Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening Is a Great Camping Activity

Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening Is a Great Camping Activity

Many people may have never gone gardening while spending time in Alberta campgrounds. But that is something that the owner and operator of elevated experience camping. Is looking to change. Carmen and Jason Kowalchuk are bringing community gardens to the campgrounds that they manage.

Alberta Campgrounds

There are many benefits to having a community garden. That benefit the community, the environment. As well as people’s mental, and physical well-being. In fact, they believe that there is no better place.

To put a community garden, then within Alberta campgrounds. This community garden is going to serve several purposes. First of all, it will be used. To provide produce for the operation’s ask watch food truck.

This is a non-for profit food truck, owned by a separate entity. But being non-for profit. The owners of elevated experience camping, wanted to give back. By allowing them to use the produce that they grow.

For free, in preparing their food truck menu. They will ensure that they can keep their costs down. So that they can keep their prices lower. So that more people will be able to order food from this food truck.

They will be serving gourmet hotdogs, and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. And ensuring that the produce that they use, is the freshest around. Will allow people to have the most delicious food. For the best price.

Another benefit of having a community garden. Is to the environment itself. Not only do gardens reduce water runoff and soil erosion. But it helps make the air more breathable. They cleaning up the carbon dioxide.

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And producing oxygen, that everyone needs to breathe. As if improved soil quality, and improved air quality. Is not enough Benefit to communities. Another benefit of community gardens.

Will be to the community themselves. Promoting food sustainability and food security. Which is extremely important. To people who are food insecure. Which means they do not always know where their next meal is coming from.

But also, it can help reduce a communities food transportation costs. Because they are growing their own food. Instead of having it shipped in from hundreds of miles away.

It also improves people’s health and nutrition. Giving them exercise, by tending to the garden. Improving their mental health. By engaging in this relaxing and rewarding activity.

And finally, because gardening means that people are going to be eating healthy. By consuming the foods that they grow themselves. Another benefit that can improve the life in Alberta campgrounds.

Is the fact that community gardens have also been linked to reduced crime. Whether the neighbourhoods are in a city, town or campground. By eliminating the vast expanse of vacant lands.

It eliminates criminal activity. Making the entire neighbourhood safer. While encouraging community members to come together. In a spirit of cooperation.

When people want to experience camping, along with gardening this year. They should make their reservation at elevated experience camping sooner rather than later. So they do not miss out on their opportunity.

Alberta Campgrounds | Proof That Gardening Is a Great Camping Activity

One of the most important aspect of people visiting Alberta campgrounds. Is to have a fun, and unique vacation. This is why visiting elevated experience camping, is encouraged.

They are bringing garden beds, to their impressive amenities. That people will have the opportunity. To do some gardening. And take some vegetables and return. Gardening is a very popular pastime.

Not only because it is great for people’s mental health. Because it is relaxing and rewarding. But it is great for people’s physical health. As it is a great form of exercise. However, not everyone can garden.

Because bending over, or squatting down. Is not only painful on people’s backs. And it hurts people’s knees, which is why elevated experience camping. Has decided to bring raised garden beds.

Into the campgrounds that they manage. This means that people who might hurt. While doing traditional gardening. Or people who experience physical limitations. Can enjoy this popular pastime.

Because the raised beds. Make it a lot easier to weed, water. Fertilize, and harvest the plants. Therefore, people who have always wanted to try gardening. Will be able to do so at elevated experience camping.

And people who love gardening, but are no longer able. To manage their own garden full time. Can also enjoy this activity. When they spend time at the campgrounds that elevated experience camping manages.

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However, there is another reason. Why elevated experience camping as it brought in raised beds. If anyone has ever visited Alberta campgrounds in the past. They will know that they are teeming with animals.

From rabbits, skunks and foxes. To larger dear, all who would love the opportunity. To eat the vegetables. And the plants that are in a community garden. Therefore, by raising them up.

Makes it more difficult for most animals. Such as rabbits and skunks to access. But also, because they have placed large mesh gates. On all sides of the raised garden beds. They made it impossible for dear to get to.

Therefore, not only is it more convenient for people to access. And more difficult for animals to access. The benefits of raised garden beds are still numerous. Not only is it much more advantageous.

Four avoiding problems, such as fungal diseases that can set in. When there is not enough drainage in a garden. Such as soil born fungal diseases. But also, by having the raised garden beds makes it easier.

For the water to runoff. And avoid waterlogged plants. From accidental overwatering. Or if shower settles in to the area. There are so many benefits to gardens. As well as raised garden beds.

That it is going to promote health and wellness. For the people that are staying in the Alberta campgrounds. While allowing people the opportunity to eat incredibly fresh food while on vacation.

If people would like more information about their garden initiative. Or to book their camping vacation. People should either call, or visit the website of elevated experience camping today.