Alberta Campgrounds | Have A Healthy Summer

Alberta Campgrounds | Have A Healthy Summer

There so many activities that can be done in various Alberta campgrounds. From boating, and fishing. As well as hiking, and enjoying nature. Many people who love camping. Also love to go biking.

Alberta Campgrounds

But are typically unable. To do both activities at the same time. Because once they have filled their vehicle. Up with all of their camping gear. Such as their sleeping bags, their tents and food.

There is no room to put their bicycles. Therefore, they are unable. To combine their two favourite summer activities. And this is something, that elevated experience camping. Wanted to fix.

Last year, for the first time. They added a fleet of mountain bikes. To their already impressive list of services. That they would offer to their various guests in their Alberta campgrounds.

And while they thought it would be popular. Elevated experience camping was caught off guard. With exactly how popular this was. Almost every single bike. Was rented, every day that they were open.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer. To increase the size of their fleet this year. Unfortunately, while biking is popular. It is not the most inclusive activity. Something, they wanted to change.

That is why, instead of getting more mountain bikes. They brought in a variety of recumbent bicycles. Many people may not be familiar with this style. But, while it still operates by pedal power.

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It has many differences. That make it a completely different type of bicycle. From the mountain bikes they brought in last year. The first, and most notable difference. Between the recumbent bicycles and the mountain bikes.

Is that instead of having two wheels. Like the name bicycle implies. This style, has four wheels. That are rugged enough. To traverse easily. Over the many different rough terrains. That people will be able to experience in the river valley.

The next difference that people will see. Is the fact that it has a bucket seat. Instead of the standard, saddle style seat. That most people are familiar with on a bike.

This means people can sit with their backs supported. And because the four wheels. Means that the bicycle is considerably more stable. People that have stability issues. Or any mobility issues at all.

Will be able to sit very easily on this bike. With no issues, even when it is not in motion. The bucket seat, is able to fit a wide variety of riders. And it is completely adjustable.

So that even a five-year-old child. Can sit close enough to the petals. So that they can reach, and operate the vehicle. But also, an extremely tall adults. Will be able to move the seat backwards. And have enough room for their legs.

Finally, the last difference. That people will notice in a recumbent bicycle. Is the fact that it will have a steering wheel. Instead of handlebars. This also makes it easier to navigate.

When people want to combine their love of visiting Alberta campgrounds. With their love of bicycling. Or, try biking for the first time. The choice is obvious, they should visit elevated experience camping.

Alberta Campgrounds | Have A Healthy And Fun Summer

Biking is a great activity, and when combined with Alberta campgrounds. It can be a significant boost for people’s well-being. Both physically, and mentally. Many people love the outdoors and nature.

And find that spending time outside. Is restful, relaxing. And very restorative for them. When it is combined with a low impact. And aerobic activities such as biking. People may be surprised at how good they can feel.

What low impact means. Is that it is not stressful for the joints. And will not exacerbate any existing injuries. Similar to swimming, where people can get a good workout. Without causing impact to their joints.

And the fact that it is aerobic in nature. Means that that is specifically. The type of activity. That is great, for people’s heart health. Simply by biking for ten minutes, once a week. People can reduce the risk of strokes.

Reduce the risk of heart attacks, and lower their blood pressure if it is high. But also, what a biking can do. Is build up people’s core muscles. Helping people increase their stability. And supporting their spine at the same time.

People who go biking, find that they can increase their coordination, balance and concentration. Because it requires people doing several things at the same time. Pedaling the bike to keep it moving.

Figuring out where they want to go, and steering with their hands. Avoiding obstacles, and enjoying the scenery. In fact, doctors have often said. That biking can slow the effects of aging.

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When people go biking, especially in Alberta campgrounds. They are working out the muscles in their legs. And muscles, is what helps burn calories. And speed up a person’s metabolism.

When people start biking, first thing in the morning. Not only are they going to wake up faster. Because they will increase their circulation. Which wakes their body up. But they will stay awake longer.

Simply because that circulation, will be kick started for the entire day. When people are spending time in Alberta campgrounds. They do not want to miss the spectacular stars. That they will see at night.

Therefore, by going for quick bike ride. First thing in the morning. People can stay up later. To see the beauty, of the river valley at night. And while all of these things are positive for their body.

Biking, while camping is great for people’s mental health as well. When people exercise, endorphins are released into their brain. Which is the chemical, that boosts people’s moods.

That can help believe stress. Reduce feelings of depression. And lower people’s anxiety levels. In the present moment. And in order to get consistent results like that. All people have to do.

Is cycle, for ten minutes a day, once a week. Biking, and camping go hand-in-hand. And people who want to do both. Should look at the elevated experience camping website. And book their vacation or weekend away today.