by the people who have been enjoying it for decades.

Some of the first modern glamping have been people who bought luxury RVs. So that they did not have to sleep in a tent on the ground.


As people outfitted their recreational vehicles with coffee pots, microwaves, televisions and satellites. What they were doing could no longer be described as camping. Even though they were in the wilderness.

However, many people want to experience the luxury of glamping. Although they may not actually have the ability to get themselves a luxury recreational vehicle.

Therefore, when people go to Alberta campgrounds. They have a wide variety of glamping sites that they can choose from. That will allow them to experience nature. But also have the luxuries that they crave being away from home.

People should make a list of all of the luxuries that they do not want to do without. Because not all of the glamping sites in Alberta campgrounds. Have all amenities. Some glamping sites have flush toilets and showers. While some still require people to use outhouses.

People who are going glamping need to know if they are willing to make that long dark walk with a flashlight to the toilet at night. Or if they want to have the luxury of a warm toilet seat in the middle of the night.

By making a list of all the luxuries that are what they need. And finding glamping sites that match those ideals. Can ensure that people can go out and enjoy Alberta campgrounds and the nature within them.

Without all of the aspects of camping that they do not enjoy engaging in. Glamping is truly an activity all can enjoy.