Alberta Campgrounds | How To Go Camping in Style

Alberta Campgrounds | How To Go Camping in Style

With the popularity of camping throughout Alberta campgrounds on the rise. People are bringing more and more luxuries with them when they go camping.

Whether they are bringing things to make their tenting experience more comfortable or fun. Or, people are bringing more and more amenities in their recreational vehicle such as a motorhome or trailer.

Glamping seems more popular than ever before. Even though people have been doing it in Alberta campgrounds for decades.

It is not even a new activity by those standards either. The first instances of luxury camping has been traced back to Europe in the fifteen hundreds.

Where massive caravans would put up thousands of tents. With every known luxury available for the travellers. This even included setting up fountains that ran with red wine.

Luxury camping is also something that would be reserved for royalty. To ensure that they had all of the luxuries of their palace. As they travelled across the country for their royal duties.

Not to be outdone, sultans raise the bar on luxury camping. By getting even more lavish tents for their own travelling adventures. So glamping used to be an activity enjoyed by the world’s richest few and royalty.

However, that is no longer the case today. As glamping is accessible by many people who are visiting Alberta campgrounds. However, in the past people needed some basic camping equipment to go glamping.

And that is no longer the case today. As more and more campgrounds are setting up permanent glamping spots for people to visit.


What these are, are structures that are set up by the campgrounds themselves. With many amenities inside them. To allow people who want a different experience camping the opportunity.

But also, to allow people who are not able to enjoy traditional camping. The opportunity to experience the beauty of nature. In a way that is accessible to them.

Camping is actually an expensive hobby. With people needing to by tents, sleeping bags and a way of cooking their food just to name a few things.

But for glamping, when people visit these sites all they need are the clothes on their back. To be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Because of the many amenities offered within the sites.

For example, the glamping cabins at elevated experience. Have a queen-size bed, a microwave, air conditioning and even a barbecue. So that people can sleep comfortably, as well as prepare their food.

And they even have thought of things such as a flashlight to help them see in the dark. And a cooler for them to put the food that they have purchased.

Therefore, because they have thought of everything. All people need to do is bring themselves and their friends with them. To enjoy these glamping sites. And go camping and a way that they could not have gone before.

The biggest problem with these glamping sites. Is that they are so popular they are very hard to book. Therefore if people are looking forward to this as a way to spend their vacation. They should book in advance to ensure they get the vacation experience they want.

Alberta Campgrounds | How To Go Camping in Style

Although camping is an activity that thousands of people enjoy throughout Alberta campgrounds every single year. Many people do not like what is called roughing it. Which is why many people have started going glamping.

Glamping is a phrase that was coined in the UK fifteen years ago. Which is a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. This describes anyone who takes luxuries or amenities of home with them while they go camping.

This can be everything from bringing air conditioning and heaters with them. To ensure that the temperature is perfect for their experience.

To luxuries that will make preparing food easier. From coffeemakers or espresso machines. Two barbecues, hot pots, and ovens and stoves.

While some people love the experience of cooking over an open fire. That sentiment is not shared by everybody. Even though they love visiting Alberta campgrounds. Because of the landscape and the animals that they get to enjoy during their stay.

However, glamping is not limited to air-conditioning and food preparation. People have been bringing their recreational vehicles to Alberta campgrounds for decades. And staying in those vehicles are often considered glamping.

People have been known to bring the luxuries with them including satellite television, Wi-Fi Internet, as well as portable hot tubs, just to name a few. The luxuries people can bring are limited only by their imagination.

However, glamping typically had been limited. To people who were able to afford a recreational vehicle. Or other camping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags.


However, that is no longer the case. As several permanent glamping sites throughout Alberta campgrounds start being created.

There can be a wide variety of buildings that people can go glamping in. From tiny cabins, to your it is which are portable tents with structured walls and ceilings. As well as houseboats, pods and even tree houses.

In fact, there is a different glamping experience for every person’s wishes or desires. When people have decided that they want to experience glamping. They should make a list of all of the amenities that they need to have.

So that when they look at the various glamping sites available. They can choose one that has what they need to make their experience enjoyable.

People also need to take into consideration budget when they are going glamping. Because glamping sites throughout the province can range from fifty dollars and up.

Glamping is also a way for people to be able to experience the beauty of the Alberta landscape and wilderness in the winter time. By allowing opportunities to camp in colder weather. Because of the shelter of the building.

Since glamping is something that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their camping ability or their experience level. And because it requires no special equipment.

More people than ever before are being able to get away from the city. And experience the province in a way that they have never before been able to experience.