Alberta Campgrounds | Respect The Campsite

Alberta Campgrounds | Respect The Campsite

A rule that can help campers treat the Alberta campground and other campers respectfully. Is that they should camp like their mother is watching. By picking up after themselves, being respectful of others, and avoid being destructive. Can help ensure that all campers are treating the campground respectfully. But also ensuring that other campers can have a great time as well.

This starts at home, when people are preparing for their camping trip. They should understand what they should pack, and how they should packet to help protect the campground that they are spending time in.

For example, many people are tempted to bring the firewood that they have at home with them to the Alberta campgrounds.

While this seems like a great idea. Many campers also do not realize that pests and diseases that are undetected in their firewood. Can wreak havoc on the campgrounds that they bring it to.

For example, if firewood have pine beetles in it. If the campground that they visit does not currently have pine beetles. They could bring this past, who would cause a lot of devastation to the pine trees in the area.

The same with Dutch Elm disease. It is often undetected. And it is extremely contagious. Therefore, unsuspecting campers could release this problem which would devastate the forests surrounding the Alberta campgrounds.

People should ensure that they are keeping their camp grounds safe by leaving there would at home. And using the provided firewood. That is clean, dry and safe.


Something else that campers can do before they even leave their home is to pack their food appropriately. They might put their food that needs to be kept cold in a cooler. And the cooler seals.

However, all other food should be kept in an airtight container as well. Keeping them in a Ziploc bag is not necessarily enough. They should put all food in a larger container with a ceiling lid. So that they can ensure they are not attracting animals to the campsite.

This should also be the case if they have any pets that are coming camping with them. They pet food can also attract wildlife. And so pet food should go into a sealable container. And not be left out while camping.

When campers gets to the Alberta campgrounds. They need to ensure that they are also being very mindful of their trash. So that they do not continue to attract wildlife. This means preparing food quickly. Cleaning up promptly. And throwing out food garbage into an appropriate container. Such as a garbage bin that is wildlife proof.

In addition to this, campers should ensure that they are being mindful of all of their litter. So that they do not end up with the campgrounds strewn about with garbage. This can affect the natural beauty of the area not just for those campers. But for all campers as well.

The more mindful each camper can be. The better that they are going to be able to ensure they enjoy their time. But that other campers will be able to enjoy their time in the campground as well. So that campers can coexist peacefully and respectfully.

Alberta Campgrounds | Respect The Campsite

Even though many campers visit Alberta campgrounds in order to get away from people. This is not strictly possible when they go to campgrounds. They will still be close to others. And if everyone acts respectfully. They will be able to all enjoy their time camping.

One important thing that all people should be doing, is respecting the quiet hours of the Alberta campgrounds. This is to allow people to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Especially campers with young children.

If people are also wanting to get up early to do a variety of activities. Such as a long hike, or fishing at sunrise. They will need to get to bed early so that they can wake up just as early.

This does not mean that everybody has to go to bed at that time. And campers who want to continue visiting with their friends and family, and having a fire. Do not have to stop doing this. They need to do so quieter.

This means people that have music playing should turn their stereos off. And be mindful of the volume of their voices. When campers that want to stay up can do this. We can ensure that the campers who want to sleep all can stay happy. And everyone can be happy. Regardless of what they have come camping in the first place.


This quiet time also means that people should avoid arriving past this time to be Alberta campgrounds. They should make plans to leave home on time to avoid arriving to the campgrounds passed the quiet hour. However, if the unexpected happens. It may cause some people to arrive later than expected.

If this is the case, the campers should call ahead to the management. To alert them of their late arrival. So that they can make any necessary concessions. To help avoid bothering those that are sleeping.

When people do arrive at the campground. They should ensure that they are following the 20 km an hour speed limit. Because it is in place for good reason. This is to help keep everybody safe. Especially children who are playing, and families who might be walking on the road. Even campers who have brought their pets.

By going slow, it helps the driver be seen. And it also helps ensure that if any animal or child darts out in front of the vehicle. That they will be able to stop in time. It is very important that all drivers adhere to this speed limit. So that everyone can camp as safely as possible.

When campers are able to respect the campgrounds as well as respect each other. Then everyone can have a great time. Which will encourage all of the campers to come back for future visits. And to continue the fun activity of camping.