Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping is the Best of Both Worlds

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping is The Best of Both Worlds

Even though camping is an extremely popular activity not just in Alberta campgrounds. But throughout all areas of Canada. However, not everybody loves this extremely popular pastime.

The reason why, is because many people do not enjoy sleeping on the ground, or having to cook their meals over an open fire. Which is why the instances of glamping is on the increase.

Glamping is essentially a mashup of two words glamorous and camping. And was used for the first time in the UK fifteen years ago. Three years ago it actually was put into the dictionary to describe this wildly popular activity.

And although glamping was used for the first time just recently as a word. People have been glamping for centuries. In fact, the earliest instances of recorded history describing glamping is in fifteen twenty.

Here, a delegation was set out across Italy. And over twenty-eight hundred tents were erected during this delegation. There were so many luxuries, that people took note of the fountains that ran with wine instead of water.

Glamping used to be reserved for the ultra rich and royalty. And rather than being a past time used for recreation. They simply outfitted their tents with luxuries from home. As a way of travelling across the country.

However, by nineteen twenty, people were travelling for fun. Most notably to Africa for safaris. To allow the superrich a look at these new landscape and the new animals that they had never seen before.


The tense that they stayed in would be known as a glamping by today’s standards. And it offered them all of the luxuries that they could imagine. While on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation to this new continent.

So while glamping is not a new activity. It is definitely something that is making a comeback in today’s society. Not only because people love being able to get out into nature and explore.

But also, because people also love their creature comforts. And like to be able to experience both at the same time. Which is why so many people are now going glamping.

Whether this means purchasing an RV or a trailer to be able to go camping in a slightly elevated way. Or, if people continue to set up tents to go camping. But the amenities that they bring with them make it luxurious.

For instance, many people bring air-conditioners or heaters. Even if they are only camping in Alberta campgrounds in a tent. So that they can be as comfortable as they want.

They may bring different cooking equipment to ensure that they can have a great experience preparing food for their family. Such as an instant pot, barbecue, or microwave with them.

Or whether it is all about their surroundings. Bringing furniture to ensure that they are always as comfortable as possible. From lounge chairs, to ensuring there RV has a queen-size mattress in it.

Anytime people want to experience Alberta campgrounds, camping can be a fun way to do that. However more people are glamping than ever before and loving it.

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping is The Best of Both Worlds

There are many things that people love about camping in Alberta campgrounds. As well as many things that people do not love about it.

While no one would deny that the scenery is gorgeous. No matter what part of the province people are visiting. Whether it is the beauty of the northern province. Where people have the opportunity to see Northern lights at night.

Or whether it is the alien landscape of the southern part of the province, with its desert and hoodoos. Or if people love going to the mountains, to see the majesty of the mountains and to see the wildlife that is there.

People often like to go to Alberta campgrounds for their vacation. Because there are so many activities for them to do when they are there. From mountain biking to hiking, fishing, photography or even just spending time outside with friends and family.

There is no end of things that people can do when they are visiting Alberta campgrounds. By camping there, people are that much closer to where they want to do all of their activities. Which is why many people love camping.

However, not everybody feels the same way. Whether it is sleeping outside, on the ground. Or whether it is the bugs. There are many things about camping that not everybody loves.

For these people, they can enjoy glamping with their family instead. This brings all of the joy that camping brings. But with the creature comforts of home that people love.


And even if people do not have an RV, or a tent. They can go glamping. Because many Alberta campgrounds have permanent glamping sites for people to rent.

These sites can be everything from luxury tents, to tiny cabins and even years. That contain many luxuries of home. While allowing people to stay close to nature to allow them to enjoy all of the activities that they want to pursue while there.

These structures can come complete with many different items to help ensure that people can stay comfortably. Such as a microwave inside and a coffee maker, to a barbecue and a fire pit outside.

Many come complete with air conditioning and heaters, so that people are always at the perfect temperature no matter what the weather is outside.

By giving people the luxuries that they are used to at home. I will while in the surroundings of the Alberta environment. Can ensure that people are able to get the best of both worlds.

Especially when their needs to be a compromise. Glamping can ensure that the camper who loves the outdoors, and the person who is less excited about camping can both get something that makes them happy.

If people want or information about glamping, they can contact elevated experience. Because they have glamping sites on hand. As well as campsites for rent. Along with many other amenities that can make camping fun for the entire family.