Alberta Campgrounds | Mushrooms Are Interesting

Alberta Campgrounds | Mushrooms Are Interesting

When people go camping, especially in Alberta campgrounds. There are many different activities they can participate in. While some people want to relax. Other people want adventures.

Alberta Campgrounds

And some people, simply want to explore. There are many different hiking trails. And different things that they can do. In the beautiful surroundings. And elevated experience campground.

Foraging, remains an extremely popular activity. And there are several different things. That people can forage for. First of all, there are wild berries. That are delicious and nutritious.

From Saskatoon berries. Growing on often very tall trees. These are a popular treat for moose in the area. There are also wild raspberries, rosehips. And blueberries growing on the ground as well.

However, it does not stop there. People can also go foraging in Alberta campgrounds for Labrador tea. It is native to this area. And is quickly becoming an extremely popular export to many Asian countries.

There are also mushrooms that people can forage for. Whether they want to use them for eating. Additional uses. And even using in their skincare routines.

For example, the gum mushroom is a tree growing mushroom. That when picked, dried and then ground. Is a very popular ingredient. In many facial scrubs and facemasks.

As well, many herbalists love to visit Alberta campgrounds. In order to pick mushrooms. That have great medicinal value. One of the most popular mushrooms for this purpose.

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Is called the Ganoderma Apple natum. Which is part of the right sheet family. That has an extremely long list of medicinal uses. And while foraging for mushrooms for skincare and medicine is important.

Many people love to forage for mushrooms. Simply because they love the taste. Of some of the varieties they can find. At elevated experience camping, near the North Saskatchewan River.

There are honey mushrooms that can be found within the campgrounds. Several different kinds of oyster mushrooms. Different varieties of morale mushrooms, that are a favourite.

As well as one of the most popular kinds of mushrooms. Throughout the entire world, which are the saffron milk caps. However, before people start searching for mushrooms.

They need to do some research, in order to be able. To identify the mushroom. Through several different methods. A person cannot simply look at the appearance of a mushroom. And be certain that it is okay to eat.

In fact, mushroom enthusiasts say. That identifying a mushroom needs to happen. By being familiar with all of the physical characteristics. Of that mushroom. As well as the colour, the smell.

And most importantly, the spore print. The spore print, is what happens. When people pick a mushroom. And then place it Side down. On a piece of paper. Mushrooms are constantly releasing spores.

And they do this, through the gills, underneath their cat. When placed on the paper, and left for a few hours. People can come back and look at what those spores that have released look like. In order to help identify the mushrooms.

Alberta Campgrounds | Wild Mushrooms Are Interesting

Even though foraging for mushrooms in Alberta campgrounds. Remains one of the most popular activities. Some people are very scared, or nervous to engage in this activity.

They are scared, because they do not know the difference. Between poisonous mushrooms. And the edible variety. However, this should not stop people from searching for mushrooms.

They can become familiar with the different kinds that are in different areas. However, naturalists, mushroom enthusiasts. As well as herbalists suggest. That people become familiar with one type of mushroom first.

So that they can become very good at finding, and identifying it. As they become better at finding the mushrooms. And positively identifying them. Then, they can expand their knowledge. With other mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be extremely nutritious. As long as people are preparing them adequately. Along with learning. How to identify a mushroom. People need to learn. How to properly prepare them as well.

One of the biggest debates. In the mushroom world, is if people should be washing their mushrooms. Most experts say do not wash the mushroom. Getting it wet will cause it to become slimy.

And it often can affect the taste, as well as how long it will last. However, brushing them is completely fine. And many people have a very soft, silicone bristled brush. That they brush their mushrooms with.

However, it is a good idea. To cut the mushroom open. In order to look for worms. That may also be enjoying this particular mushroom. When people learn where mushrooms live.

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They are going to discover. That they continue to grow in the same places. Not just because they like the same conditions. Such as the delicious saffron milk. Is often found. At the base of pine trees.

While they do like the same conditions. The real reason. Why mushrooms continue to grow back. In the same places year after year. Is because the mushrooms are simply the fruit.

Of a larger organism. Very similar to how apples grow on an apple tree. So people can return to the same location. Year after year to pick more apples. Mushrooms grow on a larger organism as well.

The mushrooms are in fact referred to as the fruity body. And the larger organism that the mushrooms grow from. Is called the mycelium. The mycelium is actually the largest living organism on planet Earth.

With typical mycelium spanning hundreds of square kilometres. Even in Alberta campgrounds. The mycelium, together with the fruity body. Or the mushroom itself. Is referred to as a whole as the fungi.

However, foraging for mushrooms. Can only be done in the spring, summer and fall in Alberta campgrounds. And some people like to eat mushrooms year-round. They can always purchase.

A mushroom growing kit. That will allow people to grow mushrooms, in a cool, damp and dark location in their home. And they can purchase varieties. That will have them eating oyster mushrooms.

Honey mushrooms, puff balls, saffron milk caps, portobello mushrooms. And many other popular kinds. So that foraging, can be done, simply to supplement their garden of mushrooms.