Alberta Campgrounds | Skunk Spray Treatments

Alberta Campgrounds | Skunk Spray Treatments

When people are going to go camping or hiking in Alberta campgrounds. They might want to bring with them skunk spray antidotes. Because skunks are native to Alberta.

And while it is not often that a camper or hiker is going to encounter this small animal. If they do, they are going to want to ensure that they can dissipate the smell very quickly.

Skunk spray is made out of three, compounds that smell like sulphuric acid. And can cause skin irritation. As well as temporary blindness if people get it in their eyes.

However, it is also non-toxic. So other than some immediate effects. These effects are not permanent. And therefore, should not be feared.

Because people can be sprayed up to 3 m away, they should not assume that they can safely observe skunks in their natural habitat. And especially if they have pets or children with them. People will want to vacate the area quickly and quietly.

However, if within the worst-case scenario they do get sprayed. They will be able to be smelled up to five point 6 km away. And this oily liquid can cause them to have nausea and vomiting. As well as develop watery eyes and runny noses.

Because these symptoms can persist even in people who did not get sprayed. It is very important that people who did get sprayed by a skunk. Need to stay outdoors until they have effectively treated the odor.


If they do go inside, such as a store, house or even a trailer. They can cause others to be nauseous and start vomiting. As well as develop watery eyes and runny noses. Therefore, all people who are exploring Alberta campgrounds need to know what to do to dissipate the skunk smell.

So that no matter who gets hit with skunks spray. The other people in the party can quickly get together the items they need to dissipate the smell.

Even though many people have been told that tomato juice is an effective treatment. The reason it is effective is because of the acidity of the tomatoes.

And while it can still be used to this day. Many people will opt for a different treatment. By using a slightly more acidic liquid.

One recommended solution is 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide and ¼ cup of baking soda. People can add a teaspoon of liquid dish soap just prior to applying this solution.

However, they need to be careful not to let it sit on their skin or clothes too long. Because of the hydrogen peroxide that can cause a bleaching effect.

They also need to ensure not get this solution in their eyes. But after only two or three applications. They can completely break down the oil in the skunk spray. And get rid of the terrible smell.

By understanding what is effective on a skunk spray. Can help people who have been affected get treatment quickly. So that they, and their fellow campers are not noxious or vomiting. Due to the odor if they encounter skunks in Alberta campgrounds.

Alberta Campgrounds | Skunk Spray Treatments

One of the most important things that campers and hikers can do when visiting Alberta campgrounds. His carry with them the treatment for skunk sprays.

While it is not likely that people are going to encounter these small mammals most of the time. Even if they get sprayed by a skunk once. They will be glad that they carried these supplies with them every time they have gone out.

Ultimately, skunks are not going to want to spray. Because not only does it make them physically weaker. It also makes them defenceless until their body has created more liquid.

Because of this, hikers and campers often travel in pairs, talking back-and-forth. Singing quietly or even putting bells on their hiking equipment.

Because gentle noises and sound of footsteps. Can be enough to get a skunk to leave the area without being detected.

Because their hearing is incredible, but their eyesight is not. If people do come to have a skunk in their campground. Or on the same trail that they are. The first thing that people should do is simply stop moving.

The goal will be to give the skunk the right-of-way to escape quickly. And to escape on their own, without feeling that they have to spray a potential predator.

If however, the skunk does not run away immediately. This could be because their eyesight is quite bad. And this is when campers and hikers should start slowly backing away.


They should never turn to run, because the sudden movement and noise could cause the skunk to react defensively.

In fact, with how effective a skunk spray is in deterring predators from coming close to them. If people find that they are getting closer to a skunk smell. This can be a sure fire sign that they are coming onto a den with babies in it.

Because skunks are even more defensive when they have offspring present. They might be more quick to spray. And so this increasing smell of skunk, should cause hikers and campers to walk the other way as well.

However, despite some people’s best efforts. They might simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time in Alberta campgrounds. And can end up getting hit with this oily liquid of the skunk spray.

If this happens, they are going to want to dissipate the smell as quickly as possible. First by discarding their clothing and putting it in a plastic bag until they can get to a washing machine.

For their eyes, because this substance can cause temporary blindness. Cool water and avoid rubbing their eyes is the treatment that they should give themselves.

And for the rest of their body, their skin and hair. Or their pets for if there pet has also been hit. Any acidic liquid can be helpful. Even white vinegar and water can be effective enough at eliminating the oil and the smell with just a few treatments.

This is why many campers who are going to venture out into Alberta campgrounds. Always ensure that they have a jug of white vinegar on hand. Just in case the worst-case scenario happens with the skunk, and they end up on the receiving end of a spray.