Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping in Alberta

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping in Alberta

There are many different reasons why people would choose to go glamping when visiting Alberta campgrounds. However, glampers are in luck. Because there are many different sites that they can go glamping in throughout the province.

Wherever people are choosing to go experience the beauty of nature in Alberta. Various glamping sites can be found. To allow people a way of seeing the beauty of nature. Without going camping.

The reason why people might not want to do traditional camping can be as numerous as there are glamping sites. From people who are experiencing a disability. Who may not be able to do traditional camping.

2 people who love nature, but do not have the ability to gather their own camping supplies. Such as a tent, sleeping bags, or cooking implements. Because ultimately, camping can be an expensive activity.

People who are travelling through the area. Such as people who are visiting from a different country. Who might not have the ability to go camping. But want a unique wilderness experience in the beauty of Alberta campgrounds.

And even people who simply do not enjoy camping. But want to spend time with friends and family who do enjoy the activity. Glamping sites allow people to be close to their friends and family. Without committing to having to sleep on the ground in the cold.

With all of the different reasons why people may not want to do or may not be able to do traditional camping. They are in luck with all of the different glamping sites and amenities that are available.


While RVing is 1 of the first ways that people have gone glamping in Alberta campgrounds. People no longer have to commit to buying an expensive vehicle to allow them to do this. As RVs are readily available for rent throughout the province.

If there is not a glamping site available in the place that they want to visit. They are in luck, as they can rent a motorhome, and travelled to wherever they want for their glamping experience.

In this case, they may choose to go all the way north, in order to experience the beauty and wonder of the northern lights. Or, stop on the western side of the province and experience the beauty and glory of the mountains and foothills in Jasper or Banff.

Or perhaps they want to visit the dinosaurs in Drumheller. And see the beautiful foreign landscape of the hoodoos. Which makes it look like they have arrived in an alien planet.

By going glamping. People can experience nature in a way that they would not have been able to. If they were staying in a hotel or a motel. So if people would like to go glamping. Often all they need to do, is find the right recreational vehicle to rent, and away they go.

However, with the popularity of glamping. More Alberta campgrounds than ever before. Our offering luxury accommodations. Such as yurts, luxury tents, and cabins.

That will allow people to feel like they are experiencing the beauty of nature in a unique way. While not leaving some of the favourite luxuries they enjoy at home.

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping in Alberta

Even though glamping is a new word, just added to the Oxford dictionary in 2016, people have been glamping in Alberta campgrounds for dozens of years if not decades.

In fact, as explorers traversed this province for the very first time, often on snowshoe. There were luxury accommodations provided along the way. To allow travellers an opportunity to rest, eat something hearty.

Drink a fortifying drink of ale and relax in a hot bath. Before rejoining their gruelling track in the snow the next day. People visiting Banff and Jasper Mountain sites. Can see not only the track that these voyagers made.

But they can see the types of accommodations that they stayed in, before this province even came to be. Perhaps that is why so many people enjoy glamping. Because the very roots of this province are grounded in it.

Glamping quite literally is a mashup of the 2 words glamorous and camping. But it has also been called comfort camping, posh camping and luxury camping.

Because ultimately it means staying in the wilderness. But retaining some of the luxuries of home. And there is no correct way that anyone can go glamping.

To some people, glamping means there is a flush toilet and shower that they can enjoy. But to others, it means a heater at night and air conditioning in the morning.


Still, for some others it means sleeping in a raised bed with sheets instead of on the ground in a sleeping bag. And different glampers have been known to have hot tubs, running water, fully functioning kitchens, barbecues, satellite television and even Internet for their devices.

Depending on where in Alberta campgrounds people go. They can add unique experiences on top of their glamping amenities. Including a personal chef, a wine tasting or sommelier.

Or being able to have a unique experience to the landscape or the culture of their area. Many glamping sites are in the territory of first Nations. That allow people to stay in traditional teepees, and is speak to the first Nations people themselves. And learn about their history and culture.

While people who travel up north enjoy glamping in ice houses or igloos. And learning about the culture of the people up north.

Other people who go glamping. Want to enjoy a unique experience. That they can only get by staying so close to nature. Such as being able to look through a glass ceiling, to enjoy the stars. Or to enjoy the beauty of the northern lights without having to sleep outside in the cold.

Glamping sites can range in price from $50 a night to $3000 a night. And can have a wide variety of amenities. If people are looking for a unique experience. They should research glamping in Alberta campgrounds. To see how they can put a unique spin on their traditional vacation.