Alberta Campgrounds | Skunks Live in Alberta

Alberta Campgrounds | Skunks Live in Alberta

When people are planning their trips to Alberta campgrounds. Whether they are camping for many days. Or just going for an afternoon. They need to be aware that they might encounter a skunk.

While seeing wildlife can be thrilling most times. Fewer people are excited to see skunks. Due to their reputation, of spraying potential predators with a smelly liquid.

However, people need to be very reassured. That skunks do not want to spray people. Because not only does it depletes their energy. It actually makes them defenceless while their body regenerates that liquid.

Therefore, by being aware of what to do when encountering a skunk when visiting Alberta campgrounds. And help people ensure that they do not end up startling a skunk and getting sprayed.

Ultimately, a skunks eyesight is terrible. But they are hearing and smelling is fantastic. Because of this, when people are hiking or walking, especially during task when skunks are waking up.

These quiet sounds can alert skunks of people’s presence, so that they can run away before an encounter can happen. This is especially important if they have their babies with them. Because skunks are even more defensive when they have their offspring present.

However, if this does not work, and a person encounters a skunk. The only thing that a person can do is to simply stop moving and be quiet. In hopes that the skunk will feel free to run away, because they are not being threatened.


However, if the skunk does feel threatened. They will go through several threat postures. Before they will start aiming to spray their potential predator.

They will not only start hissing at their potential predator, but they will also start stomping their feet, and acting like they are going to charge. While this might seem frightening.

People should be very assured that skunks will not charge. Because they have nothing to attack potential predator with.

While they do have very long claws, these claws are for digging. And make very poor weapons to attack with. And when skunk starts doing their threat postures. This is to encourage the potential predator to run away first.

Therefore, if a person sees that a skunk starts doing any of these actions. That is their cue to start backing away from the skunk. But never turn their back on it, so that they know what it is doing at all times.

The last thing that people should do is turn around to run, because the sound of running away can startle the skunk, and they might aim and spray.

Skunks can spray up to 3 m away from themselves. And have extremely good aim. Therefore, if they turn to run away, they could be very quickly at the receiving end of the skunks spray.

If by backing away slowly, the skunk sees that they are not a threat, the skunk will also run away. Allowing the camper or hiker in Alberta campgrounds. To continue on their journey. But being aware of any other skunks that might be around.

Alberta Campgrounds | Skunks Live in Alberta

When people are visiting Alberta campgrounds. Whether they are staying for a long time, or not. They should understand that skunks are typically going to be living close by. And will come out at dusk to forage for their food.

By understanding this, can help prepare people for what they are going to do if they come face-to-face with the skunk. While they are hiking, or even if they are sitting in their campsite, quietly visiting.

The first thing that people need to understand, is that skunks do not want to spray anybody. And because of that, will want to stay away from anything threatening. And give lots of warning before they do spray.

However, this is not always successful. And if the skunk is with their babies. Or if they feel like their life is in danger. Such as if a dog is barking at them. It can escalate to being sprayed very quickly.

The first thing that people need to keep in mind, is although the spray will smell like sulphuric acid. And can cause skin irritation and temporary blindness. It is not poisonous, and it will not cause them to lose their life, or the life of their pet if they are sprayed.

However, the smell is quite intense. And can be detected by the human nose up to five point 6 km away. Because of how intense the smell is. People who do get sprayed, or their pets. Should avoid going indoors. In order to avoid affecting the people inside.


If people get too close to the skunk spray, there they have been sprayed or not. They can develop watery eyes and runny noses. As well as nausea and vomiting.

During their treatment, people should stay outdoors, where the smell can radiate, with being less likely to effect others in the area of Alberta campgrounds.

The treatment that many people have heard of is a bath of tomato juice. This is because tomatoes are acidic, and can cut through the oil of the skunk spray. To break it down and dissipate the smell.

However, tomato juice is not the only acidic liquid that can work. Many seasoned campers and hikers carry hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for this purpose. A mixture of 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a quarter cup of baking soda. Can be quite effective at minimizing skunk smell.

Also, white vinegar and water is enough to break down the oil in a skunk spray. And while it might take four or five treatments to get the smell off of skin, hair or fur. This is a lot better than smelling for weeks on end.

Therefore, being properly prepared with bringing the right equipment, and the right treatment such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or vinegar. That can help ensure that if people end up encountering a skunk. That they will be able to quickly neutralize the smell. So that it will not ruin their trip to Alberta campgrounds.