Alberta Campgrounds | New Bikes This Year

Alberta Campgrounds | New Bikes This Year

A common reason why many people visit Alberta campgrounds. Is because they want to improve their mental well-being. As well as their physical well-being also. With the wide open spaces and fresh air.

Alberta Campgrounds

This is the perfect opportunity. For people to engage in physical activity. Such as hiking the trails. But also, when people visit elevated experience camping. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

They will have an amazing opportunity. With the new bicycles that they are bringing. These bicycles are available to rent. So people do not have to worry. About bringing their own bicycles from home.

And if people do not own any bicycles. They can still engage. In this wonderful outdoor activity. The bikes that they are bringing in our extremely unique. They are for wheeled, with a plastic bucket seat.

Which is perfect, for people of all ages. As well as people of all abilities. If family members want to hit the trails, with their five-year-old child. They do not have to worry if the child will have a difficult time.

Navigating the terrain. Because the bikes are stable, and require absolutely no balance. This is also perfect, for people who may have balance concerns. Or, when grandparents are visiting. And also want to enjoy the trails.

Bicycling is an amazing activity. Because it is low impact. Which means it is not hard on a person’s body. It is good for their physical well-being. But also, the mental health. Of people who engage in this activity.

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These bikes, are great for beginners. And people who have had injuries. So that when they visit Alberta campgrounds this summer. They do not have to worry. About reinjuring themselves.

Or worry about falling. And can bike at their own pace. When people come to elevated experience camping. There are many different trails. For all abilities. From very flat picturesque trails to bike.

Two intermediate trails. With some hills and valleys. As well as some very difficult steep inclines. Bikers of all abilities. Will not only enjoy these completely unique bikes. They will enjoy biking the terrain.

All people have to do, is visit elevated experience camping this summer. And ensure that they book their bicycle rentals early. People can go to the elevated experience camping website. And add this on to their camping package.

While many people enjoy biking in Alberta campgrounds. Most people have to bring their own bikes. And it is often an activity that is not very inclusive. However, because elevated experience camping once to cater to entire families.

They thought these bikes would be a perfect touch. And when there are only two people. That want to go biking. They can rent the tandem bike. Where people sit side-by-side. So that they can share the journey.

And enjoy each other’s company, while enjoying the beautiful. As well as picturesque scenery. That the river valley, by the North Saskatchewan River provides. People should book their camping experience today.

Alberta Campgrounds | New Bikes This Year

A common reason for people to visit Alberta campgrounds. Is improving their mental, as well as physical health. Camping brings people the opportunity. To slow down. And enjoy the scenery.

While breathing in some beautiful air. Relaxing in the calming scenery. And enjoying the wildlife. People often like to get active. When they are camping and Alberta campgrounds as well.

From hiking, biking. Fishing, and canoeing. Which are all activities. That people can enjoy. At elevated experience camping. However, biking usually requires people bringing their own equipment.

But at elevated experience camping, this is not necessary. They have several bikes available for rent. From the traditional mountain bike, two wheelers. But also, they have new bikes, available this year.

These are a four wheeled bicycle. With tires, that can handle the tough terrain. That often comes with this river valley. The seats are completely adjustable. And are a comfortable bucket seat. Instead of the uncomfortable saddle seat.

That people get, with most standard bikes. This eat is completely adjustable as well. So very short legs. As well as it very long legs. Can be extremely comfortable. This bike fits a wide variety of ages.

From ages five years old, and up. As well, instead of handlebars. These bikes have a steering wheel. Which makes it easier to navigate. Especially as these bikes, handle more like a vehicle.

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This can be much more easy for children to get used to. Which makes biking with the entire family. A lot more enjoyable on these bikes. They also do not tip over. Which means people with balance problems.

Can still get their physical activity in. And enjoy whatever intensity workout they want. In a way that is not going to impact their joints. Or cause them any additional pain or cause injuries.

The benefits of biking have been well documented. It is great for physical health. But also, people need to understand. That biking is actually great for their mental health. It relieves stress.

And because the exercise, can release endorphins. Can help relieve feelings of depression. And lower anxiety. It helps bring people’s awareness to the present moment. Because they have to concentrate where they are going.

People who start their day with cycling. Wake up faster. Because they boost their circulation. And the low impact of the ride. No matter what intensity level people cycle at. Helps them burn fat, build their muscles.

And increase their endurance. While boosting their energy and metabolism levels all day long. As well, biking has been linked to improving people’s insulin levels. Which helps them burn twice as many calories.

Compared to people who exercise after breakfast. While people may not change their entire lifestyle. After a wonderful. And fun weekend of camping in Alberta campgrounds.

But when people visit elevated experience camping. They often want to engage in healthy activities. And even one day of biking. Can bring them fun. Improve their health. And give them memories that will last a lifetime.