Alberta Campgrounds | Raised Gardens At Campgrounds

Alberta Campgrounds | Raised Gardens At Campgrounds

One thing that elevated experience camping is bringing to their Alberta campgrounds this year. Our raised gardens, that their guests can use. They have decided to bring this amenity in for many reasons.

Alberta Campgrounds

One of the first reasons that cause them. To wants to bring in vegetable gardens. To their properties that they manage. Is to help support. The not-for-profit food truck, operation Sasquatch.

That will be operating at the campground. From Thursday to Saturday. And operating in the town of Drayton Valley for the rest of the week. This not-for-profit needs as much support as they can get.

As this is their first year of operation. Therefore, elevated experience camping. Decided, if they were going to be help feed their guests, at their Alberta campgrounds this year.

The least they could do, is offer some inexpensive produce options. Through their community gardens. This will help ensure that they have delicious, nutritious. And inexpensive ingredients.

As they are going to be offering guests. Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Gourmet hot dogs, and street corn, to the people staying at elevated experience camping. Or, simply using the day use area.

However, they wanted to ensure. That all of their guests could enjoy the raised gardens first of all. Which is furthermore why they decided to open up the gardens. Particularly, to all of their campers as well. When people are glamping.

Or camping within the Alberta campgrounds that they manage. They will have free access to the raised garden beds. As long as they follow some very important rules. Putting equipment back where they found it.

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Undoubtedly, closing the garden gate when they leave. And ultimately treating the garden with respect. So that they do not damage the plants. In addition to the other vegetables that are left. This is going to be wonderful for people to teach their children.

Where their food comes from. In bringing awareness to the agricultural industry. But other than that, it can unquestionably help. The campground reduce their food transportation costs. As they will have access to fresh vegetables on site.

Definitely eliminating the need to have them trucked in. Often from hundreds of miles away. Where they have been sitting for weeks, losing nutrients. But what a community garden can do for their campgrounds.

Is improve the air quality. If there guests never set foot in their community garden. They will still benefit from having all of the plants. Growing in the campground itself. The reason why, is because plants breathe in carbon dioxide.

Which is expelled by humans, vehicles. And as a byproduct of many machines and buildings. Therefore, the more plants that can be in an area. The fresher the air will be to breeze.

As the plants use the carbon dioxide. They then turn it, into oxygen. That humans will breathe in. So it is not just eliminating the carbon dioxide that is toxic. But it is also giving us oxygen to breathe his.

This year, if people would like to experience some relaxing gardening. With their camping trip. Or simply, are interested in eating. Some of the delicious, and nutritious vegetables. They should make their reservation at elevated experience camping today.

Alberta Campgrounds | Spend Time In Raised Gardens In Campgrounds

This year, elevated experience camping is bringing raised gardens to their Alberta campgrounds. They are doing this for many reasons. From having a health care environment. To supporting healthy nutrition.

And even help people with their mental health. As they are able to engage in this relaxing activity. Community gardens have been linked to lower crime, reduce waste.

Lower food insecurity. And helping communities come together. And work together, on a project that is meaningful to many people. It was a no-brainer, that elevated experience camping wanted to bring this experience to their guests.

However, instead of wanting to put a traditional garden. On the ground. They decided to install raised garden beds instead. There are many hazards of having a traditional garden on the ground.

Anyone who has visited Alberta campgrounds will know. How many creatures, and critters that are in the area. Almost all of which, would enjoy snacking on the vegetables as well as the plants themselves.

From small animals like mice, squirrels and rabbits. To larger animals, including foxes, and skunks. As well as large animals like deer and moose. It should be noted would all get into, and destroy and eat the garden.

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However, while they could install a fence around the area. It is first of all, quite difficult. To build a fence that would keep out these animals. Who would therefore be more than happy. To dig under the fence. Or run in while the gate is open for a moment.

Although once the animals are inside the gate. They would be able to stay for days, and eat to their hearts content. Because it will be hard to find them, and shoo them out. However in a raised garden bed.

It makes it impossible for these small animals, rabbits, mice and squirrels. To get at the vegetables and the plants. However, they have built large mesh fences. Around each of the raised beds. Additionally, even large animals.

Like deer first of all. And second, moose could not get in. When people are ready to water, weed, or harvest the garden. All they have to do is open the latch. And swing one side open. To access the plants and the vegetables.

Another reason why they decided to bring in raised garden beds. Instead of planted garden in the ground at their Alberta campgrounds. Is because the raised beds, make it more accessible to a wider variety of guest.

Perhaps they are unable to bend down. To lead, or harvest the vegetables in the garden. Perhaps they have a physical limitation. That would make a traditional garden hard to access. But a raised garden easy to use.

Having the raised garden. It ultimately brings everything to waist high level. So that no bending, or stooping. That therefore might hurt people’s backs or knees. Is required ultimately leading. To greater enjoyment of this relaxing and rewarding activity while camping.