Alberta Campgrounds | Tips For Safe River Canoeing

Alberta Campgrounds | Tips For Safe River Canoeing

People love Alberta campgrounds close to rivers. Because they enjoy many different river activities. Such as fishing, motor boating and kayaking. However, many people love to down the North Saskatchewan River.

Alberta Campgrounds

This is the type of adventure. That people are looking for when they book their vacation. At Alberta campgrounds. They should keep some very important tips in mind. To have the best trip possible.

When people visit one of the Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping. They are located right on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. In a beautiful, and picturesque river valley.

One of the activities they will enjoy doing. Is canoeing, with a partner. Or with their whole family. Depending on the size of the canoe that they have. They can drive to the campground.

Set up their tent, and camp for one night. And then, load their canoe, some supplies. Into a vehicle, and have someone drive them 30 km or more upstream. Their friend will then drive the vehicle back to the campsite.

Where people can launch the canoe onto the North Saskatchewan River. For a fun day of canoeing on this beautiful body of water. It can take the entire day, stopping for lunch. As well as to get out and stretch their legs.

And see some of the beautiful sites. As well as relax, before getting back into the canoe to carry on their journey. They can see many more animals. Here many more sounds. Then they could, if they stayed closer to the campground.

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However, while canoeing is a great and popular past time. People who are spending time on the North Saskatchewan River. Should keep in mind. That this is not a river for beginners.

This is actually known as one of the more aggressive rivers. Which is why people should know how to handle the canoe. Such as being able to launch it. And then be able to get the canoe.

To the shore, when they want to get out for a bit. It takes strong paddling, and expert canoe orders. To do this on such a strong river. One thing that makes this more difficult, is the current. Rivers can actually be very deceptive.

Even when it looks like they are flowing very slowly. It is happening beneath the surface. Is turbulent water. That is usually going three times faster. Then the water that is on the surface.

This is called the undertow. Which can be anywhere between a metre. Or even 1 foot below the surface. Therefore, when people dig their paddle into the water. If they are not prepared, the undertow can catch them off guard.

Causing them to lose their paddle. Or causing them to be able to steer their boat unsuccessfully. Therefore, by going to smaller, more gentle rivers. Like the Pembina, close to Drayton Valley.

People can test out there canoeing skills. And learn how to paddle properly. Before launching a larger trip. On the North Saskatchewan River. Canoeing can be a great adventure. People can visit a campgrounds to do this activity. But they should be properly prepared.

Alberta Campgrounds | Safety Tips For River Canoeing

Many people see the North Saskatchewan River, located throughout many Alberta campgrounds. As a great opportunity, for adventuring. For their summer vacations this year.

And while canoeing, is a popular pastime. That people can enjoy throughout the province. On many different rivers. They should be aware, of different risks. And hazards that can occur on the river.

One of the first things that they should be aware of. Is the current, and the undertow. No matter what Alberta campgrounds they are staying in. When they see the surface of a river. People need to understand.

That the water below the surface, even as shallow as 1 foot below the surface. Can be moving as fast as three times the speed. Of the surface water. Which means it can be extremely fast.

This is called the undertow, and this can be relentless. People who are not careful, may be swept off their feet. Or have some of their belongings swept away. Therefore, they should always keep in mind.

The power of this moving water. As they get into their canoe, in order to start their adventure. They should be aware, that they can encounter rapids. At any point, on the river.

People might think of white water rafting. As something that can only happen, uncertain rivers. But every single river. Has the opportunity, for rapids to form. This is caused when flowing water hits an obstacle.

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Causing the water to become turbulent, and more aggressive. The water is more dangerous. And can throw around a canoe very easily. This is one of the reasons why people.

Who are going canoeing in Alberta campgrounds on their summer vacation. Should have experience. Canoeing in other bodies of water first. So that they know how to move the canoe. In the direction they want.

If they encounter rapids. So that they can choose the best path through this dangerous part of the river. However, they might also encounter eddies. Eddies can be close to the rapids but are not necessarily.

Eddies occur, when flowing water. Close around an obstacle in the water, creating little whirlpools. These whirlpools can be deceptively strong as well. Pulling a canoe, and throwing it around.

People need to be able to recognize the sign of an eddy. And know how to steer clear. Because even getting close to this area. Can pull their canoe into it. And finally, the last hazards that they should be aware of.

As people visit Alberta campgrounds for a canoeing adventure. Would be constrictive waves. This is what it is called, when the mouth of a river constricts to a narrow opening. And the same rush of water.

That had been flowing in a wider section of the river. Is trying to get through that narrow opening at the same time. It can cause turbulent water. That can be very dangerous to navigate in a canoe.

When people are looking for summer adventure. Canoeing on a river can be a great amount of fun. That they need to properly prepare for. So that it can be the great adventure they were hoping.