Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping is Elevated Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping is Elevated Camping

Even though camping is an extremely popular activity no matter which Alberta campgrounds people go visit. Not everybody loves this activity as much as the next person.

In fact, there are many people who would prefer staying in a hotel. As opposed to staying in a tent or an RV. And for these people, glamping is often the answer.

Especially when there is a couple where one person loves camping and the other does not. Glamping can be a great compromise.

For example, it allows people the opportunity to be in nature. And have all of the experiences that go along with that. From seeing the wildlife. Two spending time in the great outdoors.

However, for the person who does not like camping. Glamping offers them the experience of having more creature comforts than are traditionally enjoyed while camping. So that they can be comfortable while sharing this experience with their loved one.

There are many different amenities that can be involved in glamping. And for people who are renting a glamping site. Which is a structure that already has amenities inside it to rent.

They should be aware of what comforts are included in the glamping sites. So that they know what to expect before they get there. Some include amenities such as heaters and air conditioning.

While some ensure that they are equipped with a microwave, a barbecue and coffee maker. To ensure that people can prepare food easily when they get there.


By knowing what to expect before they get there. Can ensure that people are bringing the right things with them. To ensure the rest of their vacation is an enjoyable one.

Glamping can even be a way for people to be able to experience camping. If they have either never gone camping before. Or if they have been camping, but do not have the funds to be able to purchase the camping equipment.

For other people, glamping is a way to be able to camp when they would not otherwise be able to. Such as having mobility issues, or a physical limitation.

For people who have these issues, setting up a tent, or cooking over an open fire. Can be enough to challenge that they are not able to participate in typical camping activities.

Which is why glamping can be so beneficial. They are able to enjoy their friends and family on a camping trip. Without being limited by any other factors.

In fact, many Alberta campgrounds ensure that while they might have many different campsites. They also have different glamping sites available for rent. So that they have sites available for people of all abilities. And people of all camping experience.

If people want more information about glamping, or the different amenities. They can contact elevated experience camping. As not only do they have regular campsites for rent. But they also have glamping sites for rent.

And they also have many other activities and amenities on site. That make their Alberta campgrounds an extremely unique destination getaway.

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping is Elevated Camping

Glamping is a word that was coined in two thousand and five to describe luxury camping, which is an activity enjoyed throughout many Alberta campgrounds. Despite the fact that it has been around for hundreds of years.

The very first people who were known to go luxury camping. Were the richest in the world, and were often royalty. Who needed to travel for official purposes. But did not want to leave the luxuries of their palace behind.

There have been known instances of these royals bringing every manner of luxury with them. Such as aligning their tents with silk drapery, and laying silk carpets on the ground.

As well as fountains that contained red wine, and servants to serve their every whim. And while luxury camping was done out of necessity by these royals.

It became a activity enjoyed for fun by those who were visiting Africa for the first time. The tents that they stayed in would be considered by today’s standards glamorous.

Which allowed the rich to have all of the comforts they wanted. While enjoying experiencing African landscape and animals for the first time.

However, people do not need to be the richest of the rich anymore to go glamping. All they need is to go camping, and bring some of their creature comforts from home.


Whether this means they are bringing a barbecue to help them prepare food, bringing air conditioning or heaters so that they are comfortable. People have been known to go glamping both in tents, and in their recreational vehicles or trailers.

However, if people would like to go camping, or even glamping. They previously would have to buy or rent an RV or trailer to be able to go. Or even have to buy their own camping equipment so that they could go in the first place.

Which is possibly why glamping has become so popular in Alberta campgrounds. Because people will be able to go glamping without needing to by any camping equipment first.

The reason why, is because most glamping sites are fully contained units. That have everything that a glamper might need.

All they have to do is bring themselves, their clothes and the food they wish to eat. And the glamping site will have everything else. From a full size bed, to cooking equipment. As well as things like satellite television, Wi-Fi Internet, heaters and air-conditioners, just to name a few.

However, campers need to keep in mind that every glamping site will be outfitted slightly differently. Each is why they will need to research where they are staying in Alberta campgrounds first. So that they know what to expect.

Whether people want to go glamping because they do not have camping equipment. Or because they do not like camping. But they are willing to go camping if it is more comfortable.

They should research where they are travelling to first. And then next, see if they have sites available. Especially because with how popular glamping has become. It may be difficult for people to find an available location last minute.