Alberta Campgrounds | Try A River Vacation This Year

Alberta Campgrounds | Try A River Vacation This Year

While many different Alberta campgrounds. Are located close to rivers. Many people typically think of going to lakes. When they think of camping near a body of water.

Alberta Campgrounds

While lakes are a very popular getaway. People should not underestimate. What they can do, when they have a vacation. Close to these powerful bodies of water. One of the first things that people will notice.

Is that the sound, of the rushing water. Is very peaceful and relaxing. In fact, any people flocked to Alberta campgrounds by rivers. For no other reason, then to listen to the beauty of the water.

As well, if they decide to go hiking, or exploring the river valley. They are not only going to hear the water. They are going to hear the rush of the wind. And the songs of all of the birds in the area.

Even if people simply want to sit in a lawn chair. By the river, this can be an amazing and relaxing way to spend the day. However, there are many things that people can do by and on the river.

Which means when people are looking for a unique summer vacation this year. They should look for Alberta campgrounds close to rivers. So that they can do something different than what they have always done.

Not only is elevated experience camping located centrally. So that Albertans from all over the province. Can easily get to it. But it is also located in a river valley. On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

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What sets elevated experience camping apart. From other campgrounds. Is the extremely wide variety of activities. And the amenities that they offer. Not only do they have camping for tents, trailers and groups.

But they also have many different glamping cabins. Which are tiny cabins. Outfitted with all of the luxuries. Typically found, in hotel accommodations. Complete with a queen-size bed.

Large, flat screen television, with satellite hookup. As well as all of the things that they need. For their vacation including a barbecue to cook their food. And mini fridge, plug-ins for their technology.

Microwave, toaster and coffee pot. Even a bistro table outside. For sipping morning coffee. Or enjoying their evening meal, once it comes off of the barbecue. This coming year, they are adding hot tub rentals.

So that their getaway into the wilderness. Can feel more like a luxury vacation. Rather than camping, or roughing it. However, these are not the only amenities that can be found at elevated experience camping.

There are flush toilets, and showers. But also activities such as goat yoga. A retro arcade, community library. And many kits and games to rent and play. There is literally something for everyone here.

When people are looking to book their vacation. They should call elevated experience right away. To ensure that their vacation does not get booked up. Before they have the opportunity to reserve a spot themselves.

Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy A River Vacation This Year

This coming year, more people than ever are going to go to Alberta campgrounds for their summer vacation. Which means they are going to be looking for some of the most unique places to spend their time.

They should look no further than elevated experience camping. Which is located in a pretty, picturesque river valley. On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Why people should consider coming here.

Is not only because the beauty is often compared to the beauty of the mountains. Without driving all that distance. Or dealing with many tourists who will be going there as well.

But because of the wider variety of amenities and activities that they offer to their guests. As well, they endeavour to make an impact. With the amazing customer service that they offer. Ensuring all staff.

Go through customer service training. To ensure that everybody’s experience. Is elevated, every time they interact with staff. Like most Alberta campgrounds. They have the traditional amenities.

Such as a playground, flush toilets and showers. When it elevated experience camping. They have a mini golf course, retro arcade and community library. As well as bike, and game rentals.

And some of the games, our giant sized versions. Of favourite board games, such as Jenga or yahtzee. To allow people to enjoy their favourite games. In a completely unique way.

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There will be trails to hike and bike on. That have interpretive trail markers. Educating people along the way. About the vegetation they will encounter. Animals they might see. As well as history of the area.

Of course, because they are located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. People can go boating and fishing. Whether they fish from the shore. Or fish from a boat.

They have a boat launch, that people with any kind of watercraft can use. Therefore launching, as well as recovering the boat. Will be very easy here. However, not everybody will want to spend time on the water that way.

They can rent one of the discovery kits. That will contain all of the tools. And all of the instructions needed. To go on a self guided tour. Of the river valley either by day, or by night.

People may also want to learn how to pan for gold. As one of the discovery kits. Will contain instructions, and tools on how to do this. With the right luck, and perseverance.

People may just come away from the experience. With a small flake of gold. Since there is, still gold in the North Saskatchewan River. However, if people are looking for something a little bit more active.

Or if they have enjoyed resting and relaxing by the river. And now want to stretch their body. They can enjoy some goat yoga as well. This is a traditional yoga class, appropriate for all ages and abilities.

That will have some playful and fun-loving goats roaming around. Or completely unique experiences. And a vacation in Alberta campgrounds like no other. People should visit elevated experience camping this year.