Alberta Campgrounds | Hints For Mushroom Foraging

Alberta Campgrounds | Hints For Mushroom Foraging

Looking for mushrooms can be a lot of fun in Alberta campgrounds. As long as people enter into it. With a sense of adventure. And will be happy to have spent the afternoon. In the great outdoors.

Alberta Campgrounds

While it is not always guaranteed. That people are going to walk away with a prize. Looking for mushrooms, is in and of itself. A popular hobby. People look for mushrooms for different purposes.

Such as looking for mushroom, that is delicious. As well as nutritious to eat. But also, looking for mushrooms. That have great medicinal value. That they can make into a medicine.

As well, many mushrooms also have. Great potential for skin care and cosmetic purposes. Therefore, the reasons why people foraging for wild mushrooms. Is as varied as the mushrooms themselves.

There are several dozen different kinds of mushrooms in Alberta. Which can all be found throughout various Alberta campgrounds. These mushrooms, are both edible, unpalatable and poisonous.

Telling the difference between all of them. Is one of the most important things for a mushroom forager to do. It is not enough, just to look at the parents. As many mushrooms, have a poisonous twin.

Therefore, people who look for mushrooms. Should look at all of the clues. Including the colour, the texture and the smell of the mushroom. As well as the spore print, and what plants and trees are growing nearby.

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A spore print is considered the mushrooms fingerprint. Since the mushroom is the part of the fungi that is the reproductive body. Once the mushroom matures. It is exhaling microscopic spores constantly.

These spores, are either carried by the wind. Or animals, and when they find. The perfect substrate, they will settle in. And start growing a new mycelium. Which is the structure of the fungi that grows underground.

It is from the mycelium, that grows forth the mushroom. Or the fruit of the organism. Which is how do mushrooms start to grow. When placing a mushroom on a piece of paper. It will continue to exhale these spores.

The design, and colour of these spore prints. Will help a person identify. Exactly what mushroom it is. That is making those spore prints. The colours can vary from whites, browns and blacks.

To vibrant hues of yellow, oranges. Reds, and even bright pink. That will be unique, to each individual mushroom type. By looking at all of the clues. As well as finding the mushrooms that are growing.

Which are often located, underneath foliage. Such as fallen leaves, logs and pine needles. Because mushrooms tend to prefer the dark, damp and cool areas. Of the deep dark forest.

When people go looking for mushrooms in Alberta campgrounds. They often must get dirty. And get down on their hands and knees. Which is often, why many people enjoy this activity a lot.

When people want to go foraging, elevated experience camping. Is one of the best places to go. Not only are there popular kinds of mushrooms growing here. But they also have a mushroom expert on staff as well.

Alberta Campgrounds | Hints To Help With Mushroom Foraging

When people go to Alberta campgrounds to look for mushrooms. There are literally dozens that can be found. That are either edible, or medicinal in nature.

However, before anyone decides to pick mushrooms. In any Alberta campgrounds in order to eat. They should be very aware. Of what the different mushrooms look like. And how to identify them.

Using a wide variety of characteristics. The reason why people should not look. Purely at their appearance. Is because appearance alone, can be very misleading.

There are numerous look-alike mushrooms. And poisonous mushrooms, often look. Indecipherable, from their edible counterparts. Which is why learning how to identify mushrooms.

Is an exercise in looking at all of the clues. Such as the mushrooms appearance and colour. But also, the smell and texture. What plants and vegetation is growing nearby. And making a spore print of the mushroom.

A spore print, is similar to a mushrooms finger print. It can positively identify. A mushroom, whether it is edible. Or if it is not, based on what it looks like. When the spores come out of the mushrooms gills.

The mushroom is the reproductive body of the organism. And as such, it is releasing. Tiny microscopic spores. Into the air, in order to grow more fungi. On a suitable substrate.

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Therefore, when people pick a mushroom. And then place it on a piece of paper. It will continue to emit spores. And what the spores look like, after several hours. Becomes the mushrooms spore print.

The spore print will have a design on it. That matches the mushrooms gills. And most of them, are straight lines. However, some can be different shapes. Such as the hexagon all poly spore mushroom.

Which has hexagon all ribs, or gills. And can be identified by its spore print. As well, the colour of the spores that are emitted. Will also help identify the mushroom, as edible or poisonous.

Once people can tell the difference. Between one edible mushroom. And the others, that is when they should try. Going out into Alberta campgrounds. To forage for that mushroom. They should be well aware.

Of what kinds of vegetation, and plants. That the mushroom likes to grow around. For example, the saffron milk cap. Likes to grow around pine trees, and underneath the discarded needles.

Whereas the Ganoderma Apple natum mushroom. Likes to grow around birch, and hemlock. By finding these types of plants and trees. People can get a little bit closer. To the mushroom they are looking for.

When people are looking for a suitable place to find mushrooms. One of the best Alberta campgrounds they can visit. Is elevated experience camping. Located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

Not only are there dozens of different varieties. Of edible mushrooms in their wilderness. In the campground. But they also have mushroom experts on hand. To offer helpful hints.